Wednesday 13 April 2016

"L"ost Paradise : The Tale of an Indian Bride

"Shravanti was a chirpy young girl with not very big dreams....She was her parents only princess and was overtly pampered..they got her anything she kept her finger on..Soon her match was fixed to a suitable boy and she was elated to imagine about a life with the Prince Charming of his Dreams.

The wedding was a grand event and she looked like an angel clad in a golden turquoise lehenga...on this day she met her husband for the second day though they have exchanged letters😊...and he has indicated to her how his family is most important to him and he being the eldest had to take care of his four younger siblings and old parents...His love for his family made oodles of love and respect overflow from her heart for him.

Like a perfect daughter-in-law she has taken all the work of the household in her hands from the very next day.. Though she tried very hard as she has never mopped or cooked in her parents house, she could never really satisfy her mom-in-law. Despite of this she always gave her best to please all the members of the family...

All she craved for was a little attention, appreciation and love from her husband who entered their room often past 2 in the night after teaching his siblings and went out at about 6...there was hardly anytime to talk or share...if ever she expressed her desire to go out with him, he would softly mute her by saying that it doesn't look good to go out without taking thx little ones at home.. If ever he agreed, her mil would assign her some impending task!

In a week's time her husband was leaving for Jamshedpur where he worked and she was aghast to know that they have decided that she will not go with him so that she can take care of the family...She was all of 22 and all her dreams, her love, her desires were getting crushed under responsibilities .. She cared about everyone but no one ever thought about her..her dreams had no meaning now... It was a Lost Paradise for the young damsel..

For the next 5 years, her husband used to come every 3-6 months for a few days...She always waited for him, wore her prettiest saree but he somehow could never find time to give her that much needed few moments not deliberately but amidst all his responsibilities probably his wife was his least priority...

Her father-in-law was very sick and bedridden now and so her husband found a job in the city where they lived to take care of him...For the first time Shravanti enjoyed nearness of her husband a bit for months and they were blessed with a twins a boy and a girl..the only good thing probably that ever happened to her!

Otherwise she lead the life of a slave I mean literally,everyone in the family didn't even take a glass of water for themselves and she did it all 24X7 , cooking, washing , cleaning everything for them..despite of all this she could never really satisfy them particularly her mother-in-law who would always keep hurling inhuman comments on her...

It's been 25 years that she has been married but nothing has changed much...I was often agitated at her plight but she calmed me down  saying that she has embraced Perennial Silence so that there is peace and unity in family."

And I am muted too...but is it ok for her to lead such a desire less life with no self esteem and doing what others tell her so that everyone is happy?

Author's Note: This Post is a part of #AtoZChallenge 2016 under my theme #FaceofChange

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