Thursday 25 November 2021

Life may be a mirage but I will dig my own well

Life is a mirage in the desert 

Whenever the thirsty me feels I am inching 

towards the first drop of water and the greens 

to quench my thirst, they vanish like a dream 

Why is life never easy? 

God has his ways of testing us 

Some more than other 

And believe me, he tests more the good ones 

Like each one of us, he too desires 

the good ones to remember him always 

Thus he brings them more agony 

It is a heartbreaking irony 

I am a firm believer in God 

On him my faith I have always focused 

The more he has chosen to test me 

The more I have sucked in my welled up tears 

If life is a mirage 

And every ounce of water I see would vanish 

I possess the courage to dig my own well

Even if a million times I fail 

I wonder if I should be angry with you my lord 

For testing me a million times 

Or be grateful you made me this strong 

That I shatter to pieces and then stand up


Self-motivation does help but honestly 

Sometimes I feel caught up in this vicious trap 

Where I fail to realize 

If the road I have chosen is wrong or right 

What I was and what I have become 

But I shall not look back and repent 

Life is too short to sit and sulk 

I will rather make it worth

I agree things more often than not, don’t go my way 

So what, I will still smile, embracing my deep pains 

For life may be a mirage 

But I have learned to dig my own well hard

And you, my lord, will help me in that 

Let nothing let my faith evade 

Life may not be a bed of roses 

But I have now learned to smilingly befriend the thorns

P.S. I love to inspire myself this way, weaving words is therapeutic to my mental health.

Truly Yours Roma

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