Monday 15 March 2021

How can you regain the lost strength and immunity in simple steps?

We will always remember 2020 for teaching us to prioritise our health. For the first time, each one of us has seriously realised how important our strength and immunity are. We now know our life entirely depends on the choices we make.


“Our nutrition and lifestyle determine our immune health and strength in the long run”


As we age, or due to a medical condition, like in my case, we may experience diminished strength and a weakened immune system. Mostly we don’t pay much attention to it, which isn’t right. Instead of ignoring these issues till the situation gets out of our hands, we must immediately start working on them.


Luckily, I picked up on the signs early and took action right then. Thus, based on my own experience, I am sharing with you today, some pro tips on how to regain lost strength and immunity in India.



1.   Right nutrition in right combination


Certain foods like leafy greens packed with anti-oxidants and fish rich in omega 3 are like the magical potion that work as power fuel to our immune system. Eating food in the right combination is equally important. For example don’t eat two different types or proteins in the same diet or eat starches with proteins because they require different enzymes as well as need different amount of time for breakdown.


Eating several servings of fruits and vegetables each day has given me great results always. They aid us in maintaining our body weight and are instrumental in protecting us from various diseases.


2.   A dedicated fitness routine


Trust me when I say this, exercising every day is as significant as having the right diet. It gives you incredible #StrengthToLiveNonStop and keeps your body mechanism functional. To make it enjoyable, choose a workout that you enjoy and that doesn’t seem like a burden. I also change my workout routine from brisk walks/jogs to yoga to gym to Zumba every three months to let my body take advantage of the variety. Exercising is a great stress buster too because it aids the release of endorphins and reduces the cortisol levels and adrenaline in our bodies.




3.   Sufficient deep sleep


Sleeping like a baby is the best gift we can give your immune system.[1] It is the time our body takes to do all the repairs and healing like of our heart and blood vessels. Not getting adequate sleep increases our risk of several diseases so please ensure you have enough. Like exercising, sleep also helps us de-stress so we have to prioritise it in our lives and keep all gadgets away at least an hour before sleep.




4.   Adequate hydration

I have brought down my consumption of coffee or tea to zero and instead have more and more water, especially early in the morning. The effect truly is something I love both on my body and my skin. I am feeling more energetic at all times. Water carries oxygen and nutrients to different cells in our body thus energizing our systems and flushes out all the toxins. So make sure you have at least two liters during the day.

5.   Supplements for complete and balanced nutrition


Often unknowingly, we may miss a much-needed nutrient or micronutrient from our diet. Thus, for my complete and balanced nutrition I trust the supplement ENSURE which provides me dual benefits of immunity and strength.


It contains Vitamins A, C, E, folic acid, zinc, copper and selenium that help our cells in their immunity building activities and giving us overall strength.


I am sure these tips were useful for you and acted as a much-needed reminder. We must commence 2021 with a promise that we will keep up our resolve to ENSURE that we will do our best to get the #StrengthToLiveNonStop.




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