Wednesday 26 July 2017

Can A Clumsy Homemaker be a Perfect Wife??

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What happens when the man faces that the woman he fell irreversibly in love with for her academic and professional brilliance and which made her stand out of the rest, is quite a 180 degrees turn when it comes to home-making.

Last night the kitchen slab and sink crashed in front of my eyes and the poor husband was only worried if I was fine before engaging a guy to mend it today. 
Similarly a couple of months ago I burnt my face and right shoulder and arm by a exploding pressure cooker, by God's grace my life was spared but S is still calling up everyday after my cooking time to check if I am fine. I wonder why I am so clumsy in kitchen and what my man thinks about this(Phew!), he never says a word though and smiles. Ours is such a beautiful and meaningful relationship andthen there are these harrowing acts of mine.

I remember when we were newly weds how he used to cook for both of us and I did what I was rather am best at - loving him in all my special and unique ways. That time both of us went to work and cooking together was a romance time late evenings in our kitchen. He was(is) such a exceptional cook and I always helped him and hanged around his neck. No words were ever needed to make it evident that I had zero interest in cooking. I knew I am a disaster at it and thus was reluctant to even give it a try.

But as our little sonny grew up a little and I announced a sabbatical, I decided to cook myself for the two precious men in my life and you see the struggle continues to present day. I am such a misfit in the role no matter how hard I try, I have no aptitude for culinary skills and in general am a clumsy homemaker but I try it each not the one who gives up so easily.

On the contrary,  if it's a matter of my kid's education and his skills or giving hubby a perfect advice in a stuck situation in his high profile corporate job, I nail them to perfection. Similarly, if it is a work outside the house everyone including my precious half always trusts me the most for they know no one would do it like I do. Neighbours and relatives flock me each day for their decisions related to their kids' future or any other vital one and I am glad they rely on me so much. But when it comes to kitchen and food, I become sheepishly absent-minded.

There are moments when I feel so sorry for not being able to find the stomach way to my man's heart as the old saying has it but the next moment I realize I already live in his heart. We are perfect partners, we love each other a lot and live life king size in each other's arms accepting each other the way we are. I somehow try to believe he doesn't find my clumsiness in household cores weird as he still cooks for me on the weekends and I still do what I am best at - love him like no one else. I take care of his tiniest need even before he can utter a word about it. I value and respect him as a person and stand like a wall behind all his decisions.

I can proudly say we have had some really awesome years of marriage so far barring my kitchen escapades and look forward to many more. But does being a clumsy homemaker prevents me from being a perfect wife??? What is your take on it, as a man or a woman?

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