Wednesday 24 July 2019

The Therapeutic Nature Walks Have My Heart

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Yesterday was a beautiful day, eighteenth day after my surgery, I felt wonderful from morn and wanted to end my forced confinement at home. For an addictive workaholic like me, this has been the greatest punishment. Thus, I was hell bent to go out somewhere and treat myself. I always enjoy this me time and occasionally don’t mind pampering myself and cheer myself up. So I knocked at a dear friend’s door entrusting her with the keys and other domestic help responsibilities. As we struck a quick discussion, she offered to drive me to her most favourite monsoon location somewhere outside Pune and I jumped with joy  because though we already live on lush green mountains on the outskirts of the city, any opportunity for further getting closer to Mother Nature appeases the nature lover in me like nothing else. This was probably what my heart probably desired the most at that moment.

So impromptu we set out. The gorgeous Shakun drove as slowly and carefully as possible and gave me all the comfort she could so that my stitches don’t hurt. It was cool breeze and drizzle all along the long drive, caressing me, healing me and relieving me of the void I had been experiencing for the past few days. My heart smiled, can’t express in words, how wonderful I felt.

We drove and drove and finally stopped at her favourite destination and spent a couple of hours there, trekking, soaking our feet in the pristine water, lying on the fluorescent grass which glistened in sun rays playing a peekaboo with the clouds. I also had a word with the little snails, fishes and crabs and posed for a lot of pictures which I love doing. The colourfully bloomed flowers smiled back at me as I tenderly touched them. 

We felt that this is the most ideal place we must do our meditation so the sound of the breeze and the greenery spread to as far as you can see, seemed ideal to enhance our mindfulness and focus and channelise our energies affirmatively.

I thoroughly enjoyed the nature walk and when the heart to heart banter of the two girls got over, we merrily drove back...simple  joys of life, isn’t it, yet so potent of revitalising you. I wanted to document these precious moments and thus this post.

For me Mother Nature has always been the best healer from ever since I was small. Morning walks in her lap has been my most favourite form of workout from ever since I was a tiny girl till today. The power of nature walks cannot be negated. Right from soothing your eyes,  to unnerving your brain to de-stressing your complete self they have the power of rejuvenating and deep relaxing you. The more close we stay to nature, the better it is for us for it is our mother right and mothers are always the best ♥️♥️

Truly Yours Roma

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