Sunday 10 May 2015

Mom: My Lifeline for a Liftetime

Dear Readers, A Warm Hello to You Straight From The Heart!

Abraham Lincoln once said : "“No man is poor who has a Godly mother.” .....and nothing  can be more true than this...ever since the day I opened me eyes to see the divine light of life...My moma has undoubtedly been my God....Nothing satiates and pleases me more than thinking about my mother, being with her, seeing her, writing about her or any other thing about her....even till today when I start my thirties, she is indeed #MyFirstExpert  and the best.....

My momma is so comforting, so adorable and understanding that from times umpteen, it occurs naturally to me to seek her help and expertise in ever stage of my life....Her Presence, her Ora is so impeccable that the bitterest experiences of my life seem lessons of prudence and wisdom to me today...crafted to perfection by #MyFirstExpert  in life.... 

The Day I was born, she created an example of a lifetime for bidding Good bye to my Grand-mom's home forever as she  had 6 daughters and hated a female child and wanted to abandon me on a dustbin...thereafter she reared me single-handedly, yet I never felt I missed something...She is undoubtedly praise-worthy, for the tough life she has embraced to give me, her daughter a life, she can be proud of and not perish as a female child born in an orthodox family…and trust me folks, she has just not let my life and mindset grow bitter and harsh when this reality beckoned upon me...On the contrary like a perfect expert mommy she taught how to weave sweet memories each moment in the beautiful journey called life...She is indeed my "Lifeline for a Lifetime" <3 and I bask in the glory of the fact that she is my mom.....

My mom and me like wearing our smiles always and the fun times and laughter further multiplied when we are together....Her sense of humor is contagious and I can never have enough of her...She can lift my spirits no matter adverse the circumstances and she is my Mood Enhancer whose lap is my heaven....She is my guru, My teacher and my bestest friend forever till the present day...

When I bid goodbye to childhood and embraced adolescence #MyFirstExpert  was ready to  guide her sunshine...I remember when I had my first crush at a 45 year old man when I was 15 ( I know I am slightly weird), she did not laugh at me one pence, but acted as a perfect listener and advised only when I seek it... I went Topsy-turvy in my wave of emotions as a teenaged girl but her guiding principles always came to my rescue..I love her and admire her for teaching me decision making in the softest unnoticeable manner even if it meant  few moments of pain and heart-break...In her expertise, I soon mastered in emotions and channelized my energy towards my goals in life...

Life was never a bed of roses for us but a worthy one...#MyFirstExpert  gave me immense moments and memoirs to cherish and be proud of her, in the course of life ...I still remember she cornered herself from all the pleasures of the world, to give me the best education. She worked so hard all thru' her life, to make me stand on my own feet...She used to walk 12 kms if I needed some important book for my studies, to save the money spent on rickshaw...Yet she used to teach poor children for free in the evenings for she always believed that only educated people can build a strong nation and society...She is a apostle of unconditional love and has taught me how to respect all, how simple it is to forgive, I drive my philanthropic urge too from her....I used to hang around her, pull her and nudge her (and sometimes helped her, phew!) during all her classes and when we went to Mother Teresa's Child Care centers on weekends,yet she never got angry...Her emotional balance and patience are spell-binding and I wonder what made her such a superwoman...What I remember so perfectly is the fact that that I felt very secure and very happy with her always and that continues till present day....

As I bloomed into an adult, and I had to go to a different city for further studies she became #MyFirstExpert to teach me how to differentiate between the right and the wrong; how to differentiate between the good and the bad touch and the significance of honesty and hard-work in life...Thanks to  her I amassed a Gold Medal in my automobile engineering...I took her to stage to collect it from President Abul Kalam Azad during the convocation ceremony in Pantnagar university and stream of proud selfless tears from her eyes expressed contentment that day...All her sacrifices has been paid off that day...this was the sweetest memory we weaved together, which is etched on our hearts forever...Today Thanks to her I am a good human being,Automobile Engineer, Blogger as well as a doting mother of a 6 year old....such is the strength of the sweet memories and love she has filled my childhood with....

Words fail me to express my sincere Gratitude towards my mom who is indeed my Admiration, Inspiration and the sole reason of whatever I am today....She was, is and forever will be #MyFirstExpert …Am so proud of you mamma…here are few lines for you, straight from my heart, expressing my love and gratitude for you 

 "Thankyou dear mamma,

For not only giving me life
But also teaching me, how to make it worthwhile

For not only teaching me how to walk

But also, how to fathom life's most difficult paths

For not only inculcating in me my first thoughts

But also, the deep strength to fight it out,no matter what circumstances befall

For not only hugging me whenever I fall

But also for the unconditional love which is still filled in my heart

You are undoubtedly #MyFirstExpert Momma,

because of whom my life is free of any Trauma

Whatever I am today is only because of you,

Dear mamma, thankyou......

Today I am rearing my child,exactly like you taught me...
I admire you more n more with every passing day, dear mummy......!!!!!

[I am extremely elated to pen down this tribute for #MyFirstExpert my momma dearest whose guidance is priceless to me like that of Godrej Expert for Hair Care]


  1. Beautifully expressed touched my Heart....

  2. Heartfelt thnx for always Appreciating my work :)

  3. Awesome ... Truly a tribute to motherhood

    1. Thankyou so truly is straight from the heart :)

  4. its really straight from the heart, truely lovely

  5. Priceless Expression of a Daughter indeed

  6. Wonderfull Expressed di, I live everything that you !

  7. Lovely post, could relate to every bit of it Roma

  8. Thankyou dear, happy that you liked it :)

  9. Truly Straight from the heart ♥ awesome