Monday 3 September 2018

#BookReview of That Year I Found Me by Ruchi Chopra Nasa

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I am often intrigued by different shades of life. The infinite emotions that God has embedded in this intellectual creation of his are unfathomable. Every human being is different and his desires and expectations from life are different and many times it takes him almost eternity to find out what he actually wants. So it is wise to take a step back and self-introspect for a while. Spending time with oneself often helps in self-rediscovery and guides you on the path which is best for you. I recently read an ebook by Ruchi Chopra Nasa, ‘That Year I Found Me’ on the same subject and it did evoke a lot of thought-provoking moments in me.
This book is essentially a tale of healing and re-discovery of a lovely soul Neha, who like so many of us, lost herself in being a perfect mom and wifey and daughter in law and a medical professional. Sacrificing for other’s happiness is what she has been taught from childhood and sacrifice for the sake of her loved ones is what she did for most of her life without an iota of regret or a frown on her face until one day her world shattering in front of her eyes. She has married the love of her life Akash and was blessed with an adorable son Pihu but then she discovers about Akash’s infidelity and this not only shatters her heart to a million pieces but she runs away leaving behind everyone and everything on her path to salvation.
I guess discovering your spouse’s extramarital affair is the most brutal reality I really wish no one should ever face. On one side is the man you have loved so much, on another side is your child, the most precious piece of your heart who needs both parents alike and on the third side is your self-respect, dignity and your broken heart which fails to forgive.
What does Neha do after leaving behind everything? Could she heal her wounds? Was she able to forgive Akash? How does Pihu live without his mom? Read this soulfully weaved ebook by Ruchi who has ardently maintained the balance of emotions and wisdom in penning this eye-opener fiction. I could visualise the characters as I read ahead and that’s where I guess the author wins. I wish her all the best in weaving many more soulful reads like this. I am in love with the genre you picked.
This book was released in the Blogchatter Ebook Carnival sometime back and you may also grab a copy on Amazon now.
About the author: Dr.Ruchi Chopra Nasa, is a Pathologist by Profession ( She is a voracious reader and has been published in various online magazines like Woman’s web and Beyond Borders. She loves travelling and wants to explore the world.
Book Blurb: Neha runs away from her family to the big city with only her diary as her friend. Will she be able to give love a second chance and reunite with her family? Dive into this tale of entangled emotions and accompany Neha in her journey of healing and Self Discovery.
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