Monday 4 April 2016

"D"are to Defy The Destiny

Women are epitomes of unparalleled Will Power...they absolutely aren't desolate creatures (as perceived by many) and once they decide to raise their voice, there is no looking back for them, no matter how tough is the road ahead...This article is the true tale of one such inspirational woman, in her own words.....

"I am Dhruvi...I am a Speech Therapist and reside in Delhi... Near the same orphanage where my parents abandoned me when I was really tiny...probably because I stammered and they worried if they would ever be able to marry me off...I missed them a lot but didn't know the way to my house! I often cursed Destiny that why it struck me...

My orphanage people were good...we were given food and education...As a small child I soon got accustomed to the life there... I loved to study and books became my best friend...Sister Gomes always managed to get some for me and other kids from the grants she received to run the child care centre...She loved me and I assisted her in every possible way! There were challenges but I had settled when Destiny struck again....

I was 12 and needed to shift to orphan girls hostel as per the rule there...Destiny has orphaned me once again!

In this girls hostel I spent the worst years of my life...we were kept like animals and made to work like dogs...we were tortured and our self respect was charred and crushed to pieces every night....All requests and pleas to the authorities fell in deft ears...My soul could now not take any more wounds...This is when the first thoughts of Daring to Defy the Destiny first arose in me...after all what worse could happen to me now?

And then one day I ran away from there, with all my might! I reached out to sister Gomes who gave me the contact number of a friend of mine who regularly visited me on orphanage... I stayed in her house for a few days and got a job in a cooperative with the help of her dad.

I summoned the broken pieces of my self respect and embarked on this new journey...soon, I resumed my studies...I always wanted to be a doctor that too a speech therapist who could give free treatment to poor girls so that they are not left by their parents on the garbage bin...

There was no looking back thereafter ... I worked hard almost 22 hours a day and stayed focused to my dreams... 13 years later today , I am what I always wanted to be because I dared to defy the destiny!

And I am glad I did... The road wasn't easy....but today when I glance into my daughter's eyes, my soul feels satiated and all the pain vanishes in a flick of a second..

Don't kill your daughters...

Don't Abandon your girl child...

They are God's Sweetest Gift to us..
The most lovely reason to Smile..

Embrace them with all your heart
And be the Face of Change Proud "

Author's Note: This Post is a part of #AtoZChallenge 2016 under my theme #FaceofChange
In the 26 days of this coveted challenge, I am going to precisely talk about the need of Women Rights and Liberation as despite of them, working shoulder to shoulder with man in all walks of life, Crimes against Women and Gender Inequality are the two menaces which are still destroying the foundation of Peaceful Happy Co-existence in our society (in most Asian countries).

Herein, I shall be narrating real life stories of Indian Women, how their souls are charred each day and how they still dread the patriarchal society which always treats them as the lower and inferior sex
My earnest endeavor is, these posts reach the maximum people and serve an eye opener to the perpetrators of inhuman crimes against Women...My heart would be in peace, even if I succeed partially in this mission of mine!

Trust we will be connected straight from the Heart, in this journey for a cause and be the FACE OF CHANGE...

Do come back tomorrow to yet another eye-opener true tale!
-Truly Yours Roma

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