Sunday 4 October 2015

Gift me a promise that you will stay by my side❤️❤️ until I will forever close my eyes!❤️❤️

My love, since I am still turned speechless when I am with you....❤️❤️ This time I decided to jot it down through...❤️❤️

 So, here's a list of birthday gifts from you I seek....❤️❤️
To confer on me in abundance please, like always, engraved in your love seals...❤️❤️

The list commences with a little of your love and your priceless smiles...❤️❤️
Your attention, your warmth and  your precious care that make my life worthwhile!❤️❤️

Wait, this is not all that I desire 
Humming our favorite tunes together and a lot of hugs and kisses and too in what my list comprise❤️❤️

Also, please gift me a genuine forgiveness for my imperfections❤️❤️
And like always, be my true guiding light in all life's dimensions  ❤️❤️

Please gift me all your unspoken words and expressions❤️❤️
Your pure love that oozes out of our eyes with burning passion❤️❤️

I still long to hear over and over again your reply❤️❤️
Do you still see me as you close your  eyes ??❤️❤️

Please gift me our old love filled days and night ❤️❤️
Filled with unconditional, pure, ecstatic and crazy love unlimited ...

including the loveful fights ....❤️❤️
That further united us so close and tight ❤️❤️

Also, a promise that you will stay by my side,❤️❤️
until I will forever close my eyes!❤️❤

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