Tuesday 12 April 2016

Touch Me "K"not: Please Let me Marry When I am Ready for it

Isn't it funny that ever since a daughter is born in a household, most parents in India than not , worry of her marriage...Saving for her special day is what is on their mind most of the times...Earlier they even hesitated in putting their girls in good school for the fear of not being able to find a suitably or higher educated match later but fortunately that has changed now for the good...While parents now like to educate both their sons and daughters in the same school but what has not changed is their worry for getting their daughter married at the right age...majorly to avoid the awkward comments from the society😟... No matter how well read their daughter is or how much she has soared remarkably in her career, even the most broad minded parents give up under the societal pressure...and they ensure their daughter ties the KNOT...does anyone ever inquire what the girl wants?

"Kiran is one such Finance Executive who has risen to a top position in her career despite of hailing from a conservative joint family of a small town in Northern India.She lost her dad to Leukamia when she was really young and thereafter she has worked notch by notch to support her family and has reached where she is today...In her late thirties today she is quite happy and content .. she has a huge bunch of friends, some of them even her team members and they love to hang out together and enjoy life as it comes..She loves her independence and believes marriage is not for her! She is confident on her stand and her education has made her fall deaf ears to all the useless remarks the society hurls at her.....keeping herself busy and devoted to her work!

But this is not the same with her mother whom the relatives and acquaintances  hold guilty of not having married her daughter at the right age and isiliye wo hath se nikal gayi....Her mom is full of remorse for not being able to see her daughter in wedlock and she insists her day and night to settle despite it being very late...Kiran is sad to see her mom this way and feels immense pressure to marry so that her mom and society can be at peace."

What  about her peace...her like and dislike....isn't it her life...She has often told her mom that I will definitely tie the knot if I find someone who is like me and accepts me and my commitments like I accept him, until than please , "Touch Me Knot"..... But who's bothered what the girl wants😟 even if it's her life! What is the right age of marriage? Why do others decide it for her? Why is she not left alone to decide it for herself🤔? After all only she knows best , what makes her happy...

But the society we like in today doesn't agree...And I am again left with the same question, are we born only to marry and make babies no matter how high we soar high in the sky..It's we who have to take the plunge to fight out against all this and be the Face Of Change👍

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