Tuesday 5 April 2016

"E"nd of Roads sometimes marks a New Beginning

"It was my tiny peanut's first day to kindergarten and I felt really vulnerable to send him to a new environment and a new care taker...As I parked the car outside the school and took heavy steps towards the school gate, my anxiety soared...For a moment I regretted my decision oh sending him to a play school so early at 2...engrossed in these thoughts I reached the inside of the premises...that's when I saw bright lady advent towards me..she greeted me warmly and took my boy from my arms most lovingly!

My connection with her was instant for she was a wonderfully graceful and affectionate teacher...Patience and wisdom were her virtues.. Her divine smile made my heart relax a bit...

I didn't realize it than, that we will grow up to be the closest of friends in very little time...for me, she has embodied perfection as mom of 2 diligent boys and a caring wife who even gave her husband a massage for his backache in the morn amidst all the hustle bustle of an early routine of teachers of finishing the house cores, stuffing multiple tiffins and rushing out on time....All in all she was a noble soul...

But what she hid from me for long was the fact that she was married to a psychopath, an absolute weird creature not in control of his emotions ...she had been entrapped by life with this man who loved her one moment and the very next battered her and her little children inhumanly...though she always lived out of the fear of what would happen the next moment, she had accepted her fate and resorted to teaching in which she found solace..

However, she could not hide her bruises from me for long...also, she never accepted any of my argument for walking out of such a marriage and always took her husband'a side stating that he has such mood swings because his parents had an abusive marriage and thus he has had a painful childhood... She bore all the tortures quietly and accepted everything her husband said including what to wear and whom to talk to.

Her parents knew her agony but had two more daughters to marry so they chose to stay neutral. She also feared that being a teacher she'll not be able to shoulder the financial responsibility of rearing her kids, thus accepted the charring of her soul by the sinful beast, whose love too she hated now!

She believed this was end of roads for her until one day in a fit of anger her husband pushed their 2 year old son against the wall... The child got severely hurt and her elder son went in a state of trauma seeing his little brother in blood pool...that was the day she decided to call it a Quit...forever... And mark the beginning of a new journey!

It was truly immense courage on her part and she is still fighting for separation from the man she has selflessly loved for 10 years but she and her kids are happy in their space now ....A perfect teacher that she always was, she teaches at school and takes tuition in the evening to make both ends meet.... She also runs a batch for poor children free of cost....Life is not a bed of roses but atleast they are not pricked by thorns each day...Also, she now has the confidence to turn the tide of time in her favour under all circumstances...

My heart goes out to her every time I meet her or think of her and we still remain the best of friends... Despite of so much pain, she never misses to spread her most beautiful smile as wide as river Nile!"

Why does men choose to treat women as their slaves?

Does having a painful childhood due to their parents abusive marriage gives them a license to do the same to their wife and kids too or it should be vice versa?

It's time to raise our voice ladies and be the Face of Change.... It's miles to go before we sleep!!

Don't Batter your Wife..
Respect her Pride..

Aid her Stand on her own Feet..
Lead by example, practice what you Preach.. 

Our little children mimic what we do..
what seeds today we sow, we'll reap all life thru'

Author's Note: This Post is a part of #AtoZChallenge 2016 under my theme #FaceofChange
In the 26 days of this coveted challenge, I am going to precisely talk about the need of Women Rights and Liberation as despite of them, working shoulder to shoulder with man in all walks of life, Crimes against Women and Gender Inequality are the two menaces which are still destroying the foundation of Peaceful Happy Co-existence in our society (in most Asian countries).

Herein, I shall be narrating real life stories of Indian Women, how their souls are charred each day and how they still dread the patriarchal society which always treats them as the lower and inferior sex
My earnest endeavor is, these posts reach the maximum people and serve an eye opener to the perpetrators of inhuman crimes against Women...My heart would be in peace, even if I succeed partially in this mission of mine!

Trust we will be connected straight from the Heart, in this journey for a cause and be the FACE OF CHANGE...

Do come back tomorrow to yet another eye-opener true tale!

-Truly Yours Roma

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