Thursday 4 February 2021

Know how our mental health is impacted by our physical health: My Personal Experience

Mental health and physical health wellness work in tandem. I am perhaps the right example of it. I suffer from a physical ailment called endometriosis for 11 years now. It’s cause is unknown and it doesn’t have a permanent cure. It can cripple your life in terms of causing you excruciating pain for twenty days a month if it in advanced stage like mine. Some surgeries and medication and permanent lifestyle changes may help you fare better but mostly it takes a toll on you. Despite being mentally very strong, my physical health does have a deep impact on my mental health.

In this article I wish to highlight this very point. In order to take care of your mental health you need to ensure your physical health is in proper shape and of course vice versa. Easier said this done, right! Well if you are in a vicious trap like I am in, paralysed with endo pain for most part of the month, the pain scare can send your mental health for a toss. It is obvious to feel depressed, lonely and even wanting to end your life to put an end to the pain as your threshold to bear it has also reduced drastically due to prolonged illness. Family support is vital but they can help only to a certain extent because they can’t really understand the pain you are through. So practically you are on your own.

I am currently in this painful trap and so decided to write to you right at this time. The pain is unbearable from yesterday and last night tears rolled down my eyes on their own and now it’s not a pence better. The painkillers are mostly ineffective in my case may be due to prolonged use. I have had the surgery too and completed the maximum hormonal dosage in terms of injections and tablets one can have in a lifetime. It’s a dead end you see no matter how strong I am mentally, my physical health condition has created so much mental trouble for me.

So what can one do in such a situation. First of all please take care of your physical health always. A preventive health checkup and early detection of a disorder is indispensable to ensure you are both physically and mentally fit. If you are under any medication, please take it on time and work towards a healthy lifestyle. Here are some of the things I do to ensure I am not going down this the dungeon of depression during the testing times:

1. Try to do something you love

Since I love writing I immediately decided to write to you all today. Well, it doesn’t reduce my pain but at least diverts my attention towards a cause I would love to spread awareness about. I loose myself in the world of the words I weave and that aids me relax.

2. Call a person you love and who can make you laugh

 I do this and enjoy a long hearty chat with a dear one who makes me forget the pain for a while and the happy hormones make me feel better. The mental equilibrium is reinstated this way. Pour your heart out to him or her it shall aid you ease a lot of tension clogging your brain and help you breathe a little easy.
Mental illness often stems from our inability to share and keep brooding in our hearts till the wounds become chronic. Communication to the right person often helps in healing.

3. Keep busy

Trust me being busy is the best medicine. I accept more work during the times I am unwell to be overburdened with it, to not give my mind any free space to build up a mental trauma over my pain. I keep working until I get tired enough to doze off. This also gives me a lot of satisfaction and saves me from the agony of wasting my time brooding over why me.

4. Watch your favourite engrossing show curled up in your blanket with a drink of your choice 

There are some comedy shows on Netflix I can watch on repeat mode with a cup of green tea and smile at the jokes if not laugh out loud. It again helps in easing mental pressure. You may as well indulge in a book or some online window shopping, whatever gives you joy and diverts your attention.

5. Relax and meditate to declutter your mind

 Sit or lie in a comfort position and plug in the guided meditation YouTube videos(I prefer Honest Guys) and relax. With a little practice and after a little difficulty to focus initially, you will ace the meditation techniques and trust me they aid you relax like nothing else. I have written a series on it, you may refer to it.

6. Lastly, smile as much as you can

 Smiling everyday is my way of ditching my pain everyday trying to convey to the pain that I will not give up no matter how hard it tries. I strongly intent to bear this smile until my last breath. I want you all to remember me like that always. If any of these feel difficult I am just a call or a direct message away, will be really happy to help.

It is really important to work on our physical health to ensure we are at the peak of sound mental health always and similarly the reverse. Know how they impact each other in your case and make a conscious effort to work on them.

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Truly Yours Roma

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