Wednesday 20 April 2016

"R"ole Reversals : Behind every successful woman, their is a man too 😊

This dates to about a couple of months back when my kiddo insisted he wishes to take an extra chapati in his lunch box...I couldn't digest the fact as the meager eater that he is, this was the last thing he would desire...on my insistence he revealed that the extra chapati is for Sara who loves them but her father can only make sandwiches for her in the morning hurry!

He further told me from whatever he has assimilated as a 6 year old and what his friend Sara has shared with him...that Sara doesn't have mom and her dad only gets her and her younger sister ready and leaves and picks them from their school cum the night he bathes them, prepares dinner and make them finish their homework!

Since that day in ensured I packed an extra lunch box for Sara which she can even share with her younger sister in lunch time...but my impatient mind often wandered thinking about them ... While I found their dad a great human being , I really wanted to know what has happened to her mom...

It was my son's birthday and we have meticulously invited all his friends personally...When I called up Sara's dad I heard a real gentle voice from the other side... After the pleasantries were exchanged, he promised though he may be a little late but he will surely get he girls for party... I insisted that I pick and drop them as I didn't wish to bother him but he said it would be a pleasure and no botheration for him!

In the evening all the kids arrived while we waited a bit for Sara before cutting the cake and she did arrive shortly with her younger sister as per her dad's promise, both beautifully dressed... He asked us to ping him when the party is over so that he can come n pick up the girls as he would be nearby only...realising that he would be waiting downstairs, we requested him to attend the party which he willingly accepted!

My hubby and he chatted and made great company to each other while I was busy with kids the next couple of hours time almost flew and I was happy and content that the kids had great fun ...Sara's dad was such a sport, he clicked some awesome celebration pictures and even helped us serve the little ones πŸ‘Œ

After the dinner when we were bidding goodbye to everyone, I could not contain myself any further and inquired Sara's dad about her mom...what I heard next soothed my heart and soul beyond compare probably more because I came to know she was alive😊...

He told us that his wife was a leading doctor who is heading a research scientists' team in Australia for bringing out the non surgical medicine for cancer and thus needed to be their for a couple of years till the research is over....It was a lifetime opportunity for her as well as it was for the betterment of the humanity, so he really motivated her to accept the assignment... He also told us, while she was away he did not want the girls to miss their mom, so he had temporarily accepted the twin role of being both their mom and dad!

It was truly a pleasure hearing such words from him for his wife and children...I have heard of wives doing this so that their hubbies fulfill their dreams but this was a true Role Reversal and such a wonderful example for the society πŸ™

Now we can proudly day, Behind every successful woman, there's a Man too😊😊 !!

Author's Note: This Post is a part of #AtoZChallenge 2016 under my theme #FaceofChange

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