Tuesday 21 November 2017

The Waves Romancing the Shore... (Fresh From the Pen Straight After the Rejuvenating Thailand Trip)

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A writer misses words who can dance to her tunes
As much as a drowning man desires to breathe easy in a deep ocean

I missed my blog as much as I missed my inspiration, my precious readers
Can’t tell you how much my pen itched to kiss back a paper

Perhaps they were not needed
For the spectacular marvels I witnessed were forever etched on my heart

Silent Words touched my lips and stroked the concealed layers of my mind
As the waves of the serene secluded islands embraced the coasts and then left them alone

The wait for the beloved
and the subsequent passionate hug

The brimming romance
And the promise of eternal togetherness

Transported me to a world ethereal
Where the waves and the shores struck wonderful love notes

Back home today still smitten by their charm,
as I hold a pen and paper, my happy Heart still hums those songs

Entranced and enthralled, it feels ecstatic and warm
It is still busy dancing to those tunes

This is what Travel often does to me
The journey, the destination are all truly therapeutic and divine

They muse and amuse me in ways infinite
and I smile like I am their beloved child

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