Friday 22 April 2016

"T"ime Imbroglio: Why does Age Always run out in everything, only for Girls ??

In India, sadly it is embossed on our brains right from birth that if we are a girl, time is running out of us for probably everything and if we are late, there is something undoubtedly gonna go wrong with us...
-Sneha why are you sleeping so late, what will your future inlaws say... They will feel your parents haven't reared you well enough!

-Sneha, you must be back home before it is dark... It is not safe for girls to stay out late!

-Finish up your games early and be home before dad comes back..

And Sneha wondered why all this did not apply to his brother Sameer...why only all her activities were time bound!  She questioned it a couple of times but never got a real satisfactory answer...

She wasn't given an extra year either to prepare for engineering as she would run out of age for marriage and if that happens what wily the society say...

She now began to believe all her dreams had no meaning and having seen that since childhood thought probably this is how things are!

She was married in her early twenties but it was her husband who changed her was her first morn with him in their apartment when Sneha cautiously got up early and she was about to get up, bathe and make tea and breakfast for hubby dear as taught my mom, someone pulled her in was Shreyas...without opening his eyes he told her to catch some more sleep as she may be tired after the long wedding ceremonies😊.

She was also repeated instructed to obey her husband and so she got back in the bed but somehow felt comfortable to the fact that there is someone who does not have an objection to her sleeping late...she has known little about Shreyas thru the emails that they exchanged but now she felt an instant connection with the man she was only married yesterday❤️

They got up at around 10 and he asked her to get ready.... In the meantime he made breakfast for both of them...she was surprised firstly because she had never seen her in kitchen and second she assumed that Shreyas might be thinking that she doesn't know how to cook.... She felt so angry of herself and tried giving all explanations when she was interrupted by him and asked to relax... He said that he made breakfast because he loves cooking and will always do so on weekends...

She was getting bowled over in admiration to his goodness and was slowing falling in love with him❤️... She loved the fact that she was finding a friend in him and they loved and respected each other alike😊!

His love made her confident and opened a new window of hope, trust and self-belief for her...she started dance classes for small kids from her home, which did really well👌... Dancing was her passion and she was very fond of kids and thus she enjoyed the time she spent with the tiny tots to the core!

In next couple of years she even started a mini dance studio for little kids and was doing well both on personal and professional worlds...all was well when one day she called me in a hush hush asking me if she had run out of age for having children...She said that her mother has been calling her that she has been really careless in this regard and she should not be late in this...undeniably , she loved children but were she and Shreyas ready to take on this responsibility?

Though this decision should have been only there's everyone else was bothered....Why? It was not the biological clock that was running out for her than why the societal clock.  Does not having a baby despite of being married for 5 years means there is a medical problem or a problem in their relationship... Utter nonsense...She felt so damn buried under the time pressure on every thing since her birth....

Author's Note: This Post is a part of #AtoZChallenge 2016 under my theme #FaceofChange

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