Tuesday 11 December 2018

5 Reasons I Have A Perennial Love Affair With Goa, One of the Best Holiday Destinations in India

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I was fifteen when I first went to Goa. It was my first air travel ever and a glimpse of this picturesque breathtakingly beautiful place from the air, stole my heart forever. It was indeed love at first sight for me. It brought many firsts to my life as a young girl, a shy teenager at that time. While my little brother soaked in the waves and my parents enjoyed their together times, I remember sitting by the shore and painting a poetry of words, something which I always love doing, even till today. This trip remained etched on my heart for a very long time and when as newly weds, I was asked if I would love to go to Goa, I jumped in nostalgia and ecstatic joy.
5 Reasons to Love Goa
As I landed in Goa for the second time, I realized my love for it is true and is forever and it hasn’t faded an ounce, in fact with the love of my life, I found it prettier and more welcoming as if I am just back home. I weaved a lot of timeless memories during this trip. I befriended sea water holding hands with S, indulged in water sports, tried my hands in Casino and experienced the oh-so-memorable Goa’s special New Year Celebrations extravaganza. Poles apart to the shy teeny me of last time, I was a young adult bubbling with energy, desire, and happiness this time. Luckily, S too grew equally fond of the place and we promised Goa, we were laying a strong foundation of a lifelong friendship with it😊.
(I am a rebel, conventional doesn’t suit me at all and this place just lets me be who I am. It is an escapade for me to a world where no one judges me for being a recluse, a moody paranoid. The way it warmly embraces me in its arms, feels like it is where I was always meant to be).

Goa Memoir
Well, so my next trip to Goa was as a mommy to little three-year-old A and the young carefree adult was now a little bit more mature and a responsible mum. Instead of partying hard and dancing like crazy overnight, we have graduated to soft and quiet parents who danced in their resort and sang on the karaoke to our hearts’ content. Our kid has inherited the beach love from his parents and in no time he became our third partner in crime who too loves his vacation to Goa more than anything else. Since then we go to Goa twice a year and it’s almost like our second home to an extent that once a blogger friend living in U.S. actually called up to check if they can put up with us in Goa for their next visit.
Early morning on a beach
In fact, my perennial love affair with Goa is growing rock solid with each passing year or should I say our relationship is aging with grace. If I live that long I will surely like to spend my latter years in a cabin near the sea there. I am sure S is listening, for every time he sees I am going down with my energy quotient, he books us a vacation to Goa and I am rejuvenated at the thought of it. I love everything about the place and actually know quite much about it too. For example, we have stayed in some of the best properties Goan beaches offer(well, I will write my recommendations some other day) and know exactly what to eat, what to wear, where to go, where to party and the list is endless.
Anniversary in Goa
Undoubtedly, Goa has always offered us the best of family times, lots of soaking in water, sun and sand, live music bands and of course lip-smacking food and drinks but what I love the most are the early morns that I spend on the beach taking long strolls with the waves kissing my feet and the cool breeze caressing my tresses. I watch the sunrise and find a lovely corner to sit back and pen down my candid emotions or just read or glance at the horizon. It is one place where I do nothing and still feels like doing all I ever wanted. This me is much different from all the earlier mes who visited Goa.
Beach Lovers
My trance is often broken by my two loves joining me as we build sandcastles or just carve our names, smiling and giggling. What more can I ask from God? Touch Wood!
I just came back from Goa yesterday after our wedding anniversary celebrations and I am feeling so light and so wonderful that I am still dwelling out of the memories of the lovely vacations. I practiced forced digital detox during this trip minus a couple of hours each day and it was extremely overwhelming just to stay in your love’s arms at your favorite place and shut the world to you. I was itching to pen this straight from the heart memoir of the place which has stood a custodian to my life for last two decades in its own special way. I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I loved penning it💕.
Truly Yours Roma

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