Friday 14 July 2023

6 Ways How to use your Internal Strength to Overcome Non-conducive External Factors


Life tests us in multiple ways. Sometimes we fail to battle our internal conflicts and despite the calm outside our mind is never at peace. On the other hand, sometimes you are in a calm serene place internally but the external factors yearn hard to let your mental peace go for a toss. Balancing the two energies can sometimes be tricky even for the most patient souls. Today my heart says I must write about these as I discover new ways daily. You are most welcome to add your experiences to this article, for mine is an ongoing journey and I evolve every moment. 

Some time ago my external world was perfect for I was adjusting, adapting, and compromising but internally I experienced chaos. So I raised my voice and expressed what I felt and it threw my external world in frenzy. Nevertheless, I didn’t repent for it was really well thought of over a long period of time and it help me restore my mental sanctity. I have always believed and still believe self-help is the best help and so now as internally I feel extremely peaceful, calm, and content, what should I do so that my external world falls in place? 

1. First and foremost believe in yourself: It requires incredible power to fight the whole world to keep the belief in self alive. So be very sure that you are right and once you do, there is no going back. In deciding what is right for you please vet your decisions with someone you can genuinely trust and that is where I say or is very important to have a guru who guides you without any prejudice or judgment because sometimes your decisions might be difficult for your near and dear ones or may hurt them for they are so used to you agreeing to everything they say. So believe in yourself strongly and feel that internal wellness matters the most at all times, be sure because people may try to brainwash you. Trust me this zen-like state is the most difficult to achieve so if you are there, you are in your best phase mentally, please don’t give it up at any cost.

2. Give space, Pray, and Meditate: To let your internal and external spaces balance we need to give time. Don’t be in haste, it will take time. Understand others’ perspectives. Be genuine, be loving and giving and also give space, possibility is that your external world will understand you gradually if you were genuinely loved. Otherwise, it is better to let go of the toxic people. I have learned the art of giving space in a magical way through praying and meditating as much as I can. Om chanting and Yoga are my go-to, to let go of all negative energies and suck in all the precious positive power of the universe. Honestly, I am so surprised to tap the power of my own conscious.

3. Get busy: To me when I am super busy, I am super happy so leave your mind no time and space to keep thinking about what the external world is thinking about you. To each his own, they might have their own opinions. Don’t let them weigh you down. Do lend them an ear if they ask because communication is the key but desperation of any sort is bad. Rather focus your energies in the right direction. 

4. Have goals: By right direction above I mean do set goals for yourself, both long-term and short-term goals, and dedicate yourself to fulfilling them to the best of your abilities. They can be as small as eating right 5 days a week or as big as building your dream business no matter what your age is. This shall uplift you further in your own eyes; that is all that matters. We must first learn to respect ourselves so that others too look at us in the same way.

5. Meet people you love: The most important wisdom in life is to differentiate between your real ties and toxic people. We must cut off from toxic people at all costs and if you can’t, please restrict it to only Hi-Hello-How are you, under all circumstances. It takes a while but trust me we can do it. I am a firm believer of man-made ties where we choose our family knowing who is right for us. The sooner you get better at this, the sooner you will attain true peace. Once chosen, meet the people you love and spend time with them unapologetically. The best part would be that you can be yourself with them and they won’t judge you because like you have chosen them, they have chosen you too.

Extra Tip: Please stop judging people because until you step into their shoes you will never be able to experience their side of the story. I let go of everyone who has wronged me giving this benefit of doubt and it helps me fare better in life.

  6. Do what gives you joy: I always say, life is beautiful and we are blessed to have one, so we must do what gives us the most joy, to enhance our experience of life. For example, I am writing this article because I am an extrovert and I love talking to you. Thus expressing myself to you gives me unparalleled joy. Similarly, I took a rather long Europe trip recently though in bad health because for me, traveling is healing and it did turn out to be therapeutic. Words fail me to describe how wonderful I felt.  So please go full throttle in engaging in things you love the most, life is too short my loves, please live it to your fullest.

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