Wednesday 12 September 2018

My Proof To The World Why I Picked These Water Based Baby Wipes from Mother Sparsh

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Like I always say, motherhood is one of the most enriching journeys of a mom’s life for every single stage of your child bears new challenges for you and keeps you on toes. Of course, we forget the constant struggle in our little precious’ cuddles and smiles and a mom’s satiated heart finds it all worth in giving our baby nothing short of the best.

But we are humans and despite the strong mother’s instinct, our heart and mind may get baffled by the umpteen promises made to the consumers by so many brands each day each appearing equally genuine. Sometime back I have written to you how after meticulous research I have picked water based Mother Sparsh baby wipes because they were as good as wiping our little peanut with cotton and water and I had been happily using it for past several months to my utmost satisfaction. They are always a vital part of my must-haves in my handbag or travel bag no matter I am stepping out of the house for an hour or a day or on a long journey and so far I haven’t had a word of complaint.

But this Rakshabandhan as my brother and sister in law traveled to our place with their little bundle of joy, I had casually remarked about the wipes they were using to clean the bum of their little one. My oozing out knowledge out of my extensive study wanted to make sure the polyester or alcohol or parabens were not a constituent of those wipes and that they meant no harm to him. But dear Sisterinlaw refused to budge and said brand doesn’t matter all are the same.

That is when I decided to apprise her at length why I recommended her to use Mother Sparsh Baby Wipes using a very simple quality assurance validation at our home. It is known as flame test. I burnt a Mother Sparsh Baby Wipe in front of her eyes and it reduced to ashes in no time which proved that these wipes were 100% biodegradable made of plant-based skin friendly fabric.

If it would have had polyester and other chemicals it would not have burnt completely(hard lumps will be formed) and we would smell the burning plastic kind of smell. She was aghast to know all this and looked damn convinced about Mother Sparsh Wipes which contain 98% water.

I myself felt double relieved for my choice of product and to the fact that my nephew will have the right harmful chemicals free wipes care. The fact that, along with taking care of the little precious piece of our heart, we are also taking care of our most precious Mother Nature, by using these worthy biodegradable wipes from Mother Sparsh, appeases my heart beyond words could describe. After doing the flame test, I have added conviction in recommending it to one and all. You can grab a pack on Amazon now with some awesome discounts. Truly Yours Roma recommends it to everyone :)

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