Thursday 19 September 2019

Life is a journey whose itinerary is decided by God

I first came to Delhi to reunite with my love, my now husband in 2005 thus resigning from Tata Motors and joining Honda Siel Cars India. A few months later we got married in our early twenties and Delhi embraced this new bride with open arms. We enjoyed our initial years to their full in Saadi Dilwaali Dilli and soon it became home. We bought our first home together here and our little sunshine was born here in 2009. We weaved a million precious memories of our lives here and thus it remains most special to us, also in terms of growing professionally. This is the place which lay the foundation of our marital bliss as well as our professional excellence. We travelled globally for work but remained stationed in NCR despite of the safety and pollution issues which jolted us and became my biggest fears.

In December 2011, Shobhi took us to Pune, a place where we used to dream of settling when we were here for our summer training during engineering sixth sem. Pune was love at first glance for me, beautiful, simple and a peaceful city, very safe and pure. It appealed the recluse in me every which way. I enjoyed the proximity of nature far away from the grandeur and pomp and show of Delhi. Gradually S got soaked in his work and little one started growing up as a true nice and good at heart Puneite. I was happy running my academy and doing my bit for women empowerment through my blog and otherwise. We had bought our new home and it will be ready in six months and Pune was now our home for eight long years when Delhi has called us back. This is what we all term destiny.

Honestly, I don’t know I should be happy or sad what I know is we can’t stay away from S. God uproots us the moment we start feeling rooted to a place though I have a firm belief in the fact that whatever happens,  happens for one’s good. I am happy for S for his professional growth and our little boy for his academic growth by being selected here in a premier institute but there is something which holds me back, perhaps it is my love for Pune. It is a place I can live my entire life without a word of complaint. It has my friends who are now family whom I fear I can’t live without. It is not that I dislike Delhi, it has my roots too and some real genuine friends. Also I understand our life is a journey whose itinerary is written by Almighty, so I am going with the flow😊

Thus, I will be shifting again to Delhi this month end and weave a new life here. Our shifting with the spouse got finalised only yesterday and so I have lots to plan and execute as I understand shifting base is an humongous task. But yes I promise, if not anywhere else you will always find me here on my blog, my live diary, my breathing space, wherever you will miss this tiny mortal.

Truly Yours Roma

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