Friday 25 August 2023

You Become What Your Mind Thinks Of You

Yes, we become what our mind thinks of us. I start this post with this powerful and capable statement for I know it is the biggest truth most of us are oblivious to, for the longest time and the sooner we learn to use it in our favour the better it is.

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today, I wish to request you to aim high in your life and also think highly of yourself because what our 'mind' thinks of us is what it feeds our 'conscious' with. Like I have said in my previous articles, these thoughts then deeply sink into our 'subconscious' which has immense potential to make it come true if we genuinely believe in it. Our 'subconscious' further interacts with the 'universe' which conspires to make our 'manifestation' of our high aims and our self-worth come true.

This principle holds true whether we are a woman or a child or a man. Let nobody’s wrong notions about you pull you down at any instance. No one knows you like you know yourself and you know best what you want. 

'So, set your aim and let your mind believe that you will achieve it, come what may. Your mind is all capable of granting your wish'

But remember negative thoughts are much more potent than positive ones and can linger in our brain making us uncomfortable and disturbing our mental health. Our first goal, thus, is to free ourselves of all negative thoughts. Trust me when I say this, negativity can cause havoc in an otherwise happy and chirpy person’s life for no reason. Now how to do this, pls stay away from toxic people or any medium like some handles on social media who make you feel negative. 

'Surround yourself with people and things that make you happy and help you pull up and not down'

 This might look difficult at the start but you can do it, I am a live example in front of you. Once you are in the right company of thoughts and your mind is happy, cheerful, and ready to fly high, please take a pen and paper and write down what you desire in life. 

Tell your mind all that you wish to achieve. Let your brain churn ideas to fulfill those dreams, aim high, and get so busy in fulfilling them that nothing else matters and there is no room left for any loneliness or void or any negative thoughts that one experiences. Tap the power of your mind in your favor. I repeat you become what your mind thinks of you. It can help you sail through the most difficult times without losing your composure like a breeze. I have faced all of these really hard in my life to have discovered what really helps after a lot of research and self-introspection. You can reach out to me anytime if you need help. 

Our mind is all-powerful, it controls every single organ of our body through its subconscious. It can help us tap our inner strength that we ourselves might not know would have gone dormant. I personally know people who have tapped the power of their subconscious mind to cure themselves of diseases and pain completely. So, start working on training your mind today.

In this series, in my forthcoming posts, I shall write to you about the most powerful manifestation tools available to mankind. 

Truly Yours Roma

Also, as the founder of the Endometriosis Support and Awareness Group of India, I would love for you to join me in my mission or approach me for any women health-related assistance you seek.

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