Tuesday, 28 February 2017

You are the Smile of my HeartπŸŽ‚πŸŽ‰πŸ˜Š

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My little Prince Charming
Here's mom wishing you a wonderful birthday darling

My little baby you turn eight today
I am so proud my tiny peanut has become such an awesome big boy

You are the magician who stole my heart at the first glance
And even today in your unique innocent ways you keep doing the same

Every moment I fall in love with you all the more
As you hang around my neck and tell me everything big or small

I love your charisma and how you aspire to fulfil your minuscule dreams
A million times you have rubbed your excitement on me

In your innocence you have taught me lessons umpteen
My heart is elated to say you are the most worthy companion in life's journey

As you are growing up, you have also become my best buddy
Who shares with warmth momma's all secrets deep

You are the smile of my heart
My Divine Angel, Mamma loves you to the moon and back!

Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Songs That Make My Soul Smile 🎢🎢

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My life is soulless without music. In the moments when I need a real kick to walk out of my self imposed slumber, it's heart soothing music that almost invariably comes to my rescue and I love it the second most after my writing. Music caresses my soul like nothing else. I feel the songs and get immersed in them slowly drifting into my own world humming along with them for hours. Though there is no particular genre I prefer over the other, I definitely have my all time favourites which help me unwind and get back to myself ~ the smiley that I am...
This is a special post where I share with you 10(actually the list went upto 12,it is so difficult to choose) of my most most Favorite songs which are so me and which I can listen anytime, anywhere and any number of times . There are glimpses of my life in each one them and I love them to the core. Hope you'll enjoy them as much as I do.
1.    Jab Koi Baat Bigad Jaaye:  This is probably the song I have heard the most in my lifetime so far and I wonder hubby dear would have been really bored by now by the complacency in my expression of love. Every time someone asks me to dedicate a song to him, I can't think of anything else.

2.   Lag Jaa Gale: In my eyes, this is the most romantic song ever composed in the history of Indian Cinema which evokes pure love, passion and romance together weaved most intricately with a lot of warmth and musical nuances.
I close my eyes and I can feel it in the deepest corner of my heart. It satiates the romantic in me.

3.   Tumko Dekha to ye khayal Aaya : This one is peace to me. Pure, pristine, heart-touching music with lyrics that confer me with some sort of comfort and trust when things aren't going my way. I just love it!

4.   Soch Naa Sake: 'Tenu Itna mein pyaar karaan, ek Pal wich Sau Baar Karaan', I just love humming these lines and from the core of my heart real feelings emanate and I feel so happy. I think about my love, our rollercoaster life and silently feel grateful to have him in my life. I even plan to record this one in my own voice and surprise him on our anniversary next.

5. Tum Agar Saath Dene ka Waada Karo: I like this timeless classic for its simplicity and expression. I wish more music of this type is made in today's times too.

6.Mera Kuch Saamaan: One of Gulzar's forever best, this song has lovely shades and meaning difficult to comprehend by many yet so meaningful and deep. I relate to this song for decades now as its so unconventional like me in many ways.I always find some ounces of myself in this one. Beautiful Composition!

7. Dil Dhoonta hai (Bhupinder) : Find this one very consoling in everyday hustle bustle of life of today with no breathers in between. The calmness of Bhupinder's voice acts as a welcome respite whenever this one comes up on my shuffled playlist on Ipod. Another forever Favorite for me.

8.Ek Pyaar Ka Nagma Hai: I find this one adorable for the wisdom and melody it brings forth in the most candid way. 'Kuch Paakar khona hai, kuch khokar paana hai...' it gradually etches a lot of worthy lessons on our passive brain.

9. Kahin Door Jab Din: I really miss this kind of love expressions and feel in today's music sometimes. It talks and exudes warmth of timeless love, undoubtedly a true delight to the ears and balm to a loving heart.

10. Tera Saath hai kitna pyaara: Hahaha! This one's up in this list for this used to be our Bike song during our courtship days which we sang together, always. I still listen to it so often and it also is truly great music.

11. Bade Achhe Lagte hain : Have you ever been ears to music which has so much innocence in it that it warms your heart instantaneously. well, this song does this to me so often.

12. Main Tenu Samjhavan ki : I end my list with this modern day melody. A sweet piece. It plays across all radio stations during all our long drives and I just love hearing and humming it along with him :)

Sunday, 19 February 2017

My Apologies, My Little Bubble

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My Little Bubble,
Today your momma feels so feeble

For sometimes passing the false baggage of my dreams on you,
And not taking care of you'd like I always should

In a desire to make you a perfect child
                                I failed to see through your eyes

You were unwell and coughed through the night
Early morn I packed your heavy bag and bid you goodbye

You tried to take all the pressure on your fragile shoulders
Until my love, you couldn't take it further

Tears rolled down my eyes, seeing your plight
When you fell in my arms after 8 long hours at school, still trying to smile

Your warm body and watery red eyes made my heart numb
And my heart bled in repentance

In teaching you the strength of will power and determination
I burdened you with so many untimely aspirations

It is ok to see my reflection in you
But expecting you to be like me in everything is so cruel

For you are still my tiny bud barely a few weathers old
It still isn't the right time to focus your energies and let you not explore

In so much of discipline, I miss your priceless cuddles
Those toothless grins and carefree humming of jingles

For stealing away your childhood ounce by ounce
To you today, the apple of my eyes, mom apologises

Go spread your wings my tiny butterfly
Collect all the colours of rainbow in the sky...

(P.S. This straight from the heart piece is a request to all the parents not to burden their child with undue pressures at a tender age, rather let the tiny buds bloom)

Tuesday, 14 February 2017

My Unparalleled Love For My Blog ❤❤

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I take the baton of Blog Love from Srikanth.

I owe my heart to my blog, it is truly the voice of my soul and no words can ever aid me express what it means for me and how my love for it is unparalleled. Little did I know two and a half years ago that it will become so vital to my life, when I gave up my career at its peak to accept a full time mommy role.
Though I have been writing for infinity, I thought this was the best time I poured my heart out in my sacred space, my blog which I term ~Truly Yours Roma as most of the women centric write ups I present here are true tales of Indian fairer sex which must be brought forth to prick as many consciences as possible. I weaved these Tales straight from the heart on my beloved blog and candidly endeavour they make a contribution in improving the society we live in no matter how small or big it is.

My love, my blog soon reciprocated all the sincerity and dedication I gave it and returned back the love. I was chosen as the recipient of the ‘Woman of the Year’ Award organised with VWoman Community of Glenmark and was conferred the same in Leela Palace Mumbai in Mar'15. The fact that I was on the right track satiated my heart and I expressed my love to the blog for being a genuine partner in fulfilling my dreams and getting my writings a recognition so early. It has unknowingly begun to shape me and my aspirations and I now shouldered a bigger responsibility.

'My beloved blog, from a workaholic corporater who worked 22 hours a day, to staying at home and losing my identity in the mundane cores, you held my hands firmly and did not let my sheen die away. In the worst of situations I poured my heart out to you, you became my venting space, you heard it all and stayed with me till I was calm.
You integrated me with my precious readers whose appreciation made me work harder. You conferred me opportunities to weave and integrate with some worthy gems of the blogging world and build relationships of a lifetime.

You brought me opportunities, awards and recognition from IndiBlogger, Blogadda, MyCityforKids, Aviva, Everscoop, Baggout etc. and forever remained by only ray of hope in  difficult times or whenever I lost focus. But you never left me aalone nd continue to be my greatest strength till present day. 
Last year, you introduced me to the wonderful Blogchatter Community and my first ebook 'Dare to Defy The Destiny' saw the light of the day and I value my association with them. 
It feels so great when people recognise me by your name today, you are such an inseparable part of my identity. Just a couple of days ago, at a big event, people didn't identify me as Roma but when I mentioned I blog at Truly Yours Roma, they immediately recognised. It made me ecstatic to witness you become the face of my voice. I wish I take you to the greatest heights and carve a success story for you never heard of before. May we remain together forever. I really find you so adorable and will leave no stone unturned ever to nurture you, groom you and improve you to the best of my abilities. Undoubtedly I love you to the Moon and Back. Earnestly I love you the most...Yes, I do!’

I pass the baton of blog love to Jaibala.

Monday, 13 February 2017

A Zillion Thanks Berger Paints India & Indiblogger for a Splendid Fun Afternoon with loads of fun and Paint Wisdom #BergerXP

"Some days make our lives all the more worthwhile
They etch on our hearts, some warm memories and some precious Smiles"
#BergerXP Indiblogger Meet : An afternoon to Cherish
7th Feb morn was truly special for me, I woke up to a special invite to the IndiBlogger #BergerXP Meet in Mumbai which meant a special fun-filled afternoon with all my lovely co-bloggers I have been reading, interacting and getting inspired from in the virtual world. I really looked forward to this one to meet so many of those priceless gems and the IndiBlogger Team Members who are known for their awesomeness, warmth and impeccable sense of humour, for the first time. Thus, I immediately accepted the invite even if that meant travelling all the way from Pune and I am so glad I did.

I was also excited to know more about the Berger Express Painting as my new home is about to get ready and as a techie with over a decade of experience in new product development, my hunger to apprise myself of the latest technologies no matter to which field they belong, is insatiable. May be I can take home some real good knowhow to paint our home sweet home all the more aesthetically wonderful.

I reached the venue- Vivanta by Taj in Mumbai, a little before time thanks to hubby dear who drove me all the way from Pune and even decided to babysit my little sonny. What followed were moments of ecstatic joy, meeting blogger buddies, taking innumerable pics and selfies,some candid heart to heart Tete-a-tete. It didn't feel like I met them for the first time. I also loved how the meet and greet and lunch was left open for all of us to discover everyone whichever way we wished. The bonhomie at the event was contagious and I secretly already loved being a part of it.

Post lunch as we settled down on our tables, Anoop took over the mike with a real sweet smile and welcomed us and I knew it was Anoop as I have seen his pictures and read about him innumerable times across so many blogposts of Indimeets and events. Spontaneous truly he was and he made us warm up with his altered version of Musical Chair where we danced our way through the chairs.
The fact that every time someone didn't find a chair he can click a selfie with, always ready to help Nihaal, only spread more smiles and warmth and also set the right mood to listen to Mr. Chandranath Bannerjee who is the Service Head of Berger Express Painting, next.
I liked the way he apprised us of his technology intellectually in an informal manner quickly striking a chord with our hearts overflowing with so many queries. It was a pleasure knowing from him how Express Painting is an Innovation which is here to stay. Not only does it guarantee a safe, dust-free, quick, more even and long lasting painting process for our precious abodes but also a more steady income to the painters who post one time investment in the tools, also profit from its efficiency and reduced clutter. He was spot on in helping us gain some thumb rules to calculate the Painting cost and many more such nuances which made the discussion quite interesting.

The idea of textured walls was already brewing in my head for my new home, the #BergerXP Way and it stays with me till today as I browse through the booklets given to us with the hamper at the end of the event. (My little one has already chosen one for his room too). The insight on the type of paints, when and where to use them and how heavy is which one on pocket was enriching too. We satiated all our queries before we moved on.
The second thing I love the most
After the Q&A, it was time to roll up our sleeves and engage in some hands on experience in sanding and then soil ourselves in paints and stainers to carve our masterpiece for the themed activity given. We brainstormed over some coffee and cookies and had crazy fun giving a shape to our thoughts on the canvas on the spirit of Mumbai.

I also owe a sincere note of gratitude to my lovely team members of Team “ShadesYantra” which comprised of 8 dynamic bloggers who had great experiences to share amidst crazy bursts of laughter.

 We used the tips given by Mr. Chandranath while practically explaining us about the paints and while we did all time I did take a sneak peak at the Impressive Home Painting Tools exhibited at the venue.

During the course of the discussions and activities I also learnt some other real Praise-worthy facts about this technology:

1.    Express Painting is 40% faster than traditional painting. Wow!

2.   It's no mess tools give sparkling long lasting results

3.   It is find by trained painters for efficient and better painting

4.   Most important! It keeps our house dust-free through its cutting-edge vacuum suction-enabled sanding machines

5.   All tools are certified and there is better coverage and smoothness guaranteed each time

6.   Hey and we get all this at no additional cost!

The afternoon had been so much fun, I had no idea how the time flew among such adorable friends and some real worthy hosts - the IndiBlogger and Berger Teams who have weaved it so well for us. It was truly wonderful and hats off to Berger Team for the soft and candid manner of their promotions with no false claims. We quickly gathered to click some group snaps as a keepsake for the warm moments which I am sure shall be etched on our hearts for a very long time.

A heartfelt thanks my dearest IndiBlogger guys, you truly rock...and did I say, I look forward to meeting you over and over again and get more techno surprises like Express Painting.

"Sometimes words fail a writer to express how elated he/she is..

To meet some precious gems and discover a new talisman to paint his/her new home perfect and vivid"
PC: IndiBlogger

Saturday, 4 February 2017

Treasuring the Pleasure of Scripting a Priceless Vacation with #MMTLuxuryStays

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Dreams are like vivid butterflies which spread the exuberance of their vibrant colours in your heart
And with profuse luck you land on portals like MMT which aid you in making those dreams come true
Letting those myriad colours spread their warmth in your life with so much love

I am born with wings and travel undoubtedly is my first love. Whether I need a stress buster or want to celebrate certain special occasions of our life with my little sonny or just to spend those coveted cozy moments with hubby darling, I always love flying down to my favourite luxury resorts and hotels for the awesome family time, fun, masti and rejuvenation. The idea of an impromptu vacation always excites me the most especially if I can club in surprise with it for a special someone and weave some precious memories of a lifetime with it...

This dates back to the time when hubby Dear was abroad for an official assignment and it was our longest separation by far of over a month . He was returning on a Friday and the fact that he had a small meeting in Delhi due to which he'll be reaching Pune a couple of days late was heart-breaking for me and my little munchkin who had been longing to hug dad. You know those dad-son's special punching and gaming-console moments ties, how much he was missing them.

I thought of scripting a little surprise for the two loves of my life and thus I immediately took to my favorite MMT (MakeMyTrip) website and looked for flights and #MMTLuxuryStays in NCR and my eyes fell on Hyatt Regency, Gurgaon who offered awesome suites as a great package during that period. With a strong instinct that it's sure going to be an awesome vacation at this exotic property, I immediate booked it with MMT's easy to navigate and best deals guaranteed App on my mobile.

Next morn we flew to Delhi and surprised daddy and sonny darling at the airport from where we drove to a perfect address of grandeur and comfort weaved seamlessly at Hyatt Regency to make the experience remain forever etched on your heart.

At the entrance, we were greeted with extreme warmth and prompt service and we were awe struck to see the visual extravaganza the reception offered. It was now my turn to get surprised, they offered to upgrade our room to King Suite for a nominal extra charge and some unlimited offers at the lounge for the special evening for the two of us. I guess they knew how to strike the right chords of our hearts and set the mood in and yes we were finally in our king suite. My precious half who has full trust both in me and his one stop destination for all his national and international travel and hotel booking needs since 2001, MMT that as always we would made the best of our resources and bought the most value for money deal, so no questions at all and only a gratification for my efforts with his soft million dollar smile when we reached this luxurious venue.

Our Suite was truly classy, exotic and huge with a personal Jacuzzi. The personalised experience which the suite offered stole my heart at the first glance. I was still admiring it when a warm hug by hubby from behind accentuated my emotions as this moment I was hugging him after what seemed a millennium. Our little buddy wanted some fun so we jumped on the bed and he enjoyed a couple of pillow fights with daddy dearest post which we decided to go for a swim.The swimming pool was vast with pristine blue waters and soaking in it helped us unwind.

Evening was a magical experience at their state-of-an-art lounge. It was a private time for the two of us and awesome food and drinks with a candid heart to heart tete-a-tete of how much we missed each other just brought us so much closer.Moments like these actually soothe your hearts with unparalleled warmth and love and we satiated our cravings for playing with each other's tresses and fingers(our Favorite pass time,oops) .

Picking our little peanut from the indoor games room we strolled across the facility, cracking jokes and bursting into laughter. For dinner we tried in room dining and it was difficult to zero down on the final order from the huge ala carte menu.The food was lip-smacking. They tried every bit to make it to our taste and when we found a dish little too spicy, the chef willingingly made fresh less spicy one for us. The courtesy they extended was impressive.. Love was truly in the air for us and probably for everyone around too.

Next morning Buffet was elaborate and we enjoyed it to the core from croissants to dosas, you name it and they had it. The head of this facility, a European guy,  I guess, personally walked up to us to check on if we were enjoying our stay and if he could do something to enhance our experience.

We told him it's absolutely nothing that we need further, expressing our gratitude profusely. Post this was fun at the huge Jacuzzi in our room while watching some timeless classics(my Favorite old songs, of course we can switch channels) which played on the LCD in the shower room. It was so relaxing and rejuvenating.

For the couple of days we stayed there, we still treasure the pleasure of each worthy moment of one of the most ideal mini vacation of our life at Hyatt Regency, Gurgaon trotting in and out of its Spa and fine dining, and we look forward to many more such stays there and at other awesome ones enlisted on our hot favourite forever, MMT.

And must I say with failing words to MMT, I express my gratitude
For being a trustable companion in planning every now and then those moments few
Which help us lay the strongest foundation of our relationships while also making our dreams come true
"I am blogging about my luxury stay experience for an activity at BlogAdda in association with MakeMyTrip

Friday, 3 February 2017

How this God's Chosen Child Loves Taking Chances

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I am God's chosen child for he is sure I can bear any amount of pain he confers me with and pass his most gruesome tests before he grants my wish which indeed he always does and so I always say I am his favourite, though it is not as simple as it sounds. I am many times at a verge of losing my faith in him as the cost that he asks for fulfilling my dreams is always heart-breaking. Why does he almost perennially land me in a Dilemma whenever life has just started to settle down a bit for me...?

Out of all this, the biggest takeaway is I have learnt to take chances, I calculate the risk involved in achieving something and take the plunge. For example, on account of his rural posting my banker dad sent me off to Birla Balika Vidyapeeth in Pilani to complete my schooling. Once I reached there I was aghast to witness that it was a rich men's Daughters Paradise with extraordinary extra-curricular but not much focus on studies for me to get real guidance to materialise my IIT Dream. When I called back dad he left the decision to come back and get admission to Hindi Medium Municipality School or take the risk and stay there and work hard the self study way. I took my chances and in due course realised that this esteemed educational organisation was instrumental in shaping my personality and laying the foundation of what I have become today.

As a teenager, this incident reinforced my belief that life is all about taking chances. It's great if you succeed but if you fail the experience enriches you many a times further. These experiences open new avenues for you in life and you can see far beyond your horizon.

When I gave up my career at its peak some years back , to embrace motherhood, I took my chances too but with the belief that if I have the talent I can bounce back any moment and if I don't there is no point hanging on for long.

And see what this lovely risk that I took gifted me, it not only bestowed on me the priceless moments of my little ones growing up but also for the first time in my life I got chance to embrace my first love of writing. The kind of satiation and kick my writings give me cannot be expressed in words and you know what it means when words fail a writer to express her overwhelming feelings. I have eventually found solace in writing and it won't be an exaggeration to say writing is like breathing to me. Any pain, any sorrow vanishes when I weave it in words and pour it out in my sacred space which I lovingly call - Truly Yours Roma , my blog that you are reading at the moment.

What do you think about #takingchances in life??

This post is written for the INDISPIRE Edition155 #TakingChances