Friday 5 October 2018

Aim High And Outnumber Yourself and No one Else (A Gratitude Post and Giveaway On My Birthday)

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You are in a fantastic happy zone when you become your own inspiration and this happens when you love your work and you would fall in love with your work when you pursue your passion as your profession. Fortunately, I am doing just that at the moment which actually is nothing short of a blessing(my family begs to differ though, for they feel I must now resume my high profile corporate career as the kiddo is now on his own but I have been refusing offers because I am proud of whatever I am today).
I am an author, writer and blogger and I unleash the power of my pen to my heart’s content to bring the desired change to the society no matter how small my contribution is. The pen is mightier than a sword and in all three books of mine published so far, I have quietly deployed this mightier tool to give the world a peep into Indian women’s lives. I feel proud that all three books of mine have been released in Blogchatter Ebook Carnival for last three consecutive years and thereafter are doing good on Amazon. Last year, another initiative by Blogchatter, known as ‘Blogchatter Projects’ was pioneered too with a great intent. It was a campaign which aided the bloggers or authors like me to adopt a project and set and quantify their goals, like I took, exhaustive promotions of my books. With their constant boost and support, I was able to sell a very good number of copies by the end of the campaign. If one has something strong on their mind with a big goal, he must sign up for this. They aid you to put your Social Media Strategy in the right place, bang on!!
The fact that you are on your own often puts you in a comfortable zone and projects like this help you quantify your targets and have high goals, competing and trying your best to outnumber your previous best.
I am also a co-founder of a communication Skills Academy where I groom six to sixty-year-olds in bridging a gap between their intellect and expression. I am very result oriented in my approach and it gives me immense joy when I see vital improvements in the kids and adults I groom. The sheer joy I experience in adding value and polishing and grooming kids and women and helping them steer their life in the right direction, cannot be weaved in words. (It's time I take a Blogchatter Project to set goals for my academy too this year. Voila, I am glad I got this idea!)
The above two comprise my work zone and I passionately love what I do irrespective of the money I make with it. I am extremely grateful to all my precious readers for embracing the writings of this poor mortal with so much warmth and the people of Pune who have given my academy unconditional support and love and made it flourish by leaps and bounds.
Since this is my birthday month, I express my gratitude to all of you, by announcing a #TrulyYoursRoma #BirthdayGiveaway right here, on the blog and it’s Social Media Channels in which you can win some awesome prizes from VLCC.

Just like and share this post and comment below which VLCC Service you will like to avail and why and three top winners will be gratified with VLCC services while there will be many more consolation prizes. This contest is open for Pune residents only and all services can we availed at VLCC Pimple Saudagar Only. The last date to submit your entries in 15-Oct-18.


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