Saturday 6 April 2024

Finding True Happiness when one faces Midlife Crisis (Pages From the Diaries of Common Indian Women-Chapter6)


Every stage in our life is crucial. Our childhood and youth pass in the blink of an eye for most of us, studying, building our careers, and then family, it is midlife when the void hits hard. 

I have learned the hard way that there are two ways of dealing with a midlife crisis. First, we go with the flow, slowing down with our slowing metabolism making the hormonal imbalances and menopause the cause of everything because they do alter a woman’s life and thoughts. In this case, sulking and feeling sad and lonely is natural because you are no longer in the prime of your youth. We also start challenging the purpose of our existence. Some of us complain while others keep building stress inside themselves, which can make them sick. 

The other way of dealing is by being grateful for all the time you have at hand now and doing what you always wanted to but could never make time for. Start a passion project. Join a new course. Read the book you always wanted to read. Go for long nature walks. If you are a writer indulge in weaving meaningful pieces. If you are a marathon runner train hard for it and if you want to cycle around the length and breadth of the country, the time is now, go for it. Find your IKIGAI- The Purpose of Your Life. Set Goals and train yourselves to fulfill them. The smile that you will bring to someone’s face will lift you up like nothing else. You can also resume your career and if already in one you can use this time to take the leap of faith and make a jump.  Precisely, find things that give you true happiness and build your schedule around them.

Avoid rotting at home (until it is your free rest time) because it makes you fiddle with useless demotivating thoughts, rather get up and do what you have always dreamt of. Procrastinating takes us nowhere but having a disciplined life guided by a purpose does. Also, correct your mistake of basing your happiness on others’ moods, it will land you in more self-doubt rather devise your own ways to channel your life based on your own happiness which is not dependent on others. 

I am Prerna and I have cried my heart out until very recently at the drop of a hat as the void was swallowing me. When my family got busy in their own world I panicked with having nowhere to go but now I am more settled with the idea of leading a meaningful journey alone. I want to transform my midlife into the most fruitful time of my life in which for the first time my priority will be self-love.


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