Sunday 7 March 2021

On Women’s Day, Women Seek Equality in Decision-Making

 I don’t know why I haven’t done this before but with all my heart I dedicate this #internationalwomensday to myself and the entire powerful female writers clan who through the power of their pen yearn each day to bring a positive change to theirs as well as the lives of all the women around. You may not know but your empowering words heal, your guidance lifts spirits, your tips aid them become better parents, you help them in their mental and physical health journey and are their ray of hope. We are doing a fab job girls cheers to us. Today I raise a toast to all the sincerity and dedication you have put in the cause. It’s important that our stories be shared to the world. Not only ours every woman’s story. 

Personally I believe everyday is our day no matter how cliched it sounds. In fact even 365 days would be so less to celebrate womanhood. For years I have yearned that women in India get a respectable status at least in their households and may be one day in the society too. Things have looked up undoubtedly with more parents embracing equality in their children whether a boy or a girl. Also, I take pride in reading a lot of female-centric success stories around me. 

But honestly at the root level, even the most educated Indian woman still succumbs to the decision of the man of the house. It hurts her but she won’t say a word. She doesn’t call it oppression rather the love for her man. I am surprised because to me she calls and cries. But when I show her light, she says she has accepted her fate. 

Yes this is a true story and I know her mental health has gone for a toss because she often texts me- Why me? Damyanti(name changed) is one of my closest friend. Highly educated, a great professional and a mother of two. She is married to a man she was initially not in love with but it’s been over a decade now and she has tried her best to weave the best friendship with him. They have had two children together and that makes me assume it’s a desirable union of two evolved individuals who have risen above their pasts to build their future though things don’t add up every-time I meet them.

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One fine day the woman who is the head of sales for a very prestigious organisation gives up her job of twelve years to do a full time MBA from an average college only because her husband wants her to switch field from sales which calls for her to stay late on month ends. So she sits at home doing online classes and taking care of her two children. In her class are mostly 21-22 year olds freshers which don’t match her intellect. She feels stifled and panicky and is loosing all her confidence. She calls me often and tells she misses her work and her happiness. She naturally feels jealous when she sees her friends happy around her but what she doesn’t feel is the need of raising a voice against her husband’s unilateral decision. I have started seeing depressive tendencies in her and it hurts deeply. If a women of her caliber faces this, I wonder what shall be the plight of the ones much below her in the social strata.

Her mental health is slowly degrading despite she being one of the strongest women I have come across. I consider it her mistake too. Why didn’t she put her view point forward in taking such a vital decision of her life? The truth is most Indian women still don’t. It is engrained in them from childhood that their dad, brother, husband or son will take a decision for them. It’s time we change this. Women should be given equal say in making the important decisions for herself and her family. This is the most important gift that can be given to a woman. So if you are a man and you are reading this please just gift this equality to her today if you really wish to celebrate Women’s Day from your heart. Also, if you are a woman, stand for this equality of the fellow woman in your family no matter what relation you have with her and most 

importantly stand for yourself. Remember we need to take our own decisions to remain happy always for whether the consequences are good or bad we will own them. It’s important to our mental health and well being. Exhibit your true women power and bring to the table a fair discussion in important decision making in your family. This shall be good for you as well as your loved ones. The road is long and difficult but you have to take the first step now. This is just one of the story I cited there are so many more out there whose hearts are wailing in silence, yes on women’s day too. 

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...and now coming back to us dear fellow women empowerment writers our humongous task has just begun. We need to prick more and more people’s conscience and be the torch bearers of positive change. No one can get away with just  celebrating a day for us and in the hindsight don’t change their regressive thoughts. On women’s day women seek equality in decision making and I am their voice to the world out there!

Truly Yours Roma

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