Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Dil ne Aaj ankhon ki nami ko dekhkar kaha....... (Poetic Composition)

Dil ne Aaj ankhon ki nami ko dekhkar kaha,
Naa jaane aaj wo kya gam hai,
jo is kadar tu nam hai,
ji raha tha jinki mastion ke sahare
Wahin aaj umda ye toofan kyon hai....

Dil ne Aaj ankhon ki nami ko dekhkar kaha,
Aahat kyon itna hua, uski baaton se, jisne pyar tujhe beshumar diya,
Pyaar ke imtehaan naa jaane kitne aur aayenge,
Vyarth naa jaane de in motiyon ko,
Unki maala pirokar, phir Ek naya jahan basa....Mere hamnawan!!

                                                      - Truly Yours Roma

Thursday, 21 May 2015

Mera "Dil to Roaming Hai" Friends! My #DilChahtaHai Jingle !

My lovely Readers,

Greeting to you Straight From the Heart!

I composed this lovely jingle for the real creative and with a purpose #DilChahtaHai contest of which reinforces the belief of ours that "Dil to Roaming Hai" 

Sharing with you what I wrote:

"Dil kehta hai, bachpan ke khwaab ko ab pura kar loon,

Ye dil chahta hai, poori duniya ko aaj,apne haaton mein samet lun,
Dil kehta Hai,ki aaj wo khyab bhara nagma gungunaoon, aur mand mand muskuraoon,

Aur Dil ye bhi kehta hai,ki tere pass aaj Jaisa Hamsafar hai,

Phir intezaar kaisa, Jaa udaan bharle Ai Humnawan, mein jaanta hun Dil to Roaming Hai !!"

Loved to compose it, Straight From The Heart, expressing my childhood desire to go round the globe and believing this is the right time to do it with MakemyTrip <3 .... trust you like it :) !!

                                                                   -Truly Yours Roma  

Wednesday, 20 May 2015

My CandiD RevieW of The FacE of OnlinE FashioN In IndiA :

Heya All you Gorgeous Ladies out there ,

Greetings to you Straight From The Heart!!

You know it by now that my day is not complete without having a heart to heart tete-a-tete with  you and today what I share with you is pure awesomeness friends, truly straight from the heart <3....
My parcel from just arrived and even before opening it, I am reminded of my more than two and half year association with Jabong and how the journey has been really fruitful and trustworthy,till the present day :)

I still remember it was about a week to Valentine's day in 2013 when I had placed my first order on Jabong for PEORA Couple Bands, to surprise my hubby darling, on the special occasion ...Not savvy of online shopping at that juncture, I was extremely skeptical about my purchase and wondered if it would be worthy or make on time?

And Voila my Joy knew no bounds when I received the courier Just in Time...the beautiful love bands took me by surprise for their astoundingly admirable Quality and came perfectly wrapped up in cute little boxes...We celebrated our valentine's day at midnight and this lovely surprise added sparkle and made our Valentine's Day even more special..And hubby darling was full of appreciation for the simplicity and elegance of the products too <3 ... believe that was my best buy till date (it was a perfect Value for money gift at 3000 INR out of which I got signing up discount too) and it opened me up to take faith in shopping online. Here's a glimpse of the lovely couple bands we are wearing till the present day and they look exactly as pretty as they were on First Day.....Aren't they just lovely?

No wonder, won the "Online Retailer of the Year" award in the first eTailing India e-commerce industry awards itself, along with being adjudged the ‘Most Impactful Launch of the year’ at ‘Pitch Brands 50 Awards 2013’...Also, it's Brand Trust Report is impeccable guys , it stands tall among the top 3 e-commerce players when it comes to Customer Satisfaction...One can trust it blindly for it delivers quality, quantity and Variety in the most perfect Manner!Post my first purchase, Jabong has become my most trustable online destination for all my Fashion needs...and I have facts to prove it to you :)

AAhh!! I got carried away, so I was talking to you about  the parcel which just arrived from Jabong...The Package looks clean, tidy and untampered... C'mon let's open it...I have ordered a gorgeous N-Gal Black n White Mini Skirt as I can style it in multiple ways.

I have ordered it on 13-May and it reached me on 19-May...The skirt is simply beautiful and is one of the best addition to my wardrobe in the recent times.It looks exactly as portrayed in the online catalog...

What I found most impressive about is, it is extremely stretchable and fits my waist so perfectly, thanks to it's seamlessly spun polyester strands...

I intend to pair it up with Sequin Off shoulder top and Pumps, to enhance the look...This is one of the umpteen purchases I have made from Jabong and never once they have failed on the quality of the product and so I find them very reliable.

In my opinion, Jabong is not only ideal to pamper the Divas in us but also their Kids' and Men's Collection cannot be ignored and worth the cost ever pence...This I can tell you from my personal experience....For my 6 year old little sonny is a great fan of cartoon characters and loves to have a personal collection of his favorite ones like spiderman and hence I purchased for him A Spidey Tee some time back....

He was extremely elated to get it...and more so as it arrived on his birthday and as usual not only me and my hubby, but this time he too became a cute little Happy Jabong you can see from his pic on the right.....after this, he has added a Spiderman Backpack, School kit and Spidey Footwear too to his collection, thanks to Jabong....  (I Would love to review them for you in my next post , folks) !!

All in all, has never let me down folks, for years now...Lately I have installed the awesome wowsome Jabong APP , on my mobile too... It aids me keep my Shopping Guide right in my Pocket always....It also satiates my desire to be updated on best Global Fashion Trends as a Fashion Blogger...I particularly love it's posts like "Look of the Day" too and never miss one....

So Fashionistas , here was my candid take on what I believe is the Face of Online Fashion in India- had shared with the exact details of some of my purchases and my feedback to aid you form an opinion, before making your way straight to this worthy website.

All in all , I rate JABONG a Hearty 9/10 !! Trust you found the "Straight From The Heart" Review useful <3 Happy Shopping !!

                                                                        -Truly Yours Roma

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Sunday, 17 May 2015

My MYNTRA to KeeP GlobaL FashioN In mY POCKET : SSsshh...It's PersonaL!!

Hola Fashionistas,

Heartfelt Greetings to you Straight From The Heart!!

Thankyou so much for always giving my Blog a piece of your heart...Today in my endeavor to always bring out to you the best and true awesomeness, I will begin by asking you some candid questions.....

Do you all dream?

Do you Set Goals?
Wanna achieve something in life?
Do you intend to own a personal house or a personal car??

Yes, The answer in most cases will obviously be in affirmative !!!!! I am sorry if I got a little personal, right at the start of my post .....but though #ItsPersonal yet it's the reality, the untarnished truth buddies....We spend the major part of our lives, trying to fulfill our personal desires, yearning extremely hard, to the best of our abilities.....amassing sometimes satisfaction and sometimes frustration in varying amounts.........

At such a juncture if I say, there is an organisation, infact an extremely coveted one, which walks up to you and says that they want to be associated with you personally and no other way, because they respect who you are and your wish is their command......which wants you to own your personal shopping guide at virtually no price...the first thing that you would probably do is shoo me away in disbelief!!

But folks, this is TRUE!! If Fashion runs in your blood and you settle for nothing less than the best, if you are savvy of experiencing the most personal shopping experience, The Fashion Giant "MYNTRA" brings that wonderful cherishable and customized pleasure to you, right to your Pocket !!!

How?? Just by a click of your finger, on your personal phone, through the "MYNTRA APP"....Well guys , if you still don't feel Apptastic, I mean Fantastic to walk the App Way, let me enumerate to you below, the best reasons why you must do so immediately:

1. First and foremost, it gives you thousands of national and international brands, under one roof ..i.e. under one website to choose from and depending upon your body type and your shopping preferences, you may pick nothing less than the best, with absolute ease!

2.You don't need to waste your precious time, petrol and energy to go to individual shops or malls to get your pick or even for that matter, even to log on to your PC...what you need to do is, just pull out your phone from your Pocket....Can it get better??Think over it..if you agree with me, than download the wonderful MYNTRA App now!

3. My Awe-inspiring MYNTRA App will Please your soul beyond doubt as it satiate your desire almost instantaneously no matter what the occasion is , For e.g. if you have just decided that you will flaunt a gorgeous Red Dress for a friend's wedding next week, you can at once pick one from your personal huge collection on the spell-binding MYNTRA on your phone and order it than and there on your favorite Store...isn't that easy?? Or you may choose to head straight to  "The Beauty Store" if you want some astoundingly awesome products found exclusively here to enhance your Glow and render you the Pretty Princess look for the special someone and thus let the Cupid Strike Harder!! And Yeah, if it's your big day approaching, don't let the bitter sun scorch you by going out shopping, just scroll your way to the "The Wedding Store" in your pocket, darling, and your job is done, to your heart's content!!

4.The icing on the cake is, you get this personalized experience from MYNTRA at best prices and crazy discounts and deals running forever on APP including ample of Cashbacks, Coupons and Loyalty Points too....Just surf through your category and use the coupon code and shop to your heart's content....This rids you from the disappointment for waiting for months altogether for End-of-Season Sale at the outlets and eventually either failing to get your choice and if you lucky to find one, the size giving you a ditch..What a mood spoiler...I long back gave up falling into the trap of this vicious circle and thus MYNTRA App became my Mantra to keep my Fashion Destination in my Pocket :)

5.You may even surf through the best sellers and the latest trends from all across the world, at leisure, lovelies,  and order for yourself the best  and the most sought after from the Global Fashion...Adorning yourself into it will immediately transform you into a DIVA and trust me, you will unknowingly start ruling your peers hearts for your sense of updation on global trends and for your classic choice and elegance <3..Go Girl ! The Time is Now, Just Download the Great App and stroll through the Best Fashion Catalogue!!

6.Another lovely aspect of this gregarious App ,which I love as a Fashion Blogger is it's vivid features like 
Handpicked Collections, Look Good Lessons , Trends to Try, News & Event, Did You Know , Buzz Word, Look Good for Less, Local Code and the Filmy Friday <3.....It is like having a Fashion Fiesta Dynamic Magazine meant to keep us updated forever....It can truly be your one stop fashion destination on the go which even apprises you of Celeb Style, Beauty Tips, Assisted Shopping, International Fashion, Video Tutorials, Grooming, Style Guru.Look Good Finds, Latest Stories, DIYs, etc <3 <3....Rocking, undoubtedly Rocking!!

7. Last but not the least, it's the best place even to order worthy gifts to friends and family ...You know their choices right, use the filters to reach the desired category and your gift gets delivered to them on their special day...Your key to make yourself and your friends and family happy thus becomes only a click away through your MYNTRA App....Why waste time? Shun All inhibitions! Take the App Way, after all it's a comfort, sweeties, which comes at an absolutely zero price!

I am glad my personally favorite website MYNTRA is always well ahead of times and aims at providing nothing less than the best experience to it's customer...And so it has now gone 100% , the App way from 15thMay...In my opinion, it is a huge step forward by them, to establish a heartfelt personal connect with it's customers <3 with a target to achieve cent percent customer satisfaction !!

If  you have not experienced this Awesome Wowsome Apptastic (Fantastic) App till now, you have probably missed on pure ecstatic joy of personalized shopping!! This I can assure you from my personal experience..I am avid shopper from MYNTRA and a crazy fan of their rich and vivid collection across all sizes!!You must definitely embrace this new Revolution too <3 and bask in the Glory of always feeling Apptastic with this great App! Let's make our MYNTRA to keep Global fashion in our Pocket Go VIRAL....and join and contribute in MYNTRA's endeavor to make it extremely personal for each of it's customer! Great Vision Indeed! I am loving it, are you ??

                                                              -Truly Yours Roma

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Thursday, 14 May 2015

The Rocking New My Airtel App makes me Feel Apptastic

Dear Readers, 

It will undoubtedly not be an exaggeration when I say my mobile phone has become my lifeline, in today's fast faced world...With my hubby travelling round the globe 20 days a month and my 6 year old little prince waiting at home for mamma to finish her work in office and reach back, I crave for best mobile services in terms of connectivity and Airtel has gracefully fulfilled all our needs for years now...whether it is to catch a quick glimpse of hubby darling in Germany on Skype or ordering a toy helicopter online to give my little rockstar a lovely surprise!

Infact the way I have started to live out of the Apps on my phone,it has left me feeling Apptastic Today....sorry Fantastic Today...for a working mommy like me, who's juggling night and day between work and home, the apps are nothing less than a boon...The latest addition to my App kitty is the new "My Airtel App" which I downloaded being all inspired by the lovely commercial embedded below!

Trust me guys, it is quite a useful, time saving and worthy App as it seems to me and I am loving to explore all it's marvelous features gradually....Bringing to you  it's 3 most savvy features that suit my lifestyle the best....

  •  I am top excited to explore it's "SHAKE" feature the most where I get info on loads of great offers and you don't need to go the shop to figure out and debate on the best full value plan for you and your family...You just need to Shake your phone and choose from the latest updates about offers that suits you the best...

  • To add to the customer delight this App also confers me with loads of "Airtel Surprises" coupons with every recharge of mine....and woohoo I can redeem these coupons across my favorite categories like shopping, food, wellness and entertainment.....Believe it or not these coupons are of the most popular brands like PVR Cinemas, CafĂ© Coffee Day,,,, Archies, VLCC, among others.....Isn't that awesome!

  • I also find it's "I want to" feature of utmost utility for me...For under it I can save my most important tasks like Bill Payments , Recharge etc, right under my nose on home-screen and thus be reminded of them at the desired time...This saves me a lot of precious time which I can spend with my little boy and relieves me of a considerable amount of  mental pressure too ...And since Airtel ensures "Safe and Secured Payments", what else can one ask for.... Moreover,because the icons I click on most can be saved by me in my "I Want to" Tab, I will also save upon the battery of my phone.

I also love My Airtel App's other features like "Wynk" which gives me instant access to my Favorite music and thus help me grab a quick break and relax..One Touch Internet and Airtel Live further add to my comfort in leisure and help me get closer to the world which otherwise gets impossible in my super-hectic routine....

#MyAirtelApp is thus a very      meticulously conceptualized App which guarantees utmost comfort and ease to it's users and serves as a one-stop destination for all his online needs!! Download it Now!!

My Most Lovely Memories of Motherhood

Hola Lovelies and Mommies,

One thing that I can write endlessly about straight from the heart, is indeed motherhood..... and of course you know it by now :) ...I have been a mother for around 6 years now but the feeling of fathoming the deepest secret of Womanhood by being a mom, still tinkles my soul and satiates me beyond compare....

I was at the peak of my career when the news of being conferred with the blessing of motherhood arrived, at a time , I expected it the least.... and was not planning a baby yet when I knew it, I immediately felt grateful to God....Much before my baby's birth, that day a Mother was born in Me...who was thinking about her little one every moment and took great care of her inside her womb...

 I felt extremely overjoyed and beautiful during my pregnancy and loved to flaunt my curves....The ambitious workaholic that I always...I either worked or rested with occasionally bothering hubby darling with midnight cravings for exotic blue berry ice-creams...but amidst all this I never forgot to smile and pass down to my baby the positive vibes full of life...I also exercised, ate well and massaged with Bio Oil to prevent those nasty stretch-marks that would later make me fumble to wear my favorite outfits...I continued this routine of applying the globally trusted Bio Oil, even after my delivery and it has magically rid me off  the skin stretching marks to a very fair extent.

Soon the fateful day water bag burst on a flight from Frankfurt to New Delhi and I was ambulance lifted to Apollo, all thanks to the extremely helpful Airport Staff....where my little sonny was born out of 32 weeks of gestation, preterm yet perfectly fit...I was quite conscious during the C-section and when the doc gave me my little sonny to kiss, I felt ecstatic, smiling n crying at the same time…

That day my life changed completely and it now revolved around my little angel...The aggressive business development professional in me took a backseat and was overshadowed by a mommy's love and her sheer joy of holding , kissing abd beig with her little "Bundle of Joy"....

What followed were sleepless nights and a stressful nappy change and 2 hourly feed regime but all that stress vanished as he gave the most innocent grin to me...I have been all around the globe buddies, but have never seen something as beautiful as those tiny pink fingers and toes of my little angel, which I kept playing with all the time <3

I really really cherished and still cherish the motherhood experience and love weaving sweet memories each day in the journey called life...I recorded each milestone of my baby meticulously, including his first smile,his first bath, his first turning on his side, his first tooth eruption, his first step forward and what not and you can do so too by using the Bio Oil App and build your own Yummy Mummy calendar....

I loved to rock my tiny prince and I Knew he loved it too from the tinkle in his eyes...

I also loved to massage him gently everyday by my own hands before giving him baths an these were indeed our favorite times together(this was possible as I was working from home than and adjusted my work hours accordingly)...Our days comprised of loads of mushy mushy times and games like Peek-a-boo...I also sang jingles and rhymes to him very often and played soft Sai Bhajans when he was sleepy to skid him slowly into his world of dreams...As I worked with Ikea of Sweden, I got a great chance to always pick for him the best of  developmental toys designed by Children's Ikea Experts (A Blessing in Disguise)!

One of the bestest motherhood memories forever etched on my heart is the day when my little rockstar uttered "MAA" for the first time...AAHH! Can't express in words, how elated I was, my heart swell in pride..Pure selfless love oozed out of me in the form of tears of joy...The feeling was so overwhelming! 

Till today, believe me guys, when my little buddy just turning six, every day I discover a new joy of motherhood...It is truly a divine world which tends to get enriched by your child's innocent ways and his adorable talks...His kisses and hugs make me the richest person of the earth!His umpteen number of question each day don't bother me, as he is seeing the world from my eyes and will learn to love or to hate based on the experiences, I share with him....I thus never haste and explain to him each and everything to enable him to form an independent unbiased opinion as he grows up!!

Loved to share with you today some of my choicest memories of the most beautiful chapter of my life, Motherhood...

Trust you enjoyed the Read as much as I enjoyed recollecting each moment and pouring it out, straight from the heart!!

“I am sharing my #MemoriesOfMotherhood with Bio Oil and BlogAdda. This Mother’s Day check out the Yummy Mummy calendar and  make a similar calendar of your own using the Bio Oil App.”

Wednesday, 13 May 2015

A Perfect Aromatic Mantra to De-Stress My Momma

Words fail me to express my Deep Gratitude to you Mamma <3

For the umpteen nights when for me you were sleep deprived,
When I was in your womb, 
hopping and rolling throughout,
And even when I came out, 
I always and always troubled you beyond doubt,
I know I stressed you to brim, 
between the numerous Nappy changes and 3 hourly feed regime,
Today, I wanted to relieve of all that stress and that  came along, in the after-years,
So I discovered the Best Mantra to make you #StressfreeMom and aid you de-stress,
Yes Mommy, this Mother's Day, I wanna gift you a Parachute Advanced Aromatherapy Oil Massage,
To make you relax and get free from all worries and fears!!

Upon my birth, you stood like a rock,

And, for forever, left my Grandmom's House 
because she hated a Girl child
and wanted to throw me out...
I know you surfaced all that trauma,
because of your infinite love for me momma,
For all those painful and stressful times,
You faced for your princess,
Today I wanna pamper you, sweetheart,
By giving up my own hands, 
A wonderful Parachute Advanced Aromatherapy Oil Massage!!

On my first Day to School,

When I wailed on top of my voice,
You embraced me protectively,
and handed me over to my first teacher...
I know your heart too felt heavy..
But it was essential for me to get better...
Soon,my tears dried up in your subtle kisses,
And thereafter you dedicated your life,
in bring me up in ways bestest<3
For all those gentle touches and hugs you enriched my life with,
I wanna thankyou you today,
By giving up my own hands, 
A wonderful Parachute Advanced Aromatherapy Oil Massage!!!

With the advent of  Adolosence,

I further tested your patience,
With my questions irrelevant,
Never once did you shove me off,
but explained to me softly enough,
About all the changes in me as I ,
was soon going to be an adult....
You took all my emotional upheavals in your stride,
Even when I sobbed for a heart break...
I now understand as a mom myself, 
How stressed and emotionally fatigued,
You would have felt,
And so today I feel the deep urge to help you Destress,
By giving up my my own hands, 
A wonderful Parachute Advanced Aromatherapy Oil Massage!!

You endlessly counselled me for hours,

To direction my life 
And make me stay focused on my goals....
You accompanied me in every moment of life,
whether Good or bad,
And made me make my failures,
my stepping stones to success...
Never for a single moment ,
I felt abandoned from the shade of your love and care...
You must have wept in solitude,
Whenever I did not succeed....
But you made all that frustration and stress vanish,
As you sat beside me,teaching me,
To muster all courage once again,to start afresh...
For always and always being there for me momma dearest,
And to let you get rid of all the stress you have piled upon you for years,
I Wanna profess my deep love for you
By giving up my own hands, 
A wonderful Parachute Advanced Aromatherapy Oil Massage!!!

And when I was of age to enter the marital bliss,

With the love of my life, my prince charming,
You fought the treacherous world,
Which stood against us, due to a wide caste difference...
I would have abandoned myself to fate,
Had it not been your undaunted support...
You married me to him with so much grace,
Hiding from the world, your tears and fears..
For all the stress you undertook,
It's time that me, your daughter, today gives you,
By her own hands, 
A wonderful Parachute Advanced Aromatherapy Oil Massage!!!

This mesmerizing Parachute Advanced Aromatherapy Oil lovely Momma,

Has got  Lavender, Rosemary and Bergamot 
that will help you slow down, unwind, lose yourself in the relaxing aroma 
and feel the calm within you
It will sooth your mind beyond compare
and relieve your stress
When you get this astoundingly relaxing massage mom,
Rosemary oil will stimulate your nervous system 
and increase your memory and energy multifold
Bergamot oil will induce sleep mamma
and lavender oil will calm your senses and help to fight scalp infection
This is indeed a Power Packed Combination, a true treasure,
And so this Mother's Day mom precious,
I wanna give you, with my own tinkling fingers, 
A wonderful Parachute Advanced Aromatherapy Oil Massage!!! 

                                                                                                  Truly Yours Roma

“I’m blogging about why my mother needs to de-stress with a Parachute Advansed Aromatherapy Oil massage for the #StressFreeMom activity at BlogAdda.”

Sunday, 10 May 2015

Mom: My Lifeline for a Liftetime

Dear Readers, A Warm Hello to You Straight From The Heart!

Abraham Lincoln once said : "“No man is poor who has a Godly mother.” .....and nothing  can be more true than this...ever since the day I opened me eyes to see the divine light of life...My moma has undoubtedly been my God....Nothing satiates and pleases me more than thinking about my mother, being with her, seeing her, writing about her or any other thing about her....even till today when I start my thirties, she is indeed #MyFirstExpert  and the best.....

My momma is so comforting, so adorable and understanding that from times umpteen, it occurs naturally to me to seek her help and expertise in ever stage of my life....Her Presence, her Ora is so impeccable that the bitterest experiences of my life seem lessons of prudence and wisdom to me today...crafted to perfection by #MyFirstExpert  in life.... 

The Day I was born, she created an example of a lifetime for bidding Good bye to my Grand-mom's home forever as she  had 6 daughters and hated a female child and wanted to abandon me on a dustbin...thereafter she reared me single-handedly, yet I never felt I missed something...She is undoubtedly praise-worthy, for the tough life she has embraced to give me, her daughter a life, she can be proud of and not perish as a female child born in an orthodox family…and trust me folks, she has just not let my life and mindset grow bitter and harsh when this reality beckoned upon me...On the contrary like a perfect expert mommy she taught how to weave sweet memories each moment in the beautiful journey called life...She is indeed my "Lifeline for a Lifetime" <3 and I bask in the glory of the fact that she is my mom.....

My mom and me like wearing our smiles always and the fun times and laughter further multiplied when we are together....Her sense of humor is contagious and I can never have enough of her...She can lift my spirits no matter adverse the circumstances and she is my Mood Enhancer whose lap is my heaven....She is my guru, My teacher and my bestest friend forever till the present day...

When I bid goodbye to childhood and embraced adolescence #MyFirstExpert  was ready to  guide her sunshine...I remember when I had my first crush at a 45 year old man when I was 15 ( I know I am slightly weird), she did not laugh at me one pence, but acted as a perfect listener and advised only when I seek it... I went Topsy-turvy in my wave of emotions as a teenaged girl but her guiding principles always came to my rescue..I love her and admire her for teaching me decision making in the softest unnoticeable manner even if it meant  few moments of pain and heart-break...In her expertise, I soon mastered in emotions and channelized my energy towards my goals in life...

Life was never a bed of roses for us but a worthy one...#MyFirstExpert  gave me immense moments and memoirs to cherish and be proud of her, in the course of life ...I still remember she cornered herself from all the pleasures of the world, to give me the best education. She worked so hard all thru' her life, to make me stand on my own feet...She used to walk 12 kms if I needed some important book for my studies, to save the money spent on rickshaw...Yet she used to teach poor children for free in the evenings for she always believed that only educated people can build a strong nation and society...She is a apostle of unconditional love and has taught me how to respect all, how simple it is to forgive, I drive my philanthropic urge too from her....I used to hang around her, pull her and nudge her (and sometimes helped her, phew!) during all her classes and when we went to Mother Teresa's Child Care centers on weekends,yet she never got angry...Her emotional balance and patience are spell-binding and I wonder what made her such a superwoman...What I remember so perfectly is the fact that that I felt very secure and very happy with her always and that continues till present day....

As I bloomed into an adult, and I had to go to a different city for further studies she became #MyFirstExpert to teach me how to differentiate between the right and the wrong; how to differentiate between the good and the bad touch and the significance of honesty and hard-work in life...Thanks to  her I amassed a Gold Medal in my automobile engineering...I took her to stage to collect it from President Abul Kalam Azad during the convocation ceremony in Pantnagar university and stream of proud selfless tears from her eyes expressed contentment that day...All her sacrifices has been paid off that day...this was the sweetest memory we weaved together, which is etched on our hearts forever...Today Thanks to her I am a good human being,Automobile Engineer, Blogger as well as a doting mother of a 6 year old....such is the strength of the sweet memories and love she has filled my childhood with....

Words fail me to express my sincere Gratitude towards my mom who is indeed my Admiration, Inspiration and the sole reason of whatever I am today....She was, is and forever will be #MyFirstExpert …Am so proud of you mamma…here are few lines for you, straight from my heart, expressing my love and gratitude for you 

 "Thankyou dear mamma,

For not only giving me life
But also teaching me, how to make it worthwhile

For not only teaching me how to walk

But also, how to fathom life's most difficult paths

For not only inculcating in me my first thoughts

But also, the deep strength to fight it out,no matter what circumstances befall

For not only hugging me whenever I fall

But also for the unconditional love which is still filled in my heart

You are undoubtedly #MyFirstExpert Momma,

because of whom my life is free of any Trauma

Whatever I am today is only because of you,

Dear mamma, thankyou......

Today I am rearing my child,exactly like you taught me...
I admire you more n more with every passing day, dear mummy......!!!!!

[I am extremely elated to pen down this tribute for #MyFirstExpert my momma dearest whose guidance is priceless to me like that of Godrej Expert for Hair Care]

A Candid Note of Gratitude to my Mom in Heaven

Dear Moma,

Missing you a Lot! Feeling Nostalgic....and my craving for you multiplies with each passing day...Their is not a single moment when I don't wanna hide my face in your lap and experience a heaven on earth, in your selfless divine touch...I really really miss u momma from the bottom of my heart and also every little single thing that you did for me, every little single thing that you taught me...I know it would not have been easier but thank you so so much for laying the strong foundation of  values in me, which has stayed by me and have become my strengths, to the path of success in my life...

I know life has not been a bed of roses for you from the day I was born, the day you sacrificed all your comforts and riches to keep me alive and left my grand-mom's house forever... Never once did you complaint about this...Grand-mom wanted to abandon me on a dustbin for being a girl child...But you were so honest to your first-born, you set out to fight the world alone...This is probably the first and the biggest lesson of honesty I learnt from you and my belief in it grows more profound, with the advent of each new day....

It was undoubtedly the strength of your character that you reared me almost single-handedly....and yet I never ever felt we missed anything...You cornered yourself from all the pleasures of the world, to give me the best education. I know you have worked so so hard all thru' your life, to make me stand on my own feet...My heart pained when you used to walk 12 kms if I needed some important book for my studies, to save the money spent on rickshaw...Yet you used to teach poor children for free in the evenings for you always believed that only educated people can build a strong nation and society...I have never told you mamma, but my heart swell in pride to see your honesty towards your noble profession of teaching...When it could have been so easier for you to churn money through coaching classes and afforded an upper middle class lifestyle, you preferred to listen to your soul...You definitely set an example before me always and that has been your most favorite mode of imbibing honesty in me...

Remember the day mamma, when I was in class 1, and brought home the pencil box of Supriya, I have fancied for so long....You have definitely not expected this out of me and asked me to tell you the truth...This is when you softly taught me that we must not only be honest to our mom but also to all other relations in life, to our friends an to our work, by not 1 but if I remember correctly by 7-8 examples...till the time it sank in me completely...The one which had the deepest impat on me is etched on my heart till today...You told me that because  I liked her pencil box more than mine , I took it..if someone likes my mother more than hers, she will take away my mamma...The mere thought of this very situation perplexed me and I ran back to Supriya's home to apologize and return...You undoubtedly taught me the biggest lessons in the gentlest manners...

I will never forget you always said that 1 chapati of honestly earned money tastes 5 times better than a butter naan earned by dishonest means...You have lead by example and trust me your values run in my blood now...and I intend to imbibe exactly the same in my little sonny too..Infact I wanna say to you:

 "Thankyou dear mamma,

For not only giving me life
But also teaching me, how to make it worthwhile

For not only teaching me how to walk

But also, how to tred life's most difficult paths

For not only inculcating in me my first thoughts

But also, the deep strength to fight no matter what circumstances befall

For not only hugging me whenever I fall

But also for the unconditional love which is still filled in my heart

Whatever I am today is only because of you,

Dear mamma, thankyou......

Now I am rearing my child,exactly like you taught me...

I admire you more n more with every passing day, dear mummy......"

You had such a big heart oozed out of it selflessly for everyone...I guess I have driven my philanthropic urge too from you...If there can be one word I can best use to describe you, it will undoubtedly be "Honest" ...You were even most earnest to God in expressing your gratitude to him and always repaying back to the needy a little from whatever we had...

With failing words, I wanna express my heartfelt gratitude to you today for being such a fantastic mom, my bestie, my teacher, my guru, infact my everything...I wish to Almighty that he gives me you as mom, in all my births...

Thank-you for always dwelling in my heart and being my guiding light..No I had never bid you good-bye nor I will ever...You will forever be alive in my heart, in the form of great values of honesty , truthfulness and faith you have always reinforced in me mamma dearest <3



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