Friday 8 June 2018

Comparative Reviews of the Three Radissons in Delhi, the Dwarka, the Mahipalpur(Airport) and the CP ones

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I was in Delhi recently for my annual holiday and all the lovely memories of the umpteen years I had spent in Saadi Dilwaali Dilli came flooding by and this happens to me every year. I grow nostalgic as I had dated here, then spent quite a few years here as a new bride and have also become a mom here. I recognise so many roads, so many places and so many faces here along with the wonderful moments spent at each place.

Radisson Blu Plaza, Delhi Airport, Mahipalpur

This is the reason that though living in Pune for the past six years, every summer I love coming back to Delhi for a mini vacation and relive the most beautiful moments of our lives all over again. While for the last several years I have been staying at Radisson Blu, Dwarka, this time we decided to also test and taste the other two Radisson properties in Delhi - Radisson Blu Plaza, Airport or Mahipalpur as it is called and Radisson Blu Marina, Connaught Place, Delhi and below I bring to you the relative review of the three, from several perspectives, purely based on my own experience.

Radisson Blu, Dwarka, Delhi
  1. Price: First it is most important to know the cost of stay per night in either of the three. The Airport or Mahipalpur Radisson is a five star property and the costliest of the three. The other two are both four star ones and the CP one is more heavy on our pockets than Dwarka Radisson on account of its prime location purely though infrastructure-wise Dwarka scores better.
  2. Location: While the Dwarka and Mahipalpur properties are relatively closer to airport and Gurgaon side of NCR, Radisson CP is at the centre or heart of the city surrounded by best eateries and shopping arenas of town. So choose your stay with respect to the nearness to the places you are most likely to visit in this trip to avoid wasting your precious time in traffic nuisances.
  3. Rooms and Other Facilities: Comparing the room size of the three considering standard business class rooms for comparison, Radisson Airport has biggest rooms followed by Dwarka and then CP properties. The facilities in all three are alike. However, Radisson Dwarka being the newest property scores brownie points in this category, the other two being fairly old. 
  4. Service: Undoubtedly until early this year I was a fan of the professional warmth exuded by Radisson Dwarka staff to its guests but I found the Radisson Airport staff gain a fine edge above them for their Indian touch in the way they took care of us. We were overwhelmed by both the teams. Radisson CP Service was between ok and good but no way near impressive.
  5. Food: As far as in room dining is concerned, Radisson Airport head chef and his team clearly stole the show for every single dish was mirroring a unique signature style and were absolutely drool worthy. In their exorbitant breakfast menu, my favourite was the exotic Salmon Fish delicacy. Also, the buffet breakfast at the airport had the richest and the most spread menu in comparison to the other two. At number two there’s a tie between the Dwarka and CP head chefs both of whom ensure your belly gets delectable fresh food customised to your needs and I vouch for them anyway.
  6. Shopping: Now this is tricky. I like to shop in the branded retail chains in the basement of Radisson Dwarka the most. This place also has some toy shops and eateries for me to keep the kiddo engaged. However, Radisson CP gives you the best access to most branded to street shops all at one place right outside your hotel and is at par or has a slight edge above Radisson Dwarka. You have to hire a taxi to take you anywhere to shop around Radisson Airport or Mahipalpur.
  7. Swimming pool and Spa: For me a hotel stay is synonymous to a luxurious well equipped swimming pool and Spa. While all three didn’t disappoint me on Spa front I was disappointed that Radisson CP didn’t have a swimming pool while the other two have lavish ones.
Radisson Blu Marina, CP, Delhi

Connectivity to all three properties is good and a cab when booked almost arrives instantaneously. Also all three are courteous enough to provide you early checkins if the rooms are available. Our stay has been on the whole very pleasant in all three and I have summed up my observations in the above points to aid you make an informed choice as per your needs. Please feel free to ping me if you wish to know any further details about the same.

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