Sunday 19 February 2017

My Apologies, My Little Bubble

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My Little Bubble,
Today your momma feels so feeble

For sometimes passing the false baggage of my dreams on you,
And not taking care of you'd like I always should

In a desire to make you a perfect child
                                I failed to see through your eyes

You were unwell and coughed through the night
Early morn I packed your heavy bag and bid you goodbye

You tried to take all the pressure on your fragile shoulders
Until my love, you couldn't take it further

Tears rolled down my eyes, seeing your plight
When you fell in my arms after 8 long hours at school, still trying to smile

Your warm body and watery red eyes made my heart numb
And my heart bled in repentance

In teaching you the strength of will power and determination
I burdened you with so many untimely aspirations

It is ok to see my reflection in you
But expecting you to be like me in everything is so cruel

For you are still my tiny bud barely a few weathers old
It still isn't the right time to focus your energies and let you not explore

In so much of discipline, I miss your priceless cuddles
Those toothless grins and carefree humming of jingles

For stealing away your childhood ounce by ounce
To you today, the apple of my eyes, mom apologises

Go spread your wings my tiny butterfly
Collect all the colours of rainbow in the sky...

(P.S. This straight from the heart piece is a request to all the parents not to burden their child with undue pressures at a tender age, rather let the tiny buds bloom)

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