Friday 29 April 2022

Yesterday is gone, today hopefully has all the sunshine


Being a mother, though very fulfilling

is quite a tough job 

It is the best feeling on earth 

But also has the power to keep you on your toes forever 

The clouds of yesterday have cleared 

And as I was awaiting bright sunshine 

Suddenly has come a thunderstorm 

Leaving me clueless how to survive 

I have gone with the flow 

Praying each day 

That all will be well today 

Placing a strong belief in my Lord 

Yesterday I read somewhere 

Your kid is your heart beating outside your body 

I could relate so much 

When accidentally I caused him so much trouble 

But I am all set to work things right now 

As our little peanuts from up 

Our parenting style must also evolve 

There can be a situation when both you and your kid are right 

But your decisions are absolutely opposite 

What to do then 

Neither dictate your decision because you are the older one 

Nor accept every time what the child desires 

It has to be a sensibly made decision 

Logically debated and practically validated 

And both sides must have eventually reached consensus 

That’s what a mom of a just turned teenager discovers 

When it comes to him 

My endo pain takes backseat 

No matter how much it is hurting 

A mom’s feeling overpowers everything 

After the clouds 

I now await your sunshine 

Which I am sure 

Shall soon peep from behind the clouds 

Hi everyone, thanks for dropping by, this is my seventh consecutive #BlogchatterA2Z as well as global #AtoZchallenge, and this year I am penning raw pure uncensored emotions weaved as poetry. I will so look forward to your feedback, please do let me know how are you finding it, in all earnestly. In case you wish to check out what I wrote in the previous 5 challenges here are the links for 201620172018 20192020, and 2021

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