Tuesday 12 March 2019

5 Quick Ideas to Aid You Plan A Meaningful Themed Birthday Party at Home

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how to plan Harry Potter Themed Birthday Party

I have always been a meticulous planner of birthday parties at home when the kiddo was tiny and always gave it an edge by bringing out, out of the box ideas to make the party stand out of the rest and is super enjoyable and memorable for everyone. But as the kiddo grew up a bit I started running out of creative ideas. Moreover, this year since he was entering his double digits I wanted to make it extra special and meaningful for him something from which he not only derived memorable happiness but also value add to himself.

Harry Potter Book Series

Normally, I brainstorm with my munchkin to finalize a theme from a few that I shortlist after all it’s his day but this year all the ideas were inclined towards his iPad games superheroes which like you all know won’t go down a mom’s throat. That’s when the idea of A Harry Potter Themed Birthday Party’ struck me and being a Potterhead, my boy jumped in delight. I was delighted at my choice as I have waited for my boy to earn this coveted series from me and so far he has borrowed a few volumes from his college library. But this was the only easy thing when I sat detailing for the party. By the grace of Almighty, the party turned out to be a really great one and since I received many requests here I share with you some hacks how to organize a meaningful themed party without stress.

Costume, Deco and Banner are very significant

  • Theme Selection: This must be done at least a fortnight before the birthday to get enough time for detailing. Next, enlist all that you require and make a guest list. Once I decided the Harry Potter theme and the kid finalized his guests, I first shot out an invitation to all. Almost everyone confirmed to I knew exactly for how many people I have to plan.

  • Prioritize customized items: Divide the list of all that you need into two, the ones which required more time and the ones which can be planned later. For e.g. I designed a banner pertaining to the theme and started my search for a flex printer who can print the main banner of the party. If you can’t design yourself don’t worry the flex printer will do it for you. Get two three quotes and give the order to the most reasonable one. The banner will aid to figure out other decoration relevant to the theme. Also, if you are keen on themed return gifts like me pls search online now as a bulk order like that of Harry Potter glasses takes time to be delivered. Decide whether you will buy the birthday kid’s costume based on the theme or if it is just one time you can also take it on rent.
  • Take decoration packages: Taking decoration packages which include the complete decoration plus all party items and professional photography can ease your burden to a great extent. Don’t hesitate to tell them if you need some customization to their decoration for example for the Harry Potter theme, I had ordered all decorations especially in blue and orange only, which went perfectly with the banner and theme and served my purpose. I just tweaked their package to suit my needs. Remind him a day before what time he must report the next day.
    Birthday Decoration Ideas

  • A perfect cake is mandatory for a themed birthday party: For it, first check on Pinterest which cake your kid would love, then start your hunt for the right baker. Use past experience or ask for references in your friends' groups and again take three to four quotes and give it to the one you find most optimum. I am a perfectionist so I entrusted this job to an acquaintance who surpassed my expectations. Always show them what you are looking for and check the baker’s comfort zone, you can also share some pics of cakes from which she can draw further inspiration.
Harry Potter Birthday Cakes

  • Dinner Menu for the Kids: Suit yourselves in this mums and dads. Outsource it or make preparations in the morn and hire help in the evening to serve hot food to the kids. I used the latter as there were only kids plus I served a lot of snacks in the evening before dinner. No junks or soft drinks were served. All homemade fresh food and snacks only. Planning helps in this as well as I had bought the inventory a week before and kept doing the titbits which also gave me time to plan a weeklong celebration for the kid with one personalized HP gift each day.

Additionally, I planned some games, selfie booth and speeches on the theme to add to the limitless fun.

 So, this was quick, isn’t it so you can plan a themed party now easily keeping these pointers in mind and make your kid’s day really really special for him or her without going too overboard with the expenditure. Much Love...Truly Your Roma ♥️

Truly Yours Roma

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