Monday 13 February 2017

A Zillion Thanks Berger Paints India & Indiblogger for a Splendid Fun Afternoon with loads of fun and Paint Wisdom #BergerXP

"Some days make our lives all the more worthwhile
They etch on our hearts, some warm memories and some precious Smiles"
#BergerXP Indiblogger Meet : An afternoon to Cherish
7th Feb morn was truly special for me, I woke up to a special invite to the IndiBlogger #BergerXP Meet in Mumbai which meant a special fun-filled afternoon with all my lovely co-bloggers I have been reading, interacting and getting inspired from in the virtual world. I really looked forward to this one to meet so many of those priceless gems and the IndiBlogger Team Members who are known for their awesomeness, warmth and impeccable sense of humour, for the first time. Thus, I immediately accepted the invite even if that meant travelling all the way from Pune and I am so glad I did.

I was also excited to know more about the Berger Express Painting as my new home is about to get ready and as a techie with over a decade of experience in new product development, my hunger to apprise myself of the latest technologies no matter to which field they belong, is insatiable. May be I can take home some real good knowhow to paint our home sweet home all the more aesthetically wonderful.

I reached the venue- Vivanta by Taj in Mumbai, a little before time thanks to hubby dear who drove me all the way from Pune and even decided to babysit my little sonny. What followed were moments of ecstatic joy, meeting blogger buddies, taking innumerable pics and selfies,some candid heart to heart Tete-a-tete. It didn't feel like I met them for the first time. I also loved how the meet and greet and lunch was left open for all of us to discover everyone whichever way we wished. The bonhomie at the event was contagious and I secretly already loved being a part of it.

Post lunch as we settled down on our tables, Anoop took over the mike with a real sweet smile and welcomed us and I knew it was Anoop as I have seen his pictures and read about him innumerable times across so many blogposts of Indimeets and events. Spontaneous truly he was and he made us warm up with his altered version of Musical Chair where we danced our way through the chairs.
The fact that every time someone didn't find a chair he can click a selfie with, always ready to help Nihaal, only spread more smiles and warmth and also set the right mood to listen to Mr. Chandranath Bannerjee who is the Service Head of Berger Express Painting, next.
I liked the way he apprised us of his technology intellectually in an informal manner quickly striking a chord with our hearts overflowing with so many queries. It was a pleasure knowing from him how Express Painting is an Innovation which is here to stay. Not only does it guarantee a safe, dust-free, quick, more even and long lasting painting process for our precious abodes but also a more steady income to the painters who post one time investment in the tools, also profit from its efficiency and reduced clutter. He was spot on in helping us gain some thumb rules to calculate the Painting cost and many more such nuances which made the discussion quite interesting.

The idea of textured walls was already brewing in my head for my new home, the #BergerXP Way and it stays with me till today as I browse through the booklets given to us with the hamper at the end of the event. (My little one has already chosen one for his room too). The insight on the type of paints, when and where to use them and how heavy is which one on pocket was enriching too. We satiated all our queries before we moved on.
The second thing I love the most
After the Q&A, it was time to roll up our sleeves and engage in some hands on experience in sanding and then soil ourselves in paints and stainers to carve our masterpiece for the themed activity given. We brainstormed over some coffee and cookies and had crazy fun giving a shape to our thoughts on the canvas on the spirit of Mumbai.

I also owe a sincere note of gratitude to my lovely team members of Team “ShadesYantra” which comprised of 8 dynamic bloggers who had great experiences to share amidst crazy bursts of laughter.

 We used the tips given by Mr. Chandranath while practically explaining us about the paints and while we did all time I did take a sneak peak at the Impressive Home Painting Tools exhibited at the venue.

During the course of the discussions and activities I also learnt some other real Praise-worthy facts about this technology:

1.    Express Painting is 40% faster than traditional painting. Wow!

2.   It's no mess tools give sparkling long lasting results

3.   It is find by trained painters for efficient and better painting

4.   Most important! It keeps our house dust-free through its cutting-edge vacuum suction-enabled sanding machines

5.   All tools are certified and there is better coverage and smoothness guaranteed each time

6.   Hey and we get all this at no additional cost!

The afternoon had been so much fun, I had no idea how the time flew among such adorable friends and some real worthy hosts - the IndiBlogger and Berger Teams who have weaved it so well for us. It was truly wonderful and hats off to Berger Team for the soft and candid manner of their promotions with no false claims. We quickly gathered to click some group snaps as a keepsake for the warm moments which I am sure shall be etched on our hearts for a very long time.

A heartfelt thanks my dearest IndiBlogger guys, you truly rock...and did I say, I look forward to meeting you over and over again and get more techno surprises like Express Painting.

"Sometimes words fail a writer to express how elated he/she is..

To meet some precious gems and discover a new talisman to paint his/her new home perfect and vivid"
PC: IndiBlogger

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