Wednesday 27 September 2017

A Million Hits Gratitude Post : A Journey from Nobody to Somebody

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By nature I am a recluse and a rebel but voicing my opinion comes strongly to me. Routine and mediocrity subjects me to boredom and while I challenge myself to new goals always to keep the zeal alive, at any point of time, I have to speak my mind which I blatantly do on my blog ~ Truly Yours Roma. Yes, the very space that you are reading now and because I love speaking about everything under the sun, it is a diverse multi-niche blog. 

Three years ago, when I began this enriching journey professionally, every one recommended that I should carve out my identity in a particular niche because that gives a more dedicated readership and multiple awards but the rebel in me did quite the otherwise, like always. Phew! This was because I primarily wrote to satiate my own heart and that's why my writings resonated with your hearts too. Their were always quite a few straight from the heart musings to touch and tinkle umpteen hearts and stay in them forever which I penned with a lot of love. I am so glad you received the same with equal love too and that's when our eternal love affair began irrespective on what subject our hearts chose to connect. The result though was far beyond my imagination!

Thus, today I reach the coveted milestone of crossing 1 million footprints (page views) on my blog and this is truly gratifying. Thank you so much my friends, fellow bloggers and my precious readers. There can't be a better advance birthday gift you would have given me and all the words of the universe put together will fail me to express my gratitude to you. Thank you for stopping by, reading me, appreciating me and keeping me on my toes to serve you nothing less than the best. Your vehement support has already made me an author of two published books again in two diametrically opposite genres- non fiction and fiction. It's you who made me the Woman of the Year 2015. You have made Truly Yours Roma adorn with multiple Pan India writing contests wins. So it's absolutely you whom I owe all my writing credentials. Thank you for making me a somebody who matters to you from nobody. Thanks for pushing me hard when I shared my passion for starting my own Communication Skills Academy and making my dream come true. Thank you for embracing Truly Yours Roma with open arms and showering buckets of your love uninterrupted on me. I am nothing sans your support. I owe my heart to all of you so here I take a bow. A billion thanks guys!

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