Friday 21 December 2018

#Movie #Review: 10 Reasons You Should or Should Not Watch The Latest Shahrukh Khan Release #Zero

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This is weird but at the onset let me confess I am not a commercial Bollywood films buff and have a penchant for parallel meaningful cinema yet something unique always intrigues me. This is a reason when I received a special invite to watch the first day first show of Shahrukh Khan’s latest release ‘ZERO’ by Shahrukh Fan Club, I most humbly accepted it.
It was a wonderful event organized by one of the largest fan club of Shahrukh Khan, SRK Universe and the energy and excitement in the multiplex were phenomenal. SRK Universe, Pune's admin by Mr. Anand Kadam made the occasion special by ending the special screening with a cake cutting ceremony by Cerebral Palsy patients from Sancheti hospital-Ravindra Lankal and Prasad Pote and the children of the orphanage-Nirankar Balgram and some awesome celebrations by SRK fans. I and kiddo really enjoyed and appreciated their gesture and found it worth a mention here.
SRK Universe
Well, getting to the point straight, let me quickly summarise below my 10 point review of the movie and why you should or should not watch it.
1. You should watch it for the beautiful portrayal of a dwarf by one of the finest actors of the Indian Film Industry. I am glad he is not portrayed as an always goodie goodie charming hero and I so loved the grey shades of his character and the quirk in his eyes.
2. You should watch it for the strong characterization of a physically disabled woman in the movie, played aptly by Anushka Sharma. She plays an eminent scientist who suffers from Cerebral Palsy and personifies the intellect and emotional balance often expected from a person of that stature.
3. You should watch it for the unusual love story of this metric pass dwarf and the internationally renowned wheelchair ridden scientist.
4. You should watch it to find out what the paranoid Movie Star played by the gorgeous Katrina Kaif does in their love story. Hers is a small role in the movie but worthy every way.
5. I loved Salman Khan’s cameo in the film, he brings in his intrinsic charm as well all the leading Bollywood ladies who appear for a scene especially Sridevi, she looked gorgeous, who knew this would be her last release.
6. You should watch this movie for some lovely surprises which I will not reveal for you here and you know the reason why 😉
7. Music of the film is good and it was adorable to see King Khan’s fan break into an impromptu dance in front of the screen for most of them. Children will absolutely love NASA(renamed in the movie) kind of experience in the movie.
8. The movie is a comic romance and does justice to its genre though I feel the direction and emotional drama could have been more sensitively and sensibly weaved but this is just an opinion of a common man sorry woman. Also, I have this hidden desire to actually see a Raju Hirani's version of this story someday.
9. Most importantly for me, it’s a movie with a lot of meaningful messages. A dwarf can lead a perfect and ambitious life and should be accepted in a society like anyone else. The same goes for a person with a disability physical or mental and it is impeccably portrayed and so is the protagonist’s friendship with a friend. These were small points I loved explaining to my kid as he embraced the willingness to accept everyone with his or her share of follies.
10. Well, I have no reason to actually tell you why you should not watch this movie though I understand it will not go down the sensibilities of the some of Shahrukh fans. You should actually watch it to witness the amalgamation of a commercial Bollywood Masala with meaningful Parallel Cinema.

The verdict of a Common Woman: Truly Yours Roma rates it  ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ .

Truly Yours Roma

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