Friday, 30 October 2015

My Words and I are friends forever... One would perish without the other!

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This destiny's chosen child finds her world in her words...
Like melody and rhythm are for music, her Words are pure vents to her heart!

She loves the fusion and melancholy of overriding passion...
The fire of insatiable deep emotions...

They all indeed deserve a beautiful expression...
Straight from the Heart , some candid creations!

That's precisely what my Words intent to do...
They lend a linguistic tribute to those emotions profuse!

When the world shuts it doors and procrastinates me to solitude...
With no one to share my blatant heart to...

I melt my loneliness in my words and it absorbs all the misery I am through...
My words thus embrace and shelter me in times both happy and crude...

My Words are truly my World, I love to laugh and cry with..
They Shoo away my woes, tinkle my heart and elate my soul..

My Words and I are friends forever...
One would perish without the other!

Sunday, 25 October 2015

The healing touch of McCain Smiles

Some years ago, my mom left for the heavenly abode... Heaven fell upon me... I yearned hard to keep her alive but eventually lost the battle... I still did not give up...She had the most beautiful Smile in the world and most compassionate heart... And hence I decided to keep her alive thru her smiles and her philanthropic endeavors !

Though I was very young , I stepped into my Mother's shoes trying to wipe the tears of the old and the orphaned, rehabilitate them and bring smiles on their lips...soon they all became the most significant part of my life and gave my life a new meaning....Today all of them are my family!

Making them Smile, satiates my soul and help me feel closer to my mom...and we love to make small celebrations in "Sparsh" our home for the deprived of... Whether it is celebrating someone's birthday or anniversary or any self-decided occasion ... These celebrations help them forget their sorrows and brace together their confidence to march ahead in life! It's really Heartwarming to put a Smile on their FACE !!

I thus meticulously decide the theme and menu of these celebrations...I would love to share with you about our last celebrations called "The Festival of McCains Smiles ", we celebrated last rejoice on the anniversary of oyr charitable institution! The idea was to share as many smiles as possible by relishing on the mouth-watering yummilicious McCain smiles and bring out the best incident or joke one knows to make others smile and laugh their heart out!!

So we began our "Festival of McCain Smiles" with deep frying some packets of Nutritious and wholesome McCain Smiles and imparting them further funny expressions using Cheese and Mayo spread filled in a cone and garnishing them with Tomato slices, Letttuce and some carrot and radish chippings and boiled corn! We had salted yogurt and Chole as side-dishes as many of our inmates love to indulge in the yummy smiles with these, to accentuate the taste and add desired flavours.. The themed Table was beautifully laid, and it's mere glance was sufficient to make one burst into crazy laughter...The lovely Mccain Smiles looked so pretty in all those attires and looked astoundingly admirable from being dressed to being a being a clown! Everyone soon occupied their places around the table and enjoyed the Party along with sharing jokes and merriness all around!

I can tell you, from the bottom of my heart, it was indeed the most fun activity, we have had at our care centre for long... The taste of the McCain Smiles pumped them up and smiles was all that could be witnessed all around...behind all of them I saw my mom, smiling to me, as she always did! I felt the McCain smiles had the same healing touch, that my mom professed, both capable of washing away the world's sorrows!

I felt ecstatic, closed my eyes and with failing words expressed my gratitude to McCain Smiles, for not only helping me spread the priceless smiles in the inmates of "Sparsh" but also aiding me keep my mom alive in their smiles...and for this I shall forever remain indebted to McCain :)

Dear Folks, I thus wish to recommend this cholesterol and Trans-fat Free snack, with the goodness of potato, to all of you and spread smiles...You can visit their official website for some real exotic yum-yum recipes of the same (like the one shown in the video embedded below)....

and their elaborate product range!!

There is undoubtedly no healing touch
Than the Power of Spreading a Beautiful Smile
on the face of the deprived!

There is undoubtedly no greater power

Than to appease an empty stomach
And Give it Life!

Glad McCain Helps me spread both with grace..

Cm'on let's together,
Put a Smile on that Face <3 !!

-Truly Yours Roma

Friday, 23 October 2015

Often Mistaken in Love

Love is Precious, Priceless and Pristine...

A butterfly that breezily caresses our conscience!

Love pitches in tranquility in the turbulent waves of Dilemma in our heart...

And is a promise that forever binds two souls and etches their divine bond in serene Art!

Yet we loose love, over trifle mistakes of ours...

And watch silently our mesmerizing love, walk past, for our Faux Pas!

As I sit in a pensive mood today,

I realize how insane and ludicrous it is, to let love go and trudge an otherwise path!

It's time we accept and amend what's often Mistaken in Love...

Yes, we loose "Pure Love" over our failure to draw boundaries over the boundless love! 

The Best way to hold on your love, is to let it breathe...

Enjoy it's space with everything else, to get more enriched...

For if you'll try to hold it very tight, you'll stifle your serene love to a quiet death...

Believe in the fact that he's only yours and loosen up all reigns and your heart's strings!

Often an unspoken word conveys to your love,

what a million words fail to utter....

Often a heart-warming sublime smile and hand-in-hand gentle talk..

can wipe away all grudges, often mistaken in love!

Thus, Caress this Beautiful Butterfly which embellished your life magnificently...

And with patience,forgiveness and Passion, build your "Divine Love Story"!!

                                                   -Truly Yours Roma

Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Is Digital World driving us away from experiencing #RealTogetherness with our Loved Ones?

Hola my Precious Readers,

A very pleasant morning to you! Trust you had a perfect start of the week...

As usual, me too began my day with scrolling my phone while still in bed, not really knowing when have I developed this habit! It's exactly than when I hit a Video which was a real eye-opener for me and instantaneously drove me to a pensive mood.....This Video is of Kissanpur (embedded below) about #RealTogetherness, and I would request all of you,to watch it once, without fail:

It is undoubtedly a reality check and a perfect medium on inspiration to each one of us...No doubt the advent of technology has shrank our world and made us connect easily to our distant kins but has also made us addicted to the virtual world of internet... thus distancing us from the real people around us!
I still remember those lovely childhood days when weekends meant to us, visiting our grandpa's village....playing around trees and river with my lovely cousins and neighbourhood friends...relishing on the farm fresh fruits picked up by grand-mom personally and humming my favorite tunes in the serine cool breeze! A mere thought of those moments still infuses freshness and a new zeal in me...

This is indeed what real togetherness meant for me and I have once again decided to embrace it in full vigour so much inspired by the whole concept of's time I break free from the shackles of being enslaved by technology and only use it to the extend of it being a worthy aid to do things quicker.... Yes, my smartphone has actually stolen my smartness and has made me a dependent on it... So much I repent today spending all my precious time meant for my little angel and precious half gets sucked by it... Yes, I am guilty on it and my conscience is pricking me hard! I so much wanna walk back in time as I know the pleasure of real togetherness with our loved ones is multiplied several fold in the lap of mother nature.... and thus below I carve out a ToDo list to improve upon myself and bring in real togetherness with my family and friends...
1. Restrict my Gadget Dependency
Life is beautiful and we are surrounded by beautiful people as well why fell a prey to my gadgets 24X7...when we fall sick and are alone at home, our gadget can't take care of us, but a neighbor can and vice I will reach out to them and build perennial bonds with them based on trust and emotional security..How about catching a cup of coffee with them in our terrace garden as our kids play Peek-A- Boo there....Sounds cool, isn't it?
2. No use of mobile during family time after office hours:
I know I sometime unknowingly ignore my little sonny when he comes running to me with open arms as I reach back from work, because I am too busy on my phone...I don't realize but I miss on the warmest of the hugs and the most priceless smiles of the world...I now promise myself to put my phone on silent mode as I come out of my car... and take my munchkin to play in the garden and weave some precious memories with him...May be I can allocate 30 mins later in the evening to check on significant messages or mails but not at the cost of my Family's time :)

3. Weekends are only for family and friends
Another thing , I consciously decide is to ensure there are family or friends get togethers or picnics in weekends, where we bond over food and games, de-stress as well as lay a strong foundation of family values for our little ones...It will also mark a welcome break from the otherwise monotonous routine. 
4. Spend Quality Time in Mother Nature's Lap
It would be a fantastic idea, to plant trees and saplings with your little ones and his/her friends explaining to them how mother nature lovingly establishes equilibrium for us to enjoy our lives...They will surely love to see the the plants grow little by little and will enjoy the fruits of their hardwork.
5. Infusing The Principles of Real Togetherness in my Little one's Heart:
My control over my Digital World usage and instead investing my energy in Real Togetherness will set a perfect example for my little one too..Not only will he cherish , the together times but also these bonding and sharing times will help him in building long -lasting relationships... as once taught to me by my grand-pa...It is high time I pass on the legacy to my kids too and in the best way...

Thankyou Kissanpur for being such an eye-opener! Deep Appreciation for the Wonderful initiative!

Monday, 12 October 2015

Dear Hubby, the Impeccable Champ, LG Nexus 5X is back and would be the best bday gift for your always on the roll blogger bee wifey with 5X energy ❤️❤️

Indian Bloggers

I have an insatiable appetite for the best in technology from times umpteen ... And I am restless until I quench my thirst for simply the best and possess it all costs... My thirst for seeking perfection till the minutest nuance probably springs from my roots of being an automobile engineer with a career span of over 10 years in India, Japan and Sweden, assimilating and unearthing the nitty-gritties of Technological advancements from all around the globe....thus is my love for technology and I love to stay upgraded always! This is probably my biggest weakness which also keeps me on toes to always discover the supreme, grab it at the earliest and bring to you, it's uninterrupted detailed portfolio, my lovely readers!!

So when my hubby darling pestered me  to utter what I desire as my birthday gift this year, as usual smitten by technology, I expressed my desire for the beast - the epitome of technology - the latest buzz in the global tech hubs - LG Nexus 5X!! It has been on my mind from the time I first read about it....

Well, initially he felt both amazed and amused for this is the first time I have decided to confer my iPhone's Prestigious HotSpot in my life to someone else in the last few years...! What followed was the onslaught of his cute yet logical questions to gauge whether my desire has deep roots of perfection too or it was a mere Infatuation!! Here I bring the lovie dovie talks with my precious half ❤️❤️


R(That's Me) : Darling! I am pretty much sure the all new humongously loaded LG Nexus 5X would be the best birthday gift for your always on the roll blogger bee wifey with 5X energy ❤️❤️

A ( My Precious Half ) : Of course my love, but tell me what attracts you to it so much ? ❤️❤️

R : Well I don't know where to start , for it's features that fascinate me are not one but umpteen...
It is a comprehensive meticulous package of all my desires of my smartphone, packed as one❤️❤️

S : Ok let's put it this way, you have 3 chances to win my heart with it's 3 astoundingly impressive features and if you succeed , you get your Bday gift from me, with all my love with it free ❤️❤️ ... But if u fail , we will have to contemplate ...

R : Yeah, I agree for I bet, with it's impeccable features, it too would steal your heart ❤️❤️

S : Go ahead my love , the show is now all yours ❤️❤️

R : What I love the most about it is what drives me closest to you sweetheart and to my vocation : It's robust gigantic all Impressive Powerful Camera... It's 13 MP / 5 MP primary and secondary cameras with an extra dose of lights even in darkest spots satiates  the photography fanatic in me beyond compare for you know right, how much I love clicking those priceless clicks every moment and weaving together these sweet memories in the beautiful journey of life ❤️❤️ ...
. Its larger 1.55μm pixels capture more light, even in the dimmest conditions, to produce stunning details and sharp images. With a faster Google Camera app, I'll never miss a moment, and with the smart Google Photos app, our memories are easy to relive and always at your fingertips.....Parallally and essentially it shall be my best aid for the significant clicks I need to shoot unendingly each day as a confer perfection to my posts, with my pics extra dose !

I thus desire to be equipped with the strongest and most powerful tool - LG nexus 5X - in my kitty  to not skip even the most trivial chance to capture superfine clicks of both our together times as well as the world around!! Undoubtedly the #ChampisBack and I wanna possess one...
What say you dear hubby, won't that make us super happy ❤️❤️ ??

S : Aahhan! Impressive! This seems to work your way but this means I can even buy you a camera instead??

R : Wait just hold your breadth, I just touched the tip of an iceberg :) While I can't carry a huge camera always, you know that my phone is my 24X7 Partner, sometimes even you are jealous of  :P ....The second feature out of the uncountable ones that bowls me over in sheer admiration is it's Simplified Security Popularly known as Nexus Imprint....
Basically, it means that Nexus is quicker and more secure with a fingerprint sensor. Placed on the back of our device to complement the way that I naturally hold it, Nexus Imprint will turn on my screen with one touch, unlock my apps quickly and easily and let me breeze through checkout lines. And, by incorporating measurements each time that I use it, Nexus Imprint will get smarter with every touch. Woah, What a Technological Marvel! I love to reiterate that undoubtedly the #ChampisBack :)

S : You turned me speechless, darling...This is something really significant and worth craving for....You have awaken my curiosity now turning restless to know more features of it!! Pour them out, love :)

R : The third feature that stole my heart is it's USB Type-C Charger which rids me of my strangulating battery issues..It is a Charger that is reversible, which means no more guessing which way is up. And it's fast—get almost four hours of use after only ten minutes of charging.can you believe it ?

S : Well, Well , Well ....Hold on Darling, my heart is already started to fall it for it too!

R: Additionally, you know what I am top excited to experience the latest, the freshest, fastest version—Android 6.0 Marshmallow—working for me straight out of the box, through it....

The icing on the cake is, it comes with all famous Google Apps pre-installed all working at a lightning speed thru' its powerful processor, to give me an experience, par excellence!!

Infact Sweetheart,

Words fail me to describe this astoundingly Spell-binding LG Nexus Mega Giant...
Undoubtedly most premium in it’s class and elegance!
It’s Style, It’s aesthetics are so Impeccable n Gracious ...
The feeling to hold it in my hand, would be so ecstatic!!
Something, crazily I would Love to Flaunt...
This Inspirational State of an art gadget stole my heart at the first Glance!!
Yes Truly It’s enticing Nexus Imprint n a perfect 5.2” Display, makes every girl’s heart pound....
It is Indeed the most desirable Phone on the Earth beyond all doubt!!
It further culminates my desires to click innumerable selfies.. 
with it’s larger 1.55μm pixels that captures more light, each time !!
I am also bowled over in sheer admiration by it’s priceless accessories like the USB Type-C Charger...
which shoos away my battery woes forever..
What else can I desire for !!
With my big birthday approaching, dear Hubby, wish you fulfil my Dream....
And gift me the Regal LG Nexus 5X Supreme!!
It would undoubtedly be the gift for me most priceless..
I know you won't deny me the best,
as I trust, I have now made you believe that the #ChampisBack!!

S: I am all persuaded my love, to the extent of being have all right to possess the Champ, the LG Nexus 5X..... Since the #ChampisBack, I truly believe that my Champ WiFey indeed Deserves one too and so you will surely have one from me as your most deserved bday gift!


Tantadan! So this was exactly how I carved out my way to grab the best and the most advanced , the best in class, Technological Beast - LG Nexus 5X which comes at an unbeatable price too! Have you checked it out yet???

 “I am participating in the#ChampIsBack activity at BlogAdda.“

Sunday, 4 October 2015

Gift me a promise that you will stay by my side❤️❤️ until I will forever close my eyes!❤️❤️

My love, since I am still turned speechless when I am with you....❤️❤️ This time I decided to jot it down through...❤️❤️

 So, here's a list of birthday gifts from you I seek....❤️❤️
To confer on me in abundance please, like always, engraved in your love seals...❤️❤️

The list commences with a little of your love and your priceless smiles...❤️❤️
Your attention, your warmth and  your precious care that make my life worthwhile!❤️❤️

Wait, this is not all that I desire 
Humming our favorite tunes together and a lot of hugs and kisses and too in what my list comprise❤️❤️

Also, please gift me a genuine forgiveness for my imperfections❤️❤️
And like always, be my true guiding light in all life's dimensions  ❤️❤️

Please gift me all your unspoken words and expressions❤️❤️
Your pure love that oozes out of our eyes with burning passion❤️❤️

I still long to hear over and over again your reply❤️❤️
Do you still see me as you close your  eyes ??❤️❤️

Please gift me our old love filled days and night ❤️❤️
Filled with unconditional, pure, ecstatic and crazy love unlimited ...

including the loveful fights ....❤️❤️
That further united us so close and tight ❤️❤️

Also, a promise that you will stay by my side,❤️❤️
until I will forever close my eyes!❤️❤

Friday, 2 October 2015

The Onus of Protecting the Heart which beats for us is Indeed OURS

Indian Bloggers

I am a woman, a wife, a mother and a person who loves life and make it worth every moment❤️❤️ Lately I have discovered that the true jargon to stay happy is to stay healthy... for if  I am happy and smiling , I perpetuate the same in my family and vice versa...

Though I have been reading for a while now, how the heart problems hit us very young in India , in present times but a recent incident of a very dear 35 year old friend getting a heart-attack made fear run down my spines! Blame it on our stressful schedule or unhealthy lifestyles, it's a fact that now 2 of every 4 Indian woman is at a risk of heart problems....for taking care of ourselves, checking on our weights or getting involved in a physical activity comes least on our priority !

Personally I love indulging in physical activity may it be a stroll in the cool morning breeze or a swim or a mild gym workout, my problem like most of the Indian females is being extremely irregular with it thus ending up gaining more weight than loosing...I recently took the Suffolalife Weight Heart test at 
and it served to be a real eye opener for me...based on my body parameters, it recommended how I was at a higher risk of heart disease and made useful recommendations.... That very day I decided to walk that extra mile to protect my heart!

My precious half , my hubby darling , inadvertently agreed and we decided to dedicate at least 30 minutes of our times working out each day... Since we love variety, we did not stick to one particular workout... and choose in an activity based on our moods... While a swim and a dance together remains our all time favorite....we also hit the gym together or go cycling or on a brisk walk together...Parallely we have also corrected our diet and diet timings...While I try to include a lot of vegetables in my cooking with minimum oil, lots of fruits are what we savour on now...Eating out is now meticulously planned to balance the calories !

It has been a month folks, since we have embarked on this regimen and trust me not only that our bodies feel lighter but also this has strengthened our bond multifold.. The feeling of belonging to each other, the feeling of working towards protecting the heart that beats for you is truly special❤️❤️ and is extremely vital and special❤️❤️ ..We now steal these 30 mins for ourselves under all circumstances and sometimes if I try to make excuse, I am convinced and dragged in together by hubby dear for he has now pledged to #ProtectherHeart that is only his❤️❤️ and is extremely keen to keep it healthy!

I am glad he is and I am and also wish each one of you protects your heart too as life is beautiful and we must be able to live it happily and healthily each moment... I trust you would agree❤️❤️ and logon to  now and take the first necessary step :)

-Truly Yours Roma

“I am joining the Saffolalife #ProtectHerHeart initiative and

 pledging my support to better heart health in Association 

with BlogAdda.”