Tuesday 20 October 2015

Is Digital World driving us away from experiencing #RealTogetherness with our Loved Ones?

Hola my Precious Readers,

A very pleasant morning to you! Trust you had a perfect start of the week...

As usual, me too began my day with scrolling my phone while still in bed, not really knowing when have I developed this habit! It's exactly than when I hit a Video which was a real eye-opener for me and instantaneously drove me to a pensive mood.....This Video is of Kissanpur (embedded below) about #RealTogetherness, and I would request all of you,to watch it once, without fail:

It is undoubtedly a reality check and a perfect medium on inspiration to each one of us...No doubt the advent of technology has shrank our world and made us connect easily to our distant kins but has also made us addicted to the virtual world of internet... thus distancing us from the real people around us!
I still remember those lovely childhood days when weekends meant to us, visiting our grandpa's village....playing around trees and river with my lovely cousins and neighbourhood friends...relishing on the farm fresh fruits picked up by grand-mom personally and humming my favorite tunes in the serine cool breeze! A mere thought of those moments still infuses freshness and a new zeal in me...

This is indeed what real togetherness meant for me and I have once again decided to embrace it in full vigour so much inspired by the whole concept of Kissanpur...it's time I break free from the shackles of being enslaved by technology and only use it to the extend of it being a worthy aid to do things quicker.... Yes, my smartphone has actually stolen my smartness and has made me a dependent on it... So much I repent today spending all my precious time meant for my little angel and precious half gets sucked by it... Yes, I am guilty on it and my conscience is pricking me hard! I so much wanna walk back in time as I know the pleasure of real togetherness with our loved ones is multiplied several fold in the lap of mother nature.... and thus below I carve out a ToDo list to improve upon myself and bring in real togetherness with my family and friends...
1. Restrict my Gadget Dependency
Life is beautiful and we are surrounded by beautiful people as well why fell a prey to my gadgets 24X7...when we fall sick and are alone at home, our gadget can't take care of us, but a neighbor can and vice versa..so I will reach out to them and build perennial bonds with them based on trust and emotional security..How about catching a cup of coffee with them in our terrace garden as our kids play Peek-A- Boo there....Sounds cool, isn't it?
2. No use of mobile during family time after office hours:
I know I sometime unknowingly ignore my little sonny when he comes running to me with open arms as I reach back from work, because I am too busy on my phone...I don't realize but I miss on the warmest of the hugs and the most priceless smiles of the world...I now promise myself to put my phone on silent mode as I come out of my car... and take my munchkin to play in the garden and weave some precious memories with him...May be I can allocate 30 mins later in the evening to check on significant messages or mails but not at the cost of my Family's time :)

3. Weekends are only for family and friends
Another thing , I consciously decide is to ensure there are family or friends get togethers or picnics in weekends, where we bond over food and games, de-stress as well as lay a strong foundation of family values for our little ones...It will also mark a welcome break from the otherwise monotonous routine. 
4. Spend Quality Time in Mother Nature's Lap
It would be a fantastic idea, to plant trees and saplings with your little ones and his/her friends explaining to them how mother nature lovingly establishes equilibrium for us to enjoy our lives...They will surely love to see the the plants grow little by little and will enjoy the fruits of their hardwork.
5. Infusing The Principles of Real Togetherness in my Little one's Heart:
My control over my Digital World usage and instead investing my energy in Real Togetherness will set a perfect example for my little one too..Not only will he cherish , the together times but also these bonding and sharing times will help him in building long -lasting relationships... as once taught to me by my grand-pa...It is high time I pass on the legacy to my kids too and in the best way...

Thankyou Kissanpur for being such an eye-opener! Deep Appreciation for the Wonderful initiative!

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