Friday 27 April 2018

(Truly) Yours Roma is indebted to all of You and to her Precious Little Blog

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Continued from the series 'Some Extraordinary Slices of My Ordinary Life' Part1,  2, 3,4, 5, 6, 7, 8 , 9 ,10, 11,12, 13 , 14, 15 , 16 ,17 , 18 ,19 ,20 , 21, 22, 23 and 24

Almost miraculously this month passed away and this is the second last chapter of the series ~ Some Extraordinary Slices of My Ordinary Life. Thank you for all the love you showered on my writings with open heart and it was purely your warmth and encouragement that I did this for the third consecutive year, wrote straight for the entire April every single day(on weekdays for this series and on sundays for the brands I endorse😛). This years the odds were totally against me as I shifted to my new abode on 1st April and so because of the change of school, the kid too was at home for the prolonged summer vacations, of course with all his tantrums of mom play with me, I am bored etc etc...So imagine me with a home full of cartons, a nine year old and hubby dear staying on official trips for three straight weeks. On top of that my fibroid pain which pops up unannounced at regular intervals has driven be numb and useless for many hours a day for over a fortnight.

Despite of all this, I did fulfil my commitment to myself. The sole reason is I felt overwhelmingly ecstatic weaving these soulful memoirs for you. It gave me a million moments of joy to relive my life all over again in this autobiographical account. There were so many I was able to express my gratitude to and yes I do missed many. There weren’t missed by mistake, there is a reason to it, they all will be a part of my third book releasing shortly. Many of you have written to me that you were wanting to know more about S and Me, our one of its kind love story. Well again the book will have several chapters devoted to it and will answer many other questions you have asked me to write on and much much more. Hopefully with your love and kindness and with the blessings of my Almighty I will be able to do it, launch an autobiography of this tiny mortal, quite soon. The task ahead of me is humungous and I have miles to go before I sleep( in the words of Robert Frost)...sorry no more bragging, just wanted to share what’s on my mind dears.

This post of mine is also a little tribute to my most precious baby, my blog. has given me much more than I could have ever asked for. Long ago, I have made several promises to myself and this tiny home of mine on the web has silently and most lovingly helped me realise almost each of those promises. Not only that it has been my breathing space for years now, I can’t imagine a life without it. Every time I am down and out trapped in the vicious traps of life, I come to it, pour my heart out, feel relieved and get back to the usual me within moments. You dear friends and readers make it a lively place with your presence and words fail me to express my gratitude to you. Numbers don’t matter to me, your appreciation does and so does your criticism. I am one person with whom you can always share your earnest opinions with for I never get offended. Thank you for always gracing my space with your benign presence. Truly Yours Roma will forever remain indebted to you and her little blog♥️. Post penning this heartfelt note of gratitude to you, I am heading straight to Aqua-Imagica to soak the water baby in me in cool blue waters 🌊. Will come back and write to you the final memoir of this series which is eluding me as of now😊...

To be continued in the next parts of #SlicesofLife Series on #TrulyYoursRoma in #AtoZChallenge this April.  I am writing on some extraordinary slices from my ordinary life.

Thank you so much for all the love and support you have always given me. Truly Yours Roma is nothing without you! 

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