Thursday 4 March 2021

Happiest Birthday to the one who completes me, who defines me, mom’s pride Arsh

Happiest Birthday to the coolest kid 

May you remain this grounded and hardworking ever 

That’s your momma’s earnest wish 

You are beautiful inside out child 

We are so blessed to have you in our lives 

You have made our journey so worthwhile 

Before you arrived, mamma was on a different track 

Fiercely ambitious and unstoppable 

You gave birth to stability and pure motherly love in her

The first glimpse of yours changed my life forever 

In a moment you became my only priority 

My world revolved around you and still does 

The last twelve years with you have been absolute bliss 

Each moment worthy, each second weaved as a precious memory 

I have no regrets since see how wonderful a child you have grown up into 

You make us proud every moment 

Little joys of life arise out of your pure innocence 

Mom and Dad admire your sensitivity and caring nature

Time is just flying by 

And in my arms, I wish to hold you tight

Before you grow up into a handsome young man ready to fly 

This makes me both happy and sad

While now I can’t keep cuddling and kissing you for twenty-four hours

To you, I can now pour my heart out 

You are mamma’s best friend now

The one who listens to her and cares for her unconditionally 

During all her bad and sick days without a frown

Reading, laughing and playing with you 

Is what I love doing the most 

I may not say this often but you are my most favorite person on this earth

Your advice is genuine and you sonny are my in-house editor 

Honestly, I wouldn’t have written the five books, I had

Had it not been for your constant support and the praise for me in your eyes 

You step into your 12th year now my love

Ready to slide out of mamma’s arms and face the real world 

Remain this compassionate and beautiful soul forever 

No matter what adverse circumstances arise, 

Never be scared, never think of giving up

Instead, face it head-on and keep trying until you shine 

Life is never a bed of roses my child 

So befriend the thorns 

Learn the face the challenges head-on 

I may not always be there with you 

But my words shall forever be your companions 

In life’s rough seas 

When I call you Mom’s Pride Arsh 

It isn’t without a reason 

You have always been this worthy a gem

From when you were very young

Your gold medals and laurels don’t mean

To me that much as the gentleness of your character 

Happy Birthday once again my child 

Remain this noble soul forever in your life

You are and will always be my pride 

Truly Yours Roma

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