Wednesday 22 February 2017

Songs That Make My Soul Smile 🎶🎶

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My life is soulless without music. In the moments when I need a real kick to walk out of my self imposed slumber, it's heart soothing music that almost invariably comes to my rescue and I love it the second most after my writing. Music caresses my soul like nothing else. I feel the songs and get immersed in them slowly drifting into my own world humming along with them for hours. Though there is no particular genre I prefer over the other, I definitely have my all time favourites which help me unwind and get back to myself ~ the smiley that I am...
This is a special post where I share with you 10(actually the list went upto 12,it is so difficult to choose) of my most most Favorite songs which are so me and which I can listen anytime, anywhere and any number of times . There are glimpses of my life in each one them and I love them to the core. Hope you'll enjoy them as much as I do.
1.    Jab Koi Baat Bigad Jaaye:  This is probably the song I have heard the most in my lifetime so far and I wonder hubby dear would have been really bored by now by the complacency in my expression of love. Every time someone asks me to dedicate a song to him, I can't think of anything else.

2.   Lag Jaa Gale: In my eyes, this is the most romantic song ever composed in the history of Indian Cinema which evokes pure love, passion and romance together weaved most intricately with a lot of warmth and musical nuances.
I close my eyes and I can feel it in the deepest corner of my heart. It satiates the romantic in me.

3.   Tumko Dekha to ye khayal Aaya : This one is peace to me. Pure, pristine, heart-touching music with lyrics that confer me with some sort of comfort and trust when things aren't going my way. I just love it!

4.   Soch Naa Sake: 'Tenu Itna mein pyaar karaan, ek Pal wich Sau Baar Karaan', I just love humming these lines and from the core of my heart real feelings emanate and I feel so happy. I think about my love, our rollercoaster life and silently feel grateful to have him in my life. I even plan to record this one in my own voice and surprise him on our anniversary next.

5. Tum Agar Saath Dene ka Waada Karo: I like this timeless classic for its simplicity and expression. I wish more music of this type is made in today's times too.

6.Mera Kuch Saamaan: One of Gulzar's forever best, this song has lovely shades and meaning difficult to comprehend by many yet so meaningful and deep. I relate to this song for decades now as its so unconventional like me in many ways.I always find some ounces of myself in this one. Beautiful Composition!

7. Dil Dhoonta hai (Bhupinder) : Find this one very consoling in everyday hustle bustle of life of today with no breathers in between. The calmness of Bhupinder's voice acts as a welcome respite whenever this one comes up on my shuffled playlist on Ipod. Another forever Favorite for me.

8.Ek Pyaar Ka Nagma Hai: I find this one adorable for the wisdom and melody it brings forth in the most candid way. 'Kuch Paakar khona hai, kuch khokar paana hai...' it gradually etches a lot of worthy lessons on our passive brain.

9. Kahin Door Jab Din: I really miss this kind of love expressions and feel in today's music sometimes. It talks and exudes warmth of timeless love, undoubtedly a true delight to the ears and balm to a loving heart.

10. Tera Saath hai kitna pyaara: Hahaha! This one's up in this list for this used to be our Bike song during our courtship days which we sang together, always. I still listen to it so often and it also is truly great music.

11. Bade Achhe Lagte hain : Have you ever been ears to music which has so much innocence in it that it warms your heart instantaneously. well, this song does this to me so often.

12. Main Tenu Samjhavan ki : I end my list with this modern day melody. A sweet piece. It plays across all radio stations during all our long drives and I just love hearing and humming it along with him :)

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