Monday, 30 November 2015

A Mother's Instinct to render Special Care and Protect her Munchkin's Soft Skin

So Adorable and Precious my Baby, you are to me...
I will do anything to give you nothing less than what is #softestforbabyskin...
I will always cradle you gently until you fall asleep in mamma's arms...
And Protect and Pamper you with all my love and Warmth!

Motherhood is undoubtedly the most divine experience for every Mom..where God confers on her a special power to caress and protect their tiny bundle of joy, even during her deep sleep!

I used to be such a nervous cocoon till my sonny was born always worrying if I would be a good mother to my child... What if I make a mistake ?? But miraculously all my dilemmas vanished at the first glance of my sunshine in the labor room and transformed me to a confident Mom!

My Mantra of taking the best care of my little peanut ever since have been guided by pure instincts of a mother....and I have meticulously planned the regime for my angel to protect his soft skin through a mom's healing touch and her trusted products....I enumerate my 5 point program for the same below:

1: Soft, absorbent and right sized diapers : First things first, hygiene and infection-free have been high on my agenda always...from day one I have trusted the soft, comfortable and highly absorbent Pampers( Oops Diapers,the term is interchangeably used in our house always)whose size zero rendered the same tender mamma's care to my new born as his mom herself ....Using the right size diapers according to the weight range of the baby is extremely critical and vital in it's ability to keep our baby dry and his skin soft...Infact, Pampers brings you the softest ever Pampers Premium Care Pants. It's cotton-like softness is #softestforbabyskin and allows it to breathe, thus keeping baby's skin soft and healthy and your baby happy.

2: Comfortable Soft Clothing washed in Antiseptic: Never overdress a child or adorn him/her in fancy irritable outfits as they may stifle our little one's comfort and harm his delicate soft skin...I Always use very soft fabrics for my little one and wash it gently with antiseptics before every use, to keep my munchkin happy and healthy...These small measures may sound trifle but are extremely significant to protect our little buddy's soft skin!

3: Gentle Olive Oil Massage: Massages not only relaxes the baby they are extremely vital as they nourish and soothe the ever growing baby skin of our little peanut, thus keeping it soft and our cutie delighted..I give my little boy olive oil massages thrice a day and he enjoys it to  the core!

4: Lukewarm water bath using Ayurvedic non chemical baby soaps : Our Mammamia-Baby Bathy Times are the most lovely part of our day where I prefer natural soaps or ingredients from my kitchen to bathe my little one as they are chemical free and enriched in the goodness of mother nature, to render perfect care and protection for the gentle skin of my baby!

5: Sanitizing baby Crib, mattress and all toys at regular intervals : A Healthy baby is always a happy baby and nothing pleases a mom's heart than his elated cooing and grins...and thus it becomes absolutely imperative to protect him/her from skin infections through germs on his/her bedding, toys and every other stuff.To do this, I habitually wipe all the things that come in contact with my baby with a disinfectant and sanitiser at regular intervals....Don't forget to rinse the baby's bed linen and pillow covers in disinfectant too post washing it!

These small moves, dear mommies, form the lifeline of protection of our little one's soft skin...Follow them and your motherly instincts religiously ......

After all our cute little bundle of joys deserve all the love and  PAMPERS!!

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Thursday, 26 November 2015

Smitten by Smartphone Technology, We Technocrats now live manifold Smarter and Merrier

I Love life and live it to the fullest like there is no tomorrow..Also, I feel deeply blessed to have born in this dynamic era of smart technologies which add so much fun and support to our everyday lives...However,I was not been this badly smitten by the technology charm until a little while ago, when an experience of a lifetime made me such a devoted and updated #Technocrat !
..... It was the dark chilli night in Almhult , Sweden and I missed him so so much... I have been here for an assignment with Ikea of Sweden but that day on Karvachauth my mind drifted to his thoughts time and again..This was the first time in our happy married life, I have been away from my precious half on this day of so much significance to us... His smiling face kept revolving in front of my eyes... I have been without a morsel of food and a drop of water since morn and there was no way I could see the moon in that snowy night there to perform the fast closing rituals... I felt so morose , so pain struck and so lonely as my moon, my hubby darling , too wasn't with me and I missed his warmth and care to the extend no words can ever describe....chill and hunger ran down my spines as I paved my way lifelessly to my hotel room from work, barely managing to hold back my tears!
That was exactly when I felt life in my palm.. It was the vibrator of my phone... I glanced at it with the excitement and innocence of a baby only to see my love's pic flashing as he has called me ... Words fail me to describe how happy I felt to speak to him thanks to the smarter technology these days ! My Smartphone appeared to be my bestest friend at that moment and the seeds of my deep admiration to technology were planed firmly that day :)


But folks this was not the end of my "mere piya Gaye Rangoon, wahan se kiya hai telephun", tale, there is a modern day version to it fact this was Just the beginning!!
So as I poured my heart to hubby dearest, stating how heart-broken I was due to my inability to witness moon and him on Karvachauth.... he gave me his usual grins promising me that he needs exactly 30 minutes to fulfill all my wishes.... I knew he always kept his promises so super elated I rushed to dress up into my wedding trousseau which I have always worn on my karvachauths and have carried all the way from Gurgaon to Frankfurt to Copenhagen to Almhult with so much love❤️❤️
In next 20 mins, I was united with him across boundaries across oceans thanks to our Smarter Bestie again -our beloved SmartPhones... Yes in the before time Skype Call from him, I saw him with his priceless smile as beaming as ever, the beautiful spotless moon through the window and the Pooja Table lead with all the Pooja preparations done so impeccably...Teary eyed with joy, gratitude and love alike, we together performed the Pooja as he played the multimedia karvachauth vrat katha files in the backdrop...after it he made me drink and eat as if he was sitting near me... And we talked and laughed endlessly that night to our heart's content...The admirable 4G network gave us those priceless uninterrupted moments, forever etched on our hearts❤️❤️!


And since that day started my deep rooted love affair with the smartphone technology for I now knew what a perfect solution it meant to all your worries and can be your best partner in situation umpteen...I remember how it guided me from Airport to my hotel room in snow covered Vienna at 2 a.m. through it's Maps or helped me get into the right intercity trains in different countries!It won't be an exaggeration to say that this technology has turned some of my nightmarish experiences into beautiful memories!
As time has elapsed, my smartphone has become my 24X7 companion..right from going through the headlines, to taking a quick glance of the office mails on the move or catch up on social media, and most of all in keeping myself updated of the global trends and other vital information for my blog, my always updated, smartphone aids me multitask thanks to it's all powerful Octacore Processor!Whether it's a educational project or birthday party theme search for my little sonny or shop for an anniversary gift for darling hubby or capturing pics of our wonderful times together, my capable Android phone makes it all just a swipe away! I can truly say that me , my hubby and my little sonny today are a happy #technocrats family who use technology to make our life smarter and merrier with ample of quality time for each other ❤️❤️
On a wider perspective , the smartphone technology is in my eyes, the most potent tool to help our nation and it's youth(like me) evolve and march steadfast towards there multi-faceted growth and development and infact it is doing so, by leaps and bounds and the best indicator to this fact is that the 10th largest smartphone manufacturer around the globe is from India- Micromax!! And each Indian like me is indeed proud of it! I am an ardent fan of Micromax Smartphones for years now, owing to the fact that their fully loaded , most advanced versions too come at a very pocket friendly price..Something that gives me the privilege of updating to latest technology from time to time without burning a hole in my pocket!
Another Buzzword of this generation is #HighlyPersonalized, we go miles to pimp out our phones to our fantasies, to make customized mobile covers or even have a made to order/request ringtone from our favorite artist and I am one of those freaks too...
My unending love and admiration for my smartphones now keeps me on toes to always surf ,discover and crave for the latest and the most advanced one - weather it's a new Android Marshmallow phone or a miraculously new more capable camera, my heart skips a heartbeat every time it spots a new one :D....and Yeah, going to from where I started, we thus have a new Karvachauth custom at our home now - As a Karvachauth gift, every year, I now receive the latest smartphone , from hubby darling!! So now we #Technocrats, #TravelBindass and still remain #Togetherforever and #mostupdated thanks to the worthy #SmartphoneTechnology :) :)

I trust you enjoyed the read, Folks!! Stay Smart, today and Buy Smartphones!! 

-Truly Yours Roma

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Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Heartbroken : Seeking Nonbelligerent Co-existence for Humanity

(written on 14th November, in the aftermath of Paris Attacks)

So much heart broken I am today, no words can ever display my dismay...
While I was busy narrating some lovely tales to the kids on Children's Day....

In another part of the world, some cynical fanatics were recklessly killing innocent souls
Gruesome Terrorism, all in the name of fake Religious Goals!

They have shaken the world by their heinous massacre,
I wonder how they face their mother after tearing apart another Mother's heart !

Giving chronic wounds to humanity with their heart-wrenching gruesome acts...
Sorry we'll never forgive you, until you cease the war within yourself and grant us our peace back !

Time and again, my heart goes out, to the beautiful Paris city...
and it's beautiful people, whose souls are today charred and bleeding...

To you our dears, we wish to say, we are with you in your pain and grief ...
May the souls of your loved ones, rest in Peace!

But it's also time that we stand up in unison against their threat...
And put forth the message we are "Not Afraid" !

United we stand against them all....
Heartbroken yet full of Will Power!

Let each one contribute in his/her own way..
by not being scared and challenging the inhumane!

It's time we make a vehement promise...
to ourselves, to weave infallible strength out of our tears!

Let all we peace-loving people be the torchbearer against terrorism globally...
And thus, together we can and we will, seek Non-Belligerent Co-existence for Humanity!!
I am #BloggingforPeace with my fellow bloggers, urging everyone to be the face of change in his/her own way!

Wednesday, 18 November 2015

This #MadeofGreat Angel from God deserves a Salute from entire Mankind

Good Morning My Precious Friends and Readers,

As promised in my last post, Tata Motors confers on me the rare opportunity to Pay a Heartfelt Tribute to my Mentor, " #MadeofGreat ", this is my second "Straight From The Heart Tribute" under the series #MadeofGreat ( A worthy Campaign by Tata Motors) : To my best friend of a lifetime, who is truly made of Steel! 

Yes, This Blog-post is about the true story of one abandoned little Girl, on whom the biggest atrocity of fate was that she knew the reason why parents have left her alone in this cruel world...

[P.S.My association with Mother Teresa's Child Care Homes dates back to my childhood....And as I have grown up, my connection to the lovely kids out there, has grown Fonder and Deeper..I clearly remember, for umpteen number of years now, my heart has been filled with empathy for all those lovely damsels, whose so called near and dear ones abandoned them on the path of life...It is so heartbreaking that they just leave their tiny tots outside the child care center and flee,sometimes even dump them on garbage bins and so many other pathetic places..I don't doubt the circumstances in which they chose to throw away the most beautiful part of their life but I do believe them have possessed the most dis-compassionate hearts.for they have mauled and ruined the childhood and innocence of their little one Forever...]

Her name is Miara....And at a tender age of 5 her mom and dad (I don't know if it is right to call them so ) have abandoned her on the roads of Agra City, Mercilessly. And dear Readers can you guess for what grave Fault of my tiny darling.... ??

Her gravest crime in her parents' eyes was that she stammered (a speech disorder) and so they will not be able to marry her off some day...What pity, when in India they would stop considering a Girl Child a burden to be meant to be transferred to someone else thru' marrying...Anyways , I never found my Miara problematic, I rather felt her parents were sick, really sick .... For My sweet Miara, was such an adorable child, she always hid all her sorrows in a locked corner of her heart and kept smiling gloriously...She had a beautiful smile which was enough to wash away all sorrows of the world....She was a real darling of everyone in the orphanage always ready to help others.

My little Miara, loved studying and she was undoubtedly a sharp kid...and so the Child Care Centre authorities ensured she was  given a fair chance in the means of what was possible for them...Though I always felt like family in this Mother Teresa Center in Agra, with all the awesome kids out there...I always felt a little more closer to Miara....She was a few years younger to me, but the harsh world, has made her grow up prematurely....As far as I was concerned at that point of time, I always saved all my Pocket Money to buys Gifts for them on Diwali and Holi....And my Dearie Miara always informed me in advance what she really needs, as she knew her means and resources were really limited.Our Fondness for each other soon culminated into a sweet and deep Friendship of a lifetime.

My Friend Miara,was also extremely nice and caring ...I have never seen her uttering a word of complaint to the Almighty or to her parents...But I knew she was extremely traumatized behind her beautiful smile, as wide as river Nile... Every Single Moment she worked towards her Sole Ambition of overcoming her Weakness of Stammering, which she considered a curse of a lifetime on herself...She read a lot of books on speech therapy and wanted to become a Doctor...She would often tell me she wanted to set an example to others and give a lesson to fellow parents that they should not be playing with a Child's emotions for a Trifle cause like this....She was not able to forgive her parents.

But her road was tough extremely tough, tougher than anyone would believe for an orphaned girl.As she turned 14 she had to move out of the Child Care Centre to a Charitable Trust's Girl Hostel...In sometime she figured out that this place was nothing short of a hell..This was a totally corrupt place with unending atrocities on abandoned Adolescent Girls...My Miara really did not know what to do and where to go....until one day, realizing that all her dreams were dieing an unnatural death, she ran away from the hostel..............ran with all her might.

For a while after that she came to stay with us...This is when for the first time, I saw her going weak in her knees both emotionally and physically, under severe pressure engulfing her from all directions and burying her in deep despair and vehement unbearable torture...I was so hurt by my dear friend's sadplight that I seeked my dad's intervention..My dad fetched her a decent job in an All Women's Cooperative Society and with this began a new chapter in the life of my dearest Miara.

She started to work extremely hard both at her job and in studies...Her hardwork did not go in vain...In due course of time she got selected in the medical entrance examination...There was no looking back...On account of her merit, her fees was borne by an Education Trust...Step my Step she now achieved various Well-deserved Milestones in her life...

Today several years later, she is a leading Speech Therapist of Appolo Chain of Hospitals and A leading Social figure fighting for Female Child Rights...My best Friend till date and a lesson to infinite others, she is a remarkable woman indeed #MadeofGreat...Her extreme will and determination became her profound weapons to achieve her goals in life...

I feel privileged and overwhelmed to have this great human being in my life... 

With failing words, I salute this #MadeofGreat Wonder and the Woman Power !!!!!!!!!!

Here's a little reverie i coined for her, straight from the heart:

My Sunshine,

For all the pain, you buried in your heart, and made it your power
You are indeed #MadeofGreat!!

For forgiving the mankind, for all its crimes and walk past them them in time,
You are indeed #MadeofGreat!!

For making your weakness, your biggest strength today,
You are indeed #MadeofGreat!!

For your optimism and grit, in life's worst phase,
You are indeed #MadeofGreat!!

For setting an example and being an inspiration for zillion others,
You are indeed #MadeofGreat!!

Thankyou for illuminating my life with your wisdom and warmth...You are indeed my most precious asset my friend! It's your self belief and ability to leave no stone unturned to seek excellence in everything that you, that I bow down to.

Also,I deeply thank Tata Motors for giving me the opportunity to pen down my heartfelt reveries to the #MadeofGreat of my life...They primarily could conceptualize such a worthy initiative because they themselves are #MadeofGreat and value and honour the greatness in others as is evident from their collaboration with the great, the legendary , the Iconic Lionel Messi....Both Tata's and Messi themselves are great apostles of Excellence and Self-belief too...Am Absolutely in awe of this Worthy Collaboration!

                                                                          -Truly Yours Roma

About the #MadeofGreat Campaign: 

The #madeofgreat campaign is the first time Tata Motors is undertaking an overall brand association campaign with a brand ambassador. It rides on a strong consumer motivation of ‘Seeking Excellence’ and ‘Self Belief’ which is showcased by the confluence of two global brands-Tata Motors and Lionel Messi. The campaign builds upon Tata Motors’ DNA of trust, authenticity, reliability, simplicity, as well as its commitment to innovation.

Lionel Messi is talent galore with conviction and is an icon for today’s youth. He is a winner who is trustworthy, reliable, pioneering, simple and driven by self-belief, which is what is at the core of Tata Motors as well. Thus, proving to be an ideal fit for the role of Global Brand Ambassador.​

You can logon to ,to know more on this Worthy Campaign!

-Truly Yours Roma

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Sunday, 15 November 2015

Tata Motors confers on me the rare opportunity to Pay a Heartfelt Tribute to my Mentor, " #MadeofGreat "

Emotions and Pride run down my veins alike,
As I think of the great men who illuminated my life!!
Words fail me to express my gratitude to them,who taught me face life headstrong,
Today and Always,I bow my head in reverence to these #MadeofGreat Veterans!!
Yes, dear Readers, so much I believe, that life is remarkable, life is precious, life is demanding and yeah life is a beautiful journey with umpteen meaningful and worthwhile experiences! These experiences which we have with different sets of people, with varied idiosyncrasies, indeed make us or break us...Both good and bad experiences, both harsh and supportive men/women give us lessons of a lifetime!! Among these are some few people #MadeofGreat , who through their prudent wisdom and unparalleled passion for life, lead by example and mentor you, hone you, aid you carve out your niche and be your guiding light!!Isn't it ??

Breaking stereotypes is indeed me..always...since birth I guess when my granny has almost abandoned me on a waste bin for being a girl child...I had always trudged the difficult roads of life but have been lucky enough to have paved my way successfully through them thanks to several great people who touched my life at it's various stages and have been my support system....Staying with them has enriched me rather the mankind...they are undoubtedly #MadeofGreat !! Infact I feel blessed that Tata Motors gave me this precious opportunity to pay my tribute to them in my this and coming blog-posts under the series #MadeofGreat...
Tata Motors And Lionel Messi both #MadeofGreat
I begin my journey of appreciating and felicitating these GREAT MEN,with a candid "Straight from the Heart Reverie" to my Professional Mentor Mr. Vivek Gautam, My divine light, the person whose words and principles are forever etched in my heart!! The core values imbibed by him in me form the backbone of my 10 year long successful career stint...Here goes the true tale of finding this Gem and his worth in my life!
I was on Cloud 9, when one of the Top organisations in India, Campus selected me at a whooping package, after the rigorous 4 rounds of placement...Determined as I always was and fresh out of my engineering college, I was beaming in excitement and positive energy and wanted to top it with immense hard-work(which has always been my core strength) to lay a strong foundation for my professional goals...
Can't be more true!
I wanted to put that little extra to any ordinary work, to make my work extraordinary also because I knew I was the only female GET in a large herd of male mechanical/ automobile engineer colleagues! Initially the picture at work seemed rosy and I was learning and delivering by leaps and bounds but soon the bias started becoming evident..I feel its absolutely imperative to mention here that the bias was not because of an ill-will but because most male bosses still fell into the trap of protecting a female and giving her soft jobs...this broke my heart...soon my zeal and passion towards my work and excel started to fade...though I did get my share of appreciation, I still felt dis-satiated in the journey from ordinary to extraordinary...
However, having fought so many odds in life, I am sure you have read my autobiography Destiny's Chosen Child expressed through the character Anna, I was not the one to give up! I wanted to give the system a strong fight to prove my mettle, when my parents fixed my marriage in another city...
In this city, during my first job interview post marriage, on the other side of the table, I saw a young gentleman whose eyes spoke volumes of his character...He was Mr. Vivek Gautam, the HOD of the department I may be placed if I got selected..A mere glance of his filled my fading heart with a lot of optimism! He did select me and gave me a perfect launch pad...I felt like wet clay with him who wanted to mold me into his masterpiece..He devoted a lot of time in training me, apprising me of working ethics, and highlighting the significance of doing things by one's own hands and I always impressed him with putting in that little extra in whatever task he assigned me...It infact felt so special if I satisfied him...Thanks to his setting my basics right I could later work at Japan, Thailand and across different countries in Europe in my later career....For reasons more than one, which I try to enumerate below, he is indeed #MadeofGreat......
• Having risen from scratch to perfection, toiling for long hours in sun, polishing himself of each skill set, he is definitely #MadeofGreat WillPower...something he brushes on you hard when you come in contact with him!
• Always nurturing his team and taking care of them like his own children, he is certainly #MadeofGreat Care and Warmth!He taught me the significance of personal relations with everyone in your professional life..I may sound ironic but most people in my shoes will not negate it!
Mr. Vivek Gautam with his Sons
• Always believing in the fact that there is absolutely no substitute for hard work and discipline, he is truly #MadeofGreat Dedication and Perseverance...I have seen him meeting deadlines in high fever, to keep up his professional commitments, so much he has Lead us by Example!
• Although a little man of weak health, he is #MadeofGreat Steel which never submitted to material power..No shortcuts or lucrative personal favours by suppliers and customers made him adapt dishonest ways! Infact, I learnt how to maintain the most balanced distance when at allied facilities during my external meetings with him!
• A meticulous planner and a voracious executor that he is, beyond all doubt he is #MadeofGreat Vision...Under his leadership the JV registered multifold growth and top spots...I have learnt the beautiful cascading of roles from top to bottom from him!
• He is a great believer who is #MadeofGreat Leadership.... He places his trust in his people strongly...He does not shoo away from giving big responsibilities to them and interferes and guides as and when required...He allowed us to make mistakes but on condition that we dont repeat it !
• Office Politics could never touch this man as he is #MadeofGreat Justice to one and a career span of 10 long years across several Global Giants, I have never seen such a transparent man...For him aright is always a right and a wrong a wrong..he somehow never fiddled in the grey..I remember him giving me a straight A+ within 6 months of my joining which was against the company policy of always giving a B+ to a new recruit but he always backed his judgement with such meticulous workings that no one could ever defy him !
• Most of all, I admire him for being #MadeofGreat Humility...One can never make out from his demeanor of his position in hierarchy and the fact that he is the Brightest Young Achiever in the Organisation...He is soft, sweet and calm in his behavior and prefers silent deliberation of robust issues than indulging in aggressive fight or use the influence of his designation!
Well, Folks, I can go on n on for I still keep discovering his more new and humble sides in our occasional telephonic conversations...But for me this #MadeofGreat Man has taught me the "Essence of being a Worthy Professional" through his set of "Core Values" on which I laid the strong foundation of being a contented and elated professional today along with being firmly grounded...I have at many a occasions heard Mr.Ratan TATA, ex Chairman of Tata Group profess similar attachment to core values and staying tight to one's roots...and have admired him deeply too!
Infact every true Indian looks up to and takes pride in the Great Values professed and practiced by the Indian Automobile Giant " TATA MOTORS" . ..Beyond all doubt they are #MadeofGreat and so is their valuable association with Legendary Lionel Messi, who had time and again proved his resilience and defied all odds to emerge a Champion!
Rare and Adorable is this CLASSY COMBINATION #MADEOFGREAT S!! Hola Guys Don't you look forward to this GRAND COLLABORATION....

About the #MadeofGreat Campaign: 
The #madeofgreat campaign is the first time Tata Motors is undertaking an overall brand association campaign with a brand ambassador. It rides on a strong consumer motivation of ‘Seeking Excellence’ and ‘Self Belief’ which is showcased by the confluence of two global brands-Tata Motors and Lionel Messi. The campaign builds upon Tata Motors’ DNA of trust, authenticity, reliability, simplicity, as well as its commitment to innovation.
Lionel Messi is talent galore with conviction and is an icon for today’s youth. He is a winner who is trustworthy, reliable, pioneering, simple and driven by self-belief, which is what is at the core of Tata Motors as well. Thus, proving to be an ideal fit for the role of Global Brand Ambassador.​
You can logon to ,to know more on this Worthy Campaign!
Do Let me Know:
What do you think of Tata Motors' Association with Lionel Messi?

If we love your answer, you'll be rewarded with a AMAZON VOUCHER worth 750 INR!
-Truly Yours Roma

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