Thursday 17 August 2023

The Power of Suggestions to help the ones you love, tap the power of their subconscious

Hello my precious people, as promised, after my last two posts on the Power of Speech and on 6 Ways to Use Your Internal Strength to Overcome Non-conducive External Factors which were mainly for self-improvement and building our strong mental foundation to take life head-on, today I want to talk to you about the power of suggestions for mental wellness. 

Now, what do we do in manifestation? For those new to this, while manifesting we imagine something that we deeply desire to have already happened and imagine living in that moment while thanking the universe for the same. Gradually, the vibrations of our desire spread in the universe, and the power of our subconscious ensures we fulfill what we envisioned. But this is all about self and trust me it does come true, I am a live example in front of you. I manifest, I meditate, I chant, I write and I help, all these work magic for me and I live in peace.

Today the question that I am addressing is, can we also manifest for another person, like our spouse or parents or kids or friends whose conscious thoughts are negative hence their subconscious is manifesting their fears into reality? 

Yes, we really can and that is the power of suggestions. We can not only suggest our own subconscious but also the other persons, whom we want to benefit from or tap the power of their subconscious. Here is the simplest technique and once I share it with you I will also explain with an example how you practically implement it in your everyday life. 

Our subconscious has infinite power but what it does not have is the power to distinguish between the truth and lie, whatever thoughts the conscious brain feeds into it, it believes it to be true and channelizes our body to act accordingly. So all we have to do is suggest the conscious brain of that person again and again what it is capable of and sooner or later he or she will start believing in it and the thoughts will sink in his or her subconscious and align to make it true. So just say I suggest followed by strongly whatever you feel shall the person in front of you. If that person is far off or you are not talking you can also keep sending them the vibrations of these suggestions remotely.

Let me explain it with the help of an example, Rajshri would always fear that her child will fall sick and her thoughts often manifested with Kian getting unwell at the drop of a hat when he was a little kid. She would often talk about her fear to the kid as well suggesting don’t do this or don't do that, as he might fall sick. Later, when she overcame her fears and started manifesting good health for Kian, her anxiety has already rubbed on the child who has passed the fear from his conscious brain to the subconscious. Kian's mighty subconscious in turn instructed all organs of his body accordingly. So Rajshri’s manifestation for her child became contrary to the fear that the child was unknowingly manifesting. She soon understood her folly and used the power of suggestion wisely several times a day to influence her son’s conscious thoughts and in due course of time Kian started believing he was perfectly fit and thus sickness left his side forever. This is the power of suggestions a mom used strongly to set things right. Her mental wellness was the key to her son’s recovery which here could be any person related to her or herself. 

That is why I always say the mental wellness of women is most important and we must always keep enriching ourselves with ways to make us mentally strong because life undoubtedly is tough but we surely can fight it. We just need to tap the power of our subconscious in our favor and also use the power of suggestions to heal the ones in need.

We, women, have incredible potential but we don't take care of our wellness and often ignore ourselves, which is where things go haywire. We lose focus and never ask for ourselves what we deserve blaming it on our traditionally regressive grooming.

It is high time we also use the power of suggestions for ourselves and make all our dream come true and not shy away from what we are capable of. Embrace good health and wellness and in case you need any guidance, I am just a message away always ready to help.

Taking the liberty of sharing something that every woman in India must hear if possible. Here’s me talking about my battle with endometriosis all raw and straight from my heart on the talented Rakhi Jayashankar’s podcast Series-Warriors of Womanhood. I hope it strikes a chord and you would know why our wellness is so critical.

Truly Yours Roma

Also, as the founder of the Endometriosis Support and Awareness Group of India, I would love for you to join me in my mission or approach me for any women health-related assistance you seek.

"This post is a part of Wellness Hour Blog Hop by Rakhi Jayashankar and Swarnali Nath"

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