Friday 2 October 2015

The Onus of Protecting the Heart which beats for us is Indeed OURS

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I am a woman, a wife, a mother and a person who loves life and make it worth every moment❤️❤️ Lately I have discovered that the true jargon to stay happy is to stay healthy... for if  I am happy and smiling , I perpetuate the same in my family and vice versa...

Though I have been reading for a while now, how the heart problems hit us very young in India , in present times but a recent incident of a very dear 35 year old friend getting a heart-attack made fear run down my spines! Blame it on our stressful schedule or unhealthy lifestyles, it's a fact that now 2 of every 4 Indian woman is at a risk of heart problems....for taking care of ourselves, checking on our weights or getting involved in a physical activity comes least on our priority !

Personally I love indulging in physical activity may it be a stroll in the cool morning breeze or a swim or a mild gym workout, my problem like most of the Indian females is being extremely irregular with it thus ending up gaining more weight than loosing...I recently took the Suffolalife Weight Heart test at 
and it served to be a real eye opener for me...based on my body parameters, it recommended how I was at a higher risk of heart disease and made useful recommendations.... That very day I decided to walk that extra mile to protect my heart!

My precious half , my hubby darling , inadvertently agreed and we decided to dedicate at least 30 minutes of our times working out each day... Since we love variety, we did not stick to one particular workout... and choose in an activity based on our moods... While a swim and a dance together remains our all time favorite....we also hit the gym together or go cycling or on a brisk walk together...Parallely we have also corrected our diet and diet timings...While I try to include a lot of vegetables in my cooking with minimum oil, lots of fruits are what we savour on now...Eating out is now meticulously planned to balance the calories !

It has been a month folks, since we have embarked on this regimen and trust me not only that our bodies feel lighter but also this has strengthened our bond multifold.. The feeling of belonging to each other, the feeling of working towards protecting the heart that beats for you is truly special❤️❤️ and is extremely vital and special❤️❤️ ..We now steal these 30 mins for ourselves under all circumstances and sometimes if I try to make excuse, I am convinced and dragged in together by hubby dear for he has now pledged to #ProtectherHeart that is only his❤️❤️ and is extremely keen to keep it healthy!

I am glad he is and I am and also wish each one of you protects your heart too as life is beautiful and we must be able to live it happily and healthily each moment... I trust you would agree❤️❤️ and logon to  now and take the first necessary step :)

-Truly Yours Roma

“I am joining the Saffolalife #ProtectHerHeart initiative and

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