Sunday 27 August 2023

OMG2 Review: I am glad the subject of Mandatory Sex Education In India Got Raised

I am a strong advocate of meaningful cinema and really appreciate how Indian cinema is finally coming of age by picking up strong subjects. I generally don’t write reviews of Bollywood movies, barring a few, which I believe need to be talked about and people must be inspired to watch them. Lately, I watched OMG2 because I liked the first installment of the franchise and I had heard that it is about sex education in kids.

I am so glad a sensitive subject like this got picked up and was done due justice to. The movie highlights how a young teenager gets trapped and falls victim to his own ignorance. The movie talks openly about concepts like masturbation and penis enlargement and brings forth a genuinely disturbing situation(being expelled from school) for his naive simpleton parents who lived in Ujjain where even talking about these things was a sin. Obviously, the kid had no education about these and was instigated by his friends to try different things who later shot his video and made it viral.

This movie is about the fight of a father in court against the school, the system that does not teach his child about his own body and its biological processes, and also against those who sell the child cheap drugs and other treatments for the enlargement of his genitalia. He also holds himself responsible for not giving his son the right exposure.

Honestly, this movie is an eye-opener. Even if it is given an A certification by the sensor board, all parents must watch it because it reminds us strongly that our sons and daughters must be given proper sex education, at length, at the right time, for their right growth. All of them must be taught about puberty and reproduction. It makes us realize that the changes in them can baffle them and with wrong answers to their questions on Google or elsewhere they may get misled badly. Many of us know this but don’t know the right way to talk about this to our children but once it is taught in a dignified manner as a proper mandatory part of the curriculum, it can help open a bidirectional dialogue at home too as the kids will not find the subject taboo, only to be talked in hushed voices to peers who themselves may not be sure of several things. 

In India, many feel that openly talking about it is averse to our culture but for the sake of our children, we need to embrace this change at the earliest. Indian Education System must integrate and introduce sex education in all boards as mandatory.

This is precisely the message in the movie and also the need of the hour. No wonder the movie star, Akshay Kumar, who has acted in movies based on some really worthy subjects like Padman, wants this movie to be shown in schools.

Acting-wise, the protagonist, the father is played by my favourite actor Pankaj Tripathi does not disappoint. Akshay Kumar though I felt had hardly 5-6 scenes. Most characters were nice and real and nonflashy. The simplicity and rawness of the characters in the backdrop of the Mahakal devotees community in Ujjain are beautifully weaved as the heart of India is still not modern in their hearts. You most definitely watch this movie and I hope you will definitely agree with me.

Truly Yours Roma

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