Friday 4 August 2023

The Power of Our Speech: The need to tweak it in our favour


Hello all, I had a good last week, resting in bed with my eyes closed(due to conjunctivitis) and got so much time to think, self-introspect, set goals, and add a lot of perspective to several half-cooked thoughts I have had over a long time. By the way, I also released the first episode of my podcast last week. If you want to know more about me, you can listen to it on Spotify by searching for Roma Gupta Sinha. Will hopefully record a lot more episodes in the coming future thanks to all the love and suggestions you all are candidly showering on me right after the first episode.

Today I was very keen on writing about the power of suggestions to our subconscious. It is an important tool to help us induce positive thoughts from our conscious brain to our subconscious and manifest what we want the universe to conspire to confer on us but on the contrary I will write to you on something which I feel is even more important. 

So let me first write to you about the power of our speech perhaps because my work last week has been more related to recording my speech and the impact, other speakers of the crazy number of podcasts I heard, has had on me.

I firmly believe that we might have some very beautiful ideas in our genius brain but if we don’t put our thoughts out perfectly, not only when we are writing an article or when we are recording a podcast but also when we are talking to any person whether it is at our home, talking to our spouse or our children or helpers or a neighbor or at work or to strangers, he or she might not know perfectly what we intend to convey. The power of our speech has immense potential and it is the only thing that makes a lot of difference in determining the vibrations and positivity of the place we are in. 

Just like the person sitting in front of you may like you, adore you, or love you but you only know how he or she feels about you by how he or she is speaking to you no matter how well acquainted you are. Similarly, you may like the person sitting in front of you, but as a matter of habit or the feeling of taking him or her for granted if you are not appreciating him or her sooner or later you may lose that person because how will that person know that you care? This is the power of our speech and of course, our actions speak louder than words, but what is equally important is that we tap into the power of our speech perfectly.

Below are the six points I feel we must strive hard to make a habit because our speech has incredible power in making and breaking our relationships and in determining how our life is

1. Please think before you speak: Sometimes we regret speaking out what we didn’t intend to as we speak at the spur of the moment without thinking because we are impulsive. What we utter can make or break our relationships and our repenting later can steal our peace of mind so take a moment before you speak and weigh your words.

2. Speak only when needed: For an extrovert like me who loves talking, I have now decided to channel my talking power very wisely and with the right person. With the rest of the world, I ration my words and speak only the amount needed. It helps both sides to maintain their space and sanity. Also, the one who speaks less his or her words have more impact, the sooner we realize this truth the better it is.

3. Please watch out for the tone in which you speak: Now this is something really important because many times our choice of words is correct but not our tone which may be satirical or expressing extreme attitude or some sort of superiority or inferiority complex. 

4. Be gentle and polite: Spread love through your words. We have only one life why waste it using curt words or backbiting or bitching(for the lack of a better word), rather be gentle and polite, I have always tried to walk the extra mile when it comes to this. 

5. Be mindful of how your words may affect the person in front of you: Now this is the most difficult part but this skill can be honed into a habit with regular practice. So if there is a situation that the person in front of you has hurt you badly, I don’t ask you to step into that person’s shoes or forgive anything that may not be possible humanly for everyone. But I practice this one thing always. I am very mindful of my words and behavior in those circumstances. I mostly withdraw from there and sleep over the issue and later if I still feel I was right I convey it to the person in front of me at the right time when it will have maximum impact on him or her.

6. Don’t give negative suggestions: The power of suggestions holds immense potential, it induces the vibrations of our words not only into the thoughts of the person in front of us but also in the universe and these vibrations then ensure that what we said eventually comes true mostly. So we must always give positive suggestions to ourselves and everyone and they can benefit us in more ways than we can imagine. More about the power of suggestions in my next article. Stay tuned.

Truly Yours Roma

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