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Be Alert: What is endometriosis and important FAQs on it #ENDOCHAMPIONS

 I extend my heartiest welcome to all of you for accepting to join my mission just by knowing and sharing about ENDOMETRIOSIS which is among the 20 most painful conditions in the world. YOUR SUPPORT IN BUILDING THIS COMMUNITY MEANS A LOT TO ME.

Endo pain is of the magnitude that a woman undergoes while childbirth, so you know what a woman like me who has had it for over thirteen years undergoes so often and many even don't know the cause because diagnosing it is not easy.

  • What is Endometriosis?

In Endometriosis the uterus lining of a woman known as endometrium grows outside of the uterus all over the body sometimes even the brain, hence it is a whole-body inflammation. 

While the endometrial tissues inside the uterus fall down every month during the menstrual cycle, the endometrium tissues in other parts keep growing causing excruciating pain, excessive bleeding which continues for months sometimes, infertility, pain during urinating, excreting, and sex, and several other life-altering symptoms, I shall talk about at length in my next posts along with the possible treatments at different stages of this disease also known as a form of malign cancer.

  • When does this pain occur?

The extremely debilitating and severe pain in the stomach and pelvic region occurs predominantly during the menstrual cycles as cramps but also before and after the cycles for prolonged periods. 

Also, the bleeding is very heavy and continues for several days and the next cycle may also set in quite early like in my case I have bled 45 days at a stretch and my next cycle comes in roughly 22 days so I practically bleed the entire month and the underlying pain always keeps me uncomfortable. 

It is often accompanied by nausea and urinary and bowel disorders but the symptoms may vary from patient to patient.

Endometriosis can also be the cause of Infertility in patients.

  • Is this disease gender and age-specific? 

Yes, it can occur in any woman having menstrual cycles but is more dominant in women of reproductive age.

  • How it alters the life of a patient?

The pain and bleeding derail the normal life of a patient who many times can’t get out of bed as the painkillers stop helping after a while. This interferes with our everyday functioning in our respective jobs and as wives and moms and mentally takes a toll on us over a period of time. Endometriosis also causes infertility and often leads to pain and cramps during and after sexual intercourse as well.

Also, if left untreated this disease may turn life threatening as it increases the risk of ovarian cancer.

  • Is it genetic?

Yes endometriosis can be genetic and a mother can pass it on to her daughters but an early screening really helps.

But the exact cause of endometriosis in not known though there are several theories around it. 

My request to you is if you or any woman you know has any of the above symptoms you can connect them to me on my number and I can help her till she finds a solution as is my aim. You or she are also most welcome to post your questions/queries here anonymously and benefit from the experiences of the group.


You too can become an #ENDOCHAMPION and help us spread awareness about this whole body inflammation by sharing our posts and connecting with anyone in need. Trust me together we can make a big difference because this disease and its ignorance can be really harsh and as a patient, I myself have contemplated suicide several times and would like to save many others from the agony. You can join the support group by clicking here: Endometriosis Awareness and Support Group India

If not anything else just by letting them share their pain with us, we can soothe them. I will be grateful for any support from you on this. You can read my EndoJourney here: 

A Tribute to an Endometriosis Warrior on a Mission

During April, I will pen several eye-opening posts about this disease. Kindly keep sharing them so that more and more people become aware of the available solutions for this otherwise non treatable condition.

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Hi everyone, thanks for dropping by, this is my eighth consecutive #BlogchatterA2Z and global #AtoZchallenge, and this year I am penning about Endometriosis. I will so look forward to your feedback, please do let me know how are you finding it, in all earnestly. In case you wish to check out what I wrote in the previous 5 challenges here are the links for 201620172018 201920202021, and 2022.

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