Thursday 21 April 2016

"S"alary Saga : What if a Wife Earns more than her Husband

Preeti was a soft girl who knew nothing but to carve her way to her dreams with sheer passion, hardwork and resilience...patiently taking all the failures in her stride she has bridged the gap inch by inch between her what she was excellent at and what she still really needed to word hard upon ๐Ÿ˜Š

Being a single child who lost her mom early in life, she has made her dreams her best friend and God could not choose to neglect her any further...the meritorious student that she was,she soon got a wonderful job and started to enjoy every bit of it!

In due course of time , Cupid struck as she started to bask in the glory of her new found friendship in Aditya❤️ who was her colleague ...soon their friendship culminated into deep love and they married with the consent of their parents despite of this being an intercaste marriage๐Ÿ˜Š

Life was a bed of roses for the initial couple of years of their wedded life...they were a very understanding couple who swore to stay by each other in thick and thin..but things started to deteriorate thereafter on account of the building pressure from her in laws for making babies...Preeti prudently first convinced her husband then her in laws that she wished to grow further stronger in her career until the next 5 years before going the family way...Since Aditya was with her, his parents voices were suppressed which kept coming though but with quite a diminished intensity.

Holding firmly on her best friends, her dreams, she always amazed everyone with her astonishingly extraordinary much so that the management found her worthy oh being promoted to bring the DGM of the organisation...her salary too now became 2.5 times of before!

She was astoundingly ecstatic to hear this news, she ran to share it with Aditya who was equally elated and filled with pride...but probably for the last time as they were to soon taken place by Ego and Jealous!

It was so unfortunate that the fact that his wife earned more than him and that he now reported to him, did not go down well with Aditya.... This made him so uncomfortable with his wife at home too....while Preeti never behaved like a boss with him, Aditya was getting trapped in the vicious trap of his own ego, he has unnecessarily weaved for himself...

He chose to be extremely domineering and violent with her at home...She tried to talk to him, pamper him, appease him but all in vain... His parents further added fuel to the fire by supporting their son open and loud...

Preeti still loved him so dearly and kept bearing it all... For days she wanted to tell him that they must now plan a family and used to even imagine that how happy Aditya will be to hear this news and forget all his anger...but he never gave her a chance to speak her heart out now , in his violent streaks!

Had he spoken to him, she would have told him that he was more important for him than her job and that she would find one in any other organisation... Firming her stand, she wrote her resignation letter and went to talk to him but before she could show him her envelope, Aditya handed over another envelope to her!

It was a Divorce Letter...she did not want to speak any further and felt there's absolutely no need for her envelope in front of a man with such a small and sick mentality... She took the pen and signed it immediately..

Next day, in the office she sat again with her best friends, her dreams and promised herself that she will now never give them up for anyone , come what may!

I really wonder what went thru' Aditya's mind that transformed him from being such a loving and understanding husband to such a heartless guy......

Author's Note: This Post is a part of #AtoZChallenge 2016 under my theme #FaceofChange

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