Sunday 25 October 2015

The healing touch of McCain Smiles

Some years ago, my mom left for the heavenly abode... Heaven fell upon me... I yearned hard to keep her alive but eventually lost the battle... I still did not give up...She had the most beautiful Smile in the world and most compassionate heart... And hence I decided to keep her alive thru her smiles and her philanthropic endeavors !

Though I was very young , I stepped into my Mother's shoes trying to wipe the tears of the old and the orphaned, rehabilitate them and bring smiles on their lips...soon they all became the most significant part of my life and gave my life a new meaning....Today all of them are my family!

Making them Smile, satiates my soul and help me feel closer to my mom...and we love to make small celebrations in "Sparsh" our home for the deprived of... Whether it is celebrating someone's birthday or anniversary or any self-decided occasion ... These celebrations help them forget their sorrows and brace together their confidence to march ahead in life! It's really Heartwarming to put a Smile on their FACE !!

I thus meticulously decide the theme and menu of these celebrations...I would love to share with you about our last celebrations called "The Festival of McCains Smiles ", we celebrated last rejoice on the anniversary of oyr charitable institution! The idea was to share as many smiles as possible by relishing on the mouth-watering yummilicious McCain smiles and bring out the best incident or joke one knows to make others smile and laugh their heart out!!

So we began our "Festival of McCain Smiles" with deep frying some packets of Nutritious and wholesome McCain Smiles and imparting them further funny expressions using Cheese and Mayo spread filled in a cone and garnishing them with Tomato slices, Letttuce and some carrot and radish chippings and boiled corn! We had salted yogurt and Chole as side-dishes as many of our inmates love to indulge in the yummy smiles with these, to accentuate the taste and add desired flavours.. The themed Table was beautifully laid, and it's mere glance was sufficient to make one burst into crazy laughter...The lovely Mccain Smiles looked so pretty in all those attires and looked astoundingly admirable from being dressed to being a being a clown! Everyone soon occupied their places around the table and enjoyed the Party along with sharing jokes and merriness all around!

I can tell you, from the bottom of my heart, it was indeed the most fun activity, we have had at our care centre for long... The taste of the McCain Smiles pumped them up and smiles was all that could be witnessed all around...behind all of them I saw my mom, smiling to me, as she always did! I felt the McCain smiles had the same healing touch, that my mom professed, both capable of washing away the world's sorrows!

I felt ecstatic, closed my eyes and with failing words expressed my gratitude to McCain Smiles, for not only helping me spread the priceless smiles in the inmates of "Sparsh" but also aiding me keep my mom alive in their smiles...and for this I shall forever remain indebted to McCain :)

Dear Folks, I thus wish to recommend this cholesterol and Trans-fat Free snack, with the goodness of potato, to all of you and spread smiles...You can visit their official website for some real exotic yum-yum recipes of the same (like the one shown in the video embedded below)....

and their elaborate product range!!

There is undoubtedly no healing touch
Than the Power of Spreading a Beautiful Smile
on the face of the deprived!

There is undoubtedly no greater power

Than to appease an empty stomach
And Give it Life!

Glad McCain Helps me spread both with grace..

Cm'on let's together,
Put a Smile on that Face <3 !!

-Truly Yours Roma

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