Wednesday 20 May 2015

My CandiD RevieW of The FacE of OnlinE FashioN In IndiA :

Heya All you Gorgeous Ladies out there ,

Greetings to you Straight From The Heart!!

You know it by now that my day is not complete without having a heart to heart tete-a-tete with  you and today what I share with you is pure awesomeness friends, truly straight from the heart <3....
My parcel from just arrived and even before opening it, I am reminded of my more than two and half year association with Jabong and how the journey has been really fruitful and trustworthy,till the present day :)

I still remember it was about a week to Valentine's day in 2013 when I had placed my first order on Jabong for PEORA Couple Bands, to surprise my hubby darling, on the special occasion ...Not savvy of online shopping at that juncture, I was extremely skeptical about my purchase and wondered if it would be worthy or make on time?

And Voila my Joy knew no bounds when I received the courier Just in Time...the beautiful love bands took me by surprise for their astoundingly admirable Quality and came perfectly wrapped up in cute little boxes...We celebrated our valentine's day at midnight and this lovely surprise added sparkle and made our Valentine's Day even more special..And hubby darling was full of appreciation for the simplicity and elegance of the products too <3 ... believe that was my best buy till date (it was a perfect Value for money gift at 3000 INR out of which I got signing up discount too) and it opened me up to take faith in shopping online. Here's a glimpse of the lovely couple bands we are wearing till the present day and they look exactly as pretty as they were on First Day.....Aren't they just lovely?

No wonder, won the "Online Retailer of the Year" award in the first eTailing India e-commerce industry awards itself, along with being adjudged the ‘Most Impactful Launch of the year’ at ‘Pitch Brands 50 Awards 2013’...Also, it's Brand Trust Report is impeccable guys , it stands tall among the top 3 e-commerce players when it comes to Customer Satisfaction...One can trust it blindly for it delivers quality, quantity and Variety in the most perfect Manner!Post my first purchase, Jabong has become my most trustable online destination for all my Fashion needs...and I have facts to prove it to you :)

AAhh!! I got carried away, so I was talking to you about  the parcel which just arrived from Jabong...The Package looks clean, tidy and untampered... C'mon let's open it...I have ordered a gorgeous N-Gal Black n White Mini Skirt as I can style it in multiple ways.

I have ordered it on 13-May and it reached me on 19-May...The skirt is simply beautiful and is one of the best addition to my wardrobe in the recent times.It looks exactly as portrayed in the online catalog...

What I found most impressive about is, it is extremely stretchable and fits my waist so perfectly, thanks to it's seamlessly spun polyester strands...

I intend to pair it up with Sequin Off shoulder top and Pumps, to enhance the look...This is one of the umpteen purchases I have made from Jabong and never once they have failed on the quality of the product and so I find them very reliable.

In my opinion, Jabong is not only ideal to pamper the Divas in us but also their Kids' and Men's Collection cannot be ignored and worth the cost ever pence...This I can tell you from my personal experience....For my 6 year old little sonny is a great fan of cartoon characters and loves to have a personal collection of his favorite ones like spiderman and hence I purchased for him A Spidey Tee some time back....

He was extremely elated to get it...and more so as it arrived on his birthday and as usual not only me and my hubby, but this time he too became a cute little Happy Jabong you can see from his pic on the right.....after this, he has added a Spiderman Backpack, School kit and Spidey Footwear too to his collection, thanks to Jabong....  (I Would love to review them for you in my next post , folks) !!

All in all, has never let me down folks, for years now...Lately I have installed the awesome wowsome Jabong APP , on my mobile too... It aids me keep my Shopping Guide right in my Pocket always....It also satiates my desire to be updated on best Global Fashion Trends as a Fashion Blogger...I particularly love it's posts like "Look of the Day" too and never miss one....

So Fashionistas , here was my candid take on what I believe is the Face of Online Fashion in India- had shared with the exact details of some of my purchases and my feedback to aid you form an opinion, before making your way straight to this worthy website.

All in all , I rate JABONG a Hearty 9/10 !! Trust you found the "Straight From The Heart" Review useful <3 Happy Shopping !!

                                                                        -Truly Yours Roma

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  1. nice review, even I purchase my daughter birthday dress from . It look awesome

  2. V nice review with clear details ,Love your ability to even write about Fashion, straight from the heart! And yes I will download Jabong.

    1. Thank you so much.. Am glad u found it good :)

  3. Balanced post substantiated with pour it out so effortlessly.Like your innate creativity.Am convinced that Jabong is good.

  4. Thnx a ton, truly means a lot😊😊