Friday, 24 November 2017

In Thailand For The Umpteenth Time But This One Truly Was Special #PhuketDiaries

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I like the way life plays games with us and everything that happens or does not happen has something good in store for us. I have often wondered despite having individually travelled to the farthest corners of the planet why me and mr husband have never been able to club our international trips ever. Call it early responsibilities or just the stars this has always made us enjoy the beauty of the place a little less than we would have in each other’s arms. But somehow it didn’t happen as we were too busy fortifying our careers or fulfilling the family duties and we had no regrets about it as well. Perhaps as it was meant to begin now for us and this was an absolute perfect beginning.

I have often told Hubby that if I have to make a wish, it shall be to take a world tour with him and this birthday he just commenced the materialisation of my dream(we’ll have a prolonged world tour together you see) as he gifted me a holiday in the serene islands and beaches of Thailand. Though I have been to the country umpteen number of times, this time it was most special as it was with the two loves of my life.

Undoubtedly it came at a very short notice....but eventually it turned out to be a dream holiday. We had boarded Singapore Airlines from Mumbai and their hospitality as always was bang on. Little one enjoyed the toys and art kits they gifted him across different flights. Connecting transfers were smooth and we reached Phuket early next morn. Since we were putting up in Hyatt Palace(their out of the way hospitality made our trip so much more comfortable) right across the main beach -Patong it took us less than 30 mins to hit it in full vigour.

For the next few days we lead a nomadic life exploring the various adorable islands with unparalleled beauty and aesthetic grace and striking off every single beach from our bucket list and putting up at different resorts and experiencing night life for the scattered towns. Krabi shall remain my personal Favorite from all of them as I was totally smitten by its old world charm and warmth.

Back in Phuket, shopping gave me a true high and Jungceylon Mall and its adjacent Bangla Road were my adda for most of the evenings when we were in Phuket. Eating was the only difficulty I faced and had to even be put under medication for a severe stomach infection but I guess it is to each his own. I have had this struggle in every part of the world.

One of the best memories of Phuket forever etched on my heart is The Unbelievable Dolphin and Seal Show. The way the Dolphin’s painted or the seal performed Yoga made me shout like a child in excitement and happiness. The seal even chose to kiss me. I guess she loved my excitement.

I remain grateful to Hubby for treating me like a princess for the entire trip and buying me the premium tickets for this show where I can pat the back and touch the friendly and loving dolphins along with enjoying their out of the world acrobatics.

Another high of this trip was that I overcame my fear of swimming in oceans and enjoyed doing it to the core. Snorkelling eluded me once again as they didn’t allow S and sonny to come on board for they weren’t good swimmers and so I decided to abandon it one last time.

We flew back again via Singapore and spent the whole day there. Journey back home was equal fun though we have already started to miss our Perfect Vacation at a Perfect Destination! With a promise to soon nail together

another destination to our travel clipboard, we locked the precious memories of this memorable vacation forever in our hearts.

Tuesday, 21 November 2017

The Waves Romancing the Shore... (Fresh From the Pen Straight After the Rejuvenating Thailand Trip)

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A writer misses words who can dance to her tunes
As much as a drowning man desires to breathe easy in a deep ocean

I missed my blog as much as I missed my inspiration, my precious readers
Can’t tell you how much my pen itched to kiss back a paper

Perhaps they were not needed
For the spectacular marvels I witnessed were forever etched on my heart

Silent Words touched my lips and stroked the concealed layers of my mind
As the waves of the serene secluded islands embraced the coasts and then left them alone

The wait for the beloved
and the subsequent passionate hug

The brimming romance
And the promise of eternal togetherness

Transported me to a world ethereal
Where the waves and the shores struck wonderful love notes

Back home today still smitten by their charm,
as I hold a pen and paper, my happy Heart still hums those songs

Entranced and enthralled, it feels ecstatic and warm
It is still busy dancing to those tunes

This is what Travel often does to me
The journey, the destination are all truly therapeutic and divine

They muse and amuse me in ways infinite
and I smile like I am their beloved child

Friday, 10 November 2017

Weave A Little Surprise For Your Kiddo This Children’s Day

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Wednesday, 8 November 2017

PediaSure : A Nutritional Supplement Which Works Wonders  

So my precious readers, today on Truly Yours Roma I bring to you the third and concluding part of#MyPediaSureJourney subsequent to my first and second posts on how I decided to take on #90DaysWithPediasure challenge and what I discovered during the course.

As a mother balancing the diet for a fussy eater has been the trickiest task for me and though I believe a lot in consuming as many natural fruits and vegetables as possible, PediaSure sure has made me heave a sigh of relief through its extraordinary nutrition and lip smacking recipes, which have kind of been the most handy tools in my kitty when I am just not able to lure him to finish his food.

I feel in the last 90 days, his needs for vital micronutrients which we mothers might often miss in our daily diet has been well-catered by PediaSure and I am seeing a change in his immunity for the good, something I have been really worried about in this particular season. The notorious monsoons of Pune(which are unfortunately too prolonged this year) are well known to trigger allergies and a good health with a powerful supplement like PediaSure can definitely over a period of time reduce the number of sick days for the little kiddos who are most prone to catching infections which also means less number of school days missed and some good outdoor fun which they are otherwise deprived. This truly elates the satiated mamma in me.

Another noteworthy aspect I noticed was an improvement in the height and weight parameters of the kiddo who is always at his skinny best and eats the bare minimum one needs to survive and thus was always tiny. Thus, after 90 days of evaluation I have decided to stay forever with PediaSure for it soothes my kids taste buds as well his health. 

You must give it a try too, who knows this turns out to be an ideal choice. Try both in milk and in water to find out what your precious little heart savours more. It is available in 3 flavours, Vanilla, Chocolate and Kesar Badam at any general merchant near you or you can also order it here.

Disclaimer: Although PediaSure approached me to review their product as part of their #90DaysWithPediaSure campaign, all views and opinions expressed in my writing are my own. So follow me on #MyPediaSureJourney as I bring to you the next and final review on its impact on my kiddo’s health.

Friday, 3 November 2017

Was she in love with two different men?? ( #FoodForThought Series Vol13)

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"Love knocked at my door in softest steps and I don't have a slightest hunch in saying I got probably one of the best men on the earth as my precious half. After an excruciating childhood, he was a like the fresh breeze my heart yearned for. Though ours was a pure love marriage, we tied knot with everyone's blessings. Different castes didn't make much of a difference.
As newlyweds, living with him was so much fun. In whatever time we were left after our respective MNC jobs we were busy weaving beautiful memories of a lifetime. He loved cooking while I loved eating and this is how we were complimentary in all our house chores and thus we had a ball even in these. Actually it was the inherent goodness of his heart that was so warm and so comforting. He was a man of few words and mostly expressed through his eyes. So I had every reason to fall in love with him more and more irreversibly with every passing day. We barely had a tiff ever for he was so caring that I could not even think of hurting him in my dreams. Fortunately, a decade later today too, he is all the same and I thank Almighty for that. He is truly a wonderful spouse to me and an even more adorable dad to our little daughter.
But my rosy world transforms to a bed of thorns whenever his family is visiting us or we are with them. Their advent changes my man completely almost every time and he barely even talks to me if they are around. I find it so weird and strange and often unbearable too and I dread the months they will be here. Our interactions then only limit to ordering groceries needed every day, sometimes not even that. He comes late to bed mostly after I have slept so I can’t even talk to him then. I really miss him, his love, his warmth, his smile, his care, his everything, I am so used to during these punishment months, can’t think of a better word. The man, who can't sleep everyday without putting him hand in my t-shirt, avoids our cosy and personal moments too. Sometimes I wonder if he is the same man, I am so much in love with or someone else, an absolute stranger... Am I in love with two different men? Sometimes, it gives me a feeling like I am a mistress to him not his legally wedded wife and our daughter an illegitimate child whom he tries to avoid when his kin visit us. I have also noted that he avoids telling this family on phone all the good things he has done for me or all the beautiful gifts he keeps showering me with. What is he scared of?
For years I am unable to fathom the cause of this behaviour and now am in a sort of perennial dilemma. I have stopped crying but it hurts the deepest in my heart. I have no problem with his family which is now our family but his alienating me on their arrival has gradually made me admonish them. The moment they leave I get my precious love back and we are tucked in our blanket watching our favourite movie in our bedroom while only yesterday we didn't even sat in the same room. Of course it can’t be same with elders around but why neglect my complete existence in front of them? Every time I become hell bent to ask him the cause he chooses not to speak and rather take me shopping or for a vacation for a mood change. I ultimately give up under his unconditional love which changes like seasons for those few months of the year.
I don't have a slightest doubt in saying that we both love each other infinite times to the moon and back, but what insecurity is it that makes him so conscious of expressing his love/care for me in the presence of his kin. Is it that he married the girl of his choice and not the one his family chose for him? Or is there another layer of men's psychology I am yet to unfold...."

The above is a true account of a friend who has chosen to be anonymous... which does offer a certain amount of food for thought, I would still like to step into her husband's shoes and visualize the situation, to be able to think more fairly.

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