Friday 29 October 2021

A Perfect Find for an Ardent Chocolate-Lover who is also a Fitness Enthusiast

Chocolates are love. To me, dark chocolates are bae. When I worked in Sweden, I gradually became a connoisseur of some of the best dark chocolates. This love has only grown deeper and fonder over the years and why not. After all, there are several health benefits of dark chocolates apart from the divine delight they give to our taste buds.


A dark chocolate bar not only lifts our moods and relieves stress by releasing happy hormones in our body but also satiates our sugar cravings impressively. Quality dark chocolates also aid in securing our heart health and regulating our blood pressure. It is also rich in flavanols, antioxidants, iron, magnesium, fiber, zinc, copper, and anti-inflammatory properties.


So undoubtedly they are the best if chosen wisely. For a health and fitness enthusiast like me, it is very significant, what I put in my stomach is refined sugar and preservatives free. Luckily I recently landed on one such worthy chocolate brand in India which ensured health and wellness in every bite they are making for us with love. They know how to make dark chocolate from bean to bar. Can’t hold the suspense anymore, they are knowas BEETEE’s MELT, Artisan Chocolates. In their own words, they make us the best chocolates with the best ingredients sourced from the best and can I agree more.



At a friend’s behest who knows my love and adoration for chocolates, I ended up ordering not only their Dark Chocolate but also their Coconut Milk Chocolate and Milk Chocolate for myself, sonny, and hubby as delightful Diwali Indulgence.


The search for a perfect healthy Diwali gifting for our family and friends was on my mind too and oh my this chocolate box lived up to my expectations or should I say surpassed them. They truly were the best chocolate in India made indigenously, I have had so far. The packaging too was a visual treat.


The first one I tasted was of course what my tongue craves for the most,


1. BeeTee's Melt 72% Dark Chocolate with Palm sugar

As I took the first bite, I knew this was sheer work of expertise, as the divine taste had the caliber to transport me to heaven. Made purely of Cacao beans, Cacao butter, and healthy Palm Sugar, along with the ethereal taste it was so full of health. My hubby and sonny, who don’t have a taste for dark chocolates, felt so good about this one and this made me happier.



2. BeeTee's Melt 54% Coconut Milk Chocolate


This drool-worthy vegan chocolate melted in my mouth like butter and I loved relishing the taste. If you are a coconut lover like me, there are scent percent chances you will love these healthy chocolate bars made of Coconut milk, Cacao beansCacao butter, and Coconut sugar. This I am sure shall be a perfect gifting option to my friends on the Keto diet.


3. BeeTee's Melt 48% Milk Chocolate

Wow, this one sure tasted exactly like the traditional chocolates we have devoured all through our lives and are made of only healthy pure ingredients like Cacao Beans, Muscovado Sugar, Cacao Butter, and Milk. My sonny couldn’t resist this one at all and has reserved it for himself. I am also carrying this as a Diwali gift for my mother-in-law.


Want to order these chocolates? Well, ordering them is easy-peasy. Just go to their website and order now, I can bet all my money on them. I am sure you are going to love them and so will your loved ones. The brand has my heart as it is made in India for us Indians.

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