Monday 24 September 2018

Let Nothing Ever Evade Our Smile

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Life’s beauty lies in its unpredictability
And God further added a pinch of salt to it by making our destiny

On top of it he filled us with buckets of emotions
Lots of pity, pain and anger and a little of smiles and laughter

Or was it not this way
We have the habit of blaming the poor fellow every day

We have a tendency to sulk in times sad
While the happier times easily fly past

It’s nowhere but in the mind
All we have to do is embrace every happy or sad moment of our life

Like two sides of a coin
Striking a balance most of the times

No two days are alike my friends
Some bring clouds while others sunshine

Weave sweet memories of days that have mesmerised us in ecstatic joy
So that they aid us sail smooth, through the rough tides of life

The agonising times will put us down 
Depriving you of all energy and deeply frowned

That’s the moment, we pick ourselves up
And with twice the vigour, hit back harder

The tougher the journey gets
We burn the pain in your heart like a flame 

A flame of inspiration
Which draws us closer to our aims

Smiling as much as we can
Looking adverse times straight into their eyes and bidding them a gradual but permanent goodbye

Let our hearts heal with happiness and the acceptance
That no two days bring the same sunshine

No matter how adverse the circumstances befell

Nothing would ever evade our smile.

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