Sunday 17 May 2015

My MYNTRA to KeeP GlobaL FashioN In mY POCKET : SSsshh...It's PersonaL!!

Hola Fashionistas,

Heartfelt Greetings to you Straight From The Heart!!

Thankyou so much for always giving my Blog a piece of your heart...Today in my endeavor to always bring out to you the best and true awesomeness, I will begin by asking you some candid questions.....

Do you all dream?

Do you Set Goals?
Wanna achieve something in life?
Do you intend to own a personal house or a personal car??

Yes, The answer in most cases will obviously be in affirmative !!!!! I am sorry if I got a little personal, right at the start of my post .....but though #ItsPersonal yet it's the reality, the untarnished truth buddies....We spend the major part of our lives, trying to fulfill our personal desires, yearning extremely hard, to the best of our abilities.....amassing sometimes satisfaction and sometimes frustration in varying amounts.........

At such a juncture if I say, there is an organisation, infact an extremely coveted one, which walks up to you and says that they want to be associated with you personally and no other way, because they respect who you are and your wish is their command......which wants you to own your personal shopping guide at virtually no price...the first thing that you would probably do is shoo me away in disbelief!!

But folks, this is TRUE!! If Fashion runs in your blood and you settle for nothing less than the best, if you are savvy of experiencing the most personal shopping experience, The Fashion Giant "MYNTRA" brings that wonderful cherishable and customized pleasure to you, right to your Pocket !!!

How?? Just by a click of your finger, on your personal phone, through the "MYNTRA APP"....Well guys , if you still don't feel Apptastic, I mean Fantastic to walk the App Way, let me enumerate to you below, the best reasons why you must do so immediately:

1. First and foremost, it gives you thousands of national and international brands, under one roof ..i.e. under one website to choose from and depending upon your body type and your shopping preferences, you may pick nothing less than the best, with absolute ease!

2.You don't need to waste your precious time, petrol and energy to go to individual shops or malls to get your pick or even for that matter, even to log on to your PC...what you need to do is, just pull out your phone from your Pocket....Can it get better??Think over it..if you agree with me, than download the wonderful MYNTRA App now!

3. My Awe-inspiring MYNTRA App will Please your soul beyond doubt as it satiate your desire almost instantaneously no matter what the occasion is , For e.g. if you have just decided that you will flaunt a gorgeous Red Dress for a friend's wedding next week, you can at once pick one from your personal huge collection on the spell-binding MYNTRA on your phone and order it than and there on your favorite Store...isn't that easy?? Or you may choose to head straight to  "The Beauty Store" if you want some astoundingly awesome products found exclusively here to enhance your Glow and render you the Pretty Princess look for the special someone and thus let the Cupid Strike Harder!! And Yeah, if it's your big day approaching, don't let the bitter sun scorch you by going out shopping, just scroll your way to the "The Wedding Store" in your pocket, darling, and your job is done, to your heart's content!!

4.The icing on the cake is, you get this personalized experience from MYNTRA at best prices and crazy discounts and deals running forever on APP including ample of Cashbacks, Coupons and Loyalty Points too....Just surf through your category and use the coupon code and shop to your heart's content....This rids you from the disappointment for waiting for months altogether for End-of-Season Sale at the outlets and eventually either failing to get your choice and if you lucky to find one, the size giving you a ditch..What a mood spoiler...I long back gave up falling into the trap of this vicious circle and thus MYNTRA App became my Mantra to keep my Fashion Destination in my Pocket :)

5.You may even surf through the best sellers and the latest trends from all across the world, at leisure, lovelies,  and order for yourself the best  and the most sought after from the Global Fashion...Adorning yourself into it will immediately transform you into a DIVA and trust me, you will unknowingly start ruling your peers hearts for your sense of updation on global trends and for your classic choice and elegance <3..Go Girl ! The Time is Now, Just Download the Great App and stroll through the Best Fashion Catalogue!!

6.Another lovely aspect of this gregarious App ,which I love as a Fashion Blogger is it's vivid features like 
Handpicked Collections, Look Good Lessons , Trends to Try, News & Event, Did You Know , Buzz Word, Look Good for Less, Local Code and the Filmy Friday <3.....It is like having a Fashion Fiesta Dynamic Magazine meant to keep us updated forever....It can truly be your one stop fashion destination on the go which even apprises you of Celeb Style, Beauty Tips, Assisted Shopping, International Fashion, Video Tutorials, Grooming, Style Guru.Look Good Finds, Latest Stories, DIYs, etc <3 <3....Rocking, undoubtedly Rocking!!

7. Last but not the least, it's the best place even to order worthy gifts to friends and family ...You know their choices right, use the filters to reach the desired category and your gift gets delivered to them on their special day...Your key to make yourself and your friends and family happy thus becomes only a click away through your MYNTRA App....Why waste time? Shun All inhibitions! Take the App Way, after all it's a comfort, sweeties, which comes at an absolutely zero price!

I am glad my personally favorite website MYNTRA is always well ahead of times and aims at providing nothing less than the best experience to it's customer...And so it has now gone 100% , the App way from 15thMay...In my opinion, it is a huge step forward by them, to establish a heartfelt personal connect with it's customers <3 with a target to achieve cent percent customer satisfaction !!

If  you have not experienced this Awesome Wowsome Apptastic (Fantastic) App till now, you have probably missed on pure ecstatic joy of personalized shopping!! This I can assure you from my personal experience..I am avid shopper from MYNTRA and a crazy fan of their rich and vivid collection across all sizes!!You must definitely embrace this new Revolution too <3 and bask in the Glory of always feeling Apptastic with this great App! Let's make our MYNTRA to keep Global fashion in our Pocket Go VIRAL....and join and contribute in MYNTRA's endeavor to make it extremely personal for each of it's customer! Great Vision Indeed! I am loving it, are you ??

                                                              -Truly Yours Roma

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  1. Wow..actually shows a path which help in many ways with many more choices .Thank u for this guidance . Definitely follow MYNTRA as it will solve the problem of thinking now n i about the confusion. Its very much pocket friendly too :)

    1. Thankyou so much Antara!I am glad you found it useful !!

  2. Just downloaded this App...It is very good...

  3. well,I always felt it will unnecessarily drill a hole in my pocket, bu the advantages you listed, outweigh this anomaly for me, good po

  4. Excellent means to shop easily, will surely download on my mobile

  5. Definitely .... Myntra has been always one of my favourite shopping website. Thanks Roma for this lovely review. App already on my cell to shop more & discover the journey of style & fashion........